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  1. My problem with group safaris is that I always end up leaving the group and it is always for the same reasons: That guy Everyone knows THAT GUY that always seems to irritate everyone and can spoil even the most beautiful sighting in the world. Timetables I don't like timetables. If I see something beautiful or come across something lovely, I want to stay there. My first group trip included Kubu Island. I wanted to stay another night or two but I couldn't because we had to move on towards Maun. Then we came across some really beautiful lodges on our way to Caprivi and once again I wanted to stay for longer, but I couldn't because the group was moving on. Then we came to Caprivi and then they moved on and I stayed, I extended my trip by two weeks and I enjoyed everything a lot more being on my own.
  2. Please do not burn it...the bush can be dry and we do not want a fire If self drive, my lady just pops out of the car and goes by the wheel while I keep a lookout for animals and other vehicles approaching. When we are at a lodge, you rangers organizes a decent bush for you Best of luck and enjoy it.
  3. Remember to print out all of your reservations confirmations before traveling. It's very rare that emigrations ask for this proof, but when they do it just makes it sooo much easier dealing with them. Also do you have a satellite phone? You can rent one for not too much and it can come in real handy especially if you are in an area with no coverage.
  4. After looking at this route, I must say that I like most of it. Keep in mind that the trip from Moremi to Chobe to Kasane, there is no where to get fuel. Be sure to take some jerry cans. Also, the roads might be quite muddy if late rains come...so I would suggest 2x 4x4 vehicles (always Toyota when traveling Africa...parts and support are easiest to come by). Also, Central Kalahari I would STRONGLY recommend 2 vehicles and each with at least 2x spare tires. Last time I was there, there were a bunch of wooden poles just under the sand that completely ruined 3 out of our tires before the week was over. Beware of Zim, I have been hearing lately that the police no longer request just small under the table donations to their police fund, but that quite a few tourists have their vehicles impounded for no reason and have had to pay exorbitant amounts to get them back. I have heard this from two of my friends traveling on seperate occasions this year in Zim...so it is hear say, but it is something you should be aware of. I would personally come through Mozambique to be honest, but that is my personal preference. Personally, I would stay away from any vehicle that isn't a Toyota Hilux or Landcruiser if I were you. The big issue is that these vehicles are pretty much supported all over Africa, but the Land Rovers generally arent. Yes the drive isn't as comfortable, but when you break down you will prefer a vehicle that will be easier to fix than one that will take forever. I speak from experience here...
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