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  1. A beautifully presented trip report, great in depth coverage. Your pics are a credit to you.

    It must have been mind blowing to have the lions roaring either side of you!!!!!

    Pity about the lack of  a Pangolin, you may have to go back again !!?

    Thanks for posting this it gives me food for thought.

  2. Hi Guys

    As an amateur photographer with entry level DSLR and lenses etc and without the wish to spend up large, I would like to be able to explore the editing of some pic's further other than the Microsoft program installed on the PC.

    As I gain experience and confidence I will invest in better kit and programs.

    In your opinions, what is a good/great editing program I can use too

    (A)  try and learn- how to use such a program to potential

    (B) gain experience through trial and error  from using program to push boundaries on camera settings

    Any help appreciated .

    Cheers Colbol

  3. Many thanks for showing us around Namibia Fischwife, your time at Erindi certainly was eventful, the wild dogs  were worth waiting for.

    The animals" eaten" menu is impressive.:lol: 

    Animals" seen " list is very comprehensive. Well done.

    Cheers Colbol   :D


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