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  1. Reports are flowing in about Caesar, one of the last two original Notch boys, that he has passed away at age 13. He started to decline during the beginning of last week and he slowly deteriorated. I guess a few of the rangers even tried to provide a meal or two and he refused them. There is one Notch left of the original dynasty. They are some of the first lions I ever knew by name thanks to Big Cat Diaries. True legend. R.I.P Caesar <3
  2. We had a special sighting this week with a crossing at the river I don't think anybody was expecting to see. We were watching a crossing point but the camera was focused on a small group of male giraffe and we just assumed they were taking a drink and grabbing a few bits to eat before turning back, but we then noticed another male on the opposite side which seemed to have motivated these giraffe to not only contemplate, but actually cross the river successfully just to be with the larger male on the opposite side. It was such an epic sighting we got to witness with Stef Winterboer as our guide. WE did see this live on one of Wild Earth's river cams that they use during the drives. Here is a link to the video for those interested in seeing it. It's about an hour and 14 mins into the drive. These are all screen shots I took during the event. The giraffe on the far right in the bush is the sole reason they crossed the river.
  3. Amazing and breathtaking so many in one spot. <3
  4. It is with remorse that I have to say this, but Malika, the daughter of Malaika, has passed away. She was also pregnant and miscarried the day before which may have to deteriorate her condition further. Here is what Cheetah Forever is saying about it. In nature I believe not intervening is the best solution unless it's a human caused issue. It's not the most popular stance and I am okay with that. While the passing is hard for all who love cheetah, like myself, I do want to think the passing of her and her unborn cubs gives way to another cheetah mom and her cubs to thrive. Even if it is upsetting to think about it. R.I.P beautiful girl. You were taken too soon.
  5. Wonderful trip report. Loved all the spotted cats from the large to the small. The descriptions it made me feel like I was experiencing it for myself. Thank you for telling your story. Those crossings are crazy! We are immersed in them during our safariLive drives at times, and many either can't watch or root for the prey as well. I root for the crocodile, because they've not had anything to eat but fish for 9 months, but I also root for when the young that manage to cross without issue. I enjoy seeing how the bounty nature brings to the Mara allows for species of all sorts to benefit. From crocodiles to lions and even the vultures. Allowing them to survive on meager prey for the rest of the year. That's just my take on it, though.
  6. A Very Unlucky Zebra Since WildEarth partnered with Governor's Balloon Safaris to film from the sky we have seen some amazing things. From elephants to lions hippos to hyena and many wildebeest. Nothing, though could of prepared us for this moment. This footage was shot live the moment it happened via Facebook Live. It was amazing. Unsure if others have seen this video yet, but it's a good one. The person narrating is James Hendry and Senzo is on camera.
  7. I hope it makes it, but what are the chances if it grew into it's first year and now doesn't have the hoisting knowledge or loses it's instinct to flee from lions? It will be interesting to see what happens. I can't think the rest of the pride or even the males who dominate the pride will accept it.
  8. Here is a really interesting article. It was verified a rare sighting by the President of Luke Panthera Hunter. The photos were taken inside the Ngorongoro Crater near the Ndutu Lodge. Leopard cub was seen suckling on lioness who had cubs of her own.
  9. You're very welcome. I was so happy I could help since the male I don't have an idea of.
  10. @janzin I know who this one is. I've not figured out the male though he could definitely be one of many that doesn't have a name. This cat though. I do know. Those eyes are unmistakable. That is Kaboso's daughter. Kaboso also is known as the Double Crossing Female by some guides.
  11. I'm looking into it but I don't have any folders on my computer or in the Leopard group for him. He looks familiar, but the whisker pattern is the wrong side for who I initially thought of.. He's gorgeous though. Hope to find something out for you.
  12. So happy you saw Osirata I've read reports she is starting to press into Fig's territory.
  13. Hi guys tonight we had some facebook live specials with SafariLive where they followed a pride called the Purungat Pride. I was wondering if anybody in here had any information on them such as pride size, who dominates the pride and any identifiers that might stand out. Just a few screenshots to share.
  14. I don't know about many of you, but I enjoy looking for clues that an animal has been nearby especially if I'm out on a walk through the woods or along a hiking trail. Most wildlife will use paths we create as their own personal highways and you can see and find out a lot by just looking down sometimes. I like to see if I can figure out what is out and about or who could possibly be around still. All animals make a track. So lets see your track photos! Young Deer. Most likely a Florida Key Deer (Odocoileus virginianus clavium) an endangered subspecies of white-tailed deer (O. virginianus) only found in Florida. Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) Bobcat (Lynx rufus) Raccoon (Procyon lotor) Possibly a Coyote (Canis latrans) but due to the size I suspect it may be a domestic dog that someone took with them (even though they are not permitted). Horse. There are wild horses in Florida, but not where I was. This was just someone riding the trails from earlier in the morning as my group walked past them for the whole 7 miles (11 km). Happy Tracking.

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