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  1. Well done Towlers, I think you've got it. I don't have the Raptors Guide, but I've searched the net, and I can find some very similar images for the juvenile Black-Chested Eagle. Thanks for looking & commenting kittykat. Sorry about the over-exposure it's sometimes tricky shooting against a bright sky.
  2. Thanks for your detailed feedback Inyathi. I think the African Hawk Eagle ID is pretty certain. The other two? I think I'd probably settle for Wahlberg's for #1, since Sasol gives the Tawny eye colour as yellow. But I agree with you #3 is a mystery. Anyway thanks for looking.
  3. I'm still struggling to identify the eagles (above). Any thoughts will be much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Thanks for the feedback Trowlers. I also suspect Hawk Eagle for #2, but I'm not sure. I'm also struggling with this: The big yellow eye makes me think some species of Snake Eagle, but that's as far as I get.
  5. Hi, Just back from a great trip to SA, Zim & Botswana during which we recorded over 100 different bird species. But I'm finding the Eagles difficult to ID. Can anyone help with these two please Thanks for your feedback. Russell

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