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  1. Happy New Year and i hope this year is good to you Thanks for the final report, sad to hear about your Onkoshi experience !!! Have enjoyed your report and have learned some new info, many thanks. Colbol
  2. @Jaycees2012 thanks for the excellent trip report. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The sunset flights photo's are beautiful. You captured some great scenery and animal pictures along the way and it is nice to see and read about the accomodation you experienced. Hope you both have a great festive season . Cheers Colbol
  3. Real nice photos , "the only bit of shade" picture is fantastic. A majestic animal with beautiful scenery well capatured .
  4. Beantiful scenery pictures,well done and the tracks in the sand along with the animals .Brown hyena encounter surely would be highlight.Thanks
  5. Great travel story so far am really enjoying this, Fish River Canyon and Orange river pic's are sweet. The interaction with the klipspringers is something special in my mind, they are are an animal that intriques me and i have only seen them once before,thanks guys for sharing.
  6. Beautiful photo's of your time in KTP, thank you for sharing your journey. Great selection of birds and scenery etc but the "young pretender" is captured brilliantly. Cheers
  7. A beautifully presented trip report, great in depth coverage. Your pics are a credit to you. It must have been mind blowing to have the lions roaring either side of you!!!!! Pity about the lack of a Pangolin, you may have to go back again !!? Thanks for posting this it gives me food for thought.
  8. Hi Guys As an amateur photographer with entry level DSLR and lenses etc and without the wish to spend up large, I would like to be able to explore the editing of some pic's further other than the Microsoft program installed on the PC. As I gain experience and confidence I will invest in better kit and programs. In your opinions, what is a good/great editing program I can use too (A) try and learn- how to use such a program to potential (B) gain experience through trial and error from using program to push boundaries on camera settings Any help appreciated . Cheers Colbol
  9. "Touche"@ Pomkiwi, great shots all round.
  10. Thanks for the input Tony, Peter, Geoff and Tanzin - all very helpful. Appreciate your time and effort . Will be looking into these suggestions. Many thanks Colbol
  11. cheers xyz99,thanks for the reply, I will explore the option, it sounds user friendly ?? Cheers Cobol
  12. Easy I like the souind of -- thanks for the hint Tulips
  13. Awesome shots Dave, love the idea of this topic. Unfortunately New Zealand doesn't have a lot of wildlife to showcase. Will see if we can find something special.
  14. Thanks Busyliz for sharing, great pictures of scenery and animals (lion kill-wow) gives me a feel for the place I am yet to visit. Also good to hear your thoughts on roads, accommodation and services provided. Cheers
  15. Many thanks for showing us around Namibia Fischwife, your time at Erindi certainly was eventful, the wild dogs were worth waiting for. The animals" eaten" menu is impressive. Animals" seen " list is very comprehensive. Well done. Cheers Colbol
  16. Great pic's Fischwife, love the shots of the blackie and the little ellie trying to drink is well captured . The scenery and wildlife is more diverse there, am enjoying your journey , thanks Colbol.
  17. Great pic's Fischwife, the giraffe shots are well captured Etosha so far looks very inviting, even if no rhino !!!
  18. The ellie shots are very nice Fischhwife, the little ones are so interesting to watch. Your guide has certainly put in an effort for you two.
  19. Beautiful photos Fischwife, thank you for sharing, A Brown hyena is not what I would have expected to see there!!! Am looking forward to the rest of your trip.

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