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  1. Well, @Atravelynn, it appears that the University of New South Wales has determined that it IS something to sneeze about after all.
  2. Thanks, @deano! I actually placed the order for a Hero5 Black later in the day after writing my last post. When I started looking at the GoPro I was looking at the cheapest ($150) version and thought that would be plenty. As with most of my electronics purchases, though, it didn't take me long to justify the incremental upgrade to the $300 version and then to the $400 version. As you said, the biggest reason to me for the going up to the Hero5 Black is having the screen to be able to frame shots and change settings. Looking forward to getting the camera next week and playing around with it. And thanks for the advice on the battery pack (along with all the other great advice). That sounds great to be able to have a timelapse running for 12 hours, although now I'm getting a little concerned about managing battery charging for 2 DSLRs, a GoPro, a phone, and one or more battery packs. Guess I will figure that out as I go . . . Thanks again! Cliff
  3. Interesting. My dog (definitely the opposite of wild) makes a similar sneezing noise which we take as excitement. It is usually when he knows he is about to go for a walk or get a treat, which would be the closest thing to hunting that he knows. Maybe he does have a little wild dog in him after all.
  4. @deano - Reading through your trip report and watching the videos has just about convinced me to get a GoPro for my upcoming trip. My main use would likely be for timelapses, which I love to shoot on my DSLR but I really like the idea of leaving the cheaper GoPro outside rather than having an elephant step on my more expensive camera! Plus I also like the idea of being able to leave it behind and shoot a long timelapse during the day. A few questions: On at least one of your videos you have a timelapse of the night sky with stars. Is this really from the GoPro? I didn't realize it would do that well at night. How long will a single battery last when shooting timelapses (at whatever shot interval you most often use)? I had read a little under two hours when shooting video, but wasn't sure if a timelapse would be more efficient. How many memory cards and spare batteries do you take with you? Thanks, Cliff
  5. A good start to the report, and some great pictures! I have a trip booked for February with Rwanda as our first stop, so I can't wait to see your pictures of the gorillas. As a side note, we booked our trip in April -- almost exactly one month before the price increase was announced. We found out just three weeks ago that we would still get the permits at $750, so that was very welcome news! How was the Kigali Serena hotel? We are staying there for one night after arriving from the U.S. (although we arrive late that night so about all I will see of the hotel is the bed).
  6. I have not been on safari yet, but I do a fair amount of international travel and have been using the Mogics Bagel (http://www.mogics.com/?page_id=3824) for the past year. It is very small and lightweight, works on international voltage, and comes with a built in universal plug adapter. The adapter is a little flimsy, though, so I do bring spares specific to the countries I am going to. What I really like about it is that it has the capacity to charge up to seven devices at a time (5 plugs plus 2 USB).
  7. I have been planning to get a full frame camera for my February 2018 safari, and earlier in the year had decided on the D810. I was really tempted to buy a few months ago when they had a great sale going on, but decided to wait as it was rumored that the replacement model would be announced over the summer. That turned out to be true (sort of), with Nikon announcing the name (D850) but very little else. To be honest, the D810 has everything I really want in a camera. In fact, the main change I am hoping for from the D810 to the D850 is to change the CF card to an XQD since my other camera is a D500. Sure, faster this or better that would be nice but not entirely necessary. I just saw this article (Nikon D850 Will Be a ‘Baby Nikon D5’, Reports Say) that among other things speculates that the D850 will sell for $1200 more than the D810 (putting it up to around $4000 based on current D810 pricing). I'm really hoping for the official word from Nikon soon on specs and pricing, as for that price I'd definitely go with the D810. So a question for D810 owners. What do you wish your D810 did better?
  8. Ah yes, what a wonderful phrase!
  9. Great compilation video, @deano! Also, I noticed that your next post will be #2000. Congratulations in advance on your upcoming promotion!
  10. Very understandable. I would have a hard time justifying the upgrade from D810 to D850 (not that I wouldn't try). As my first full-frame camera and complement to the D500 though, it was not a hard decision for me.
  11. Yes - today's was much easier. I had guessed what you might be going for just by the pictures before I even got to the quote (although the last picture got me thinking that you might throw in a Star Wars reference instead).
  12. I can't believe that I went to bed last night and missed the announcement! Oh well, I guess that just puts me a little farther down the pre-order list. I placed my order a few minutes ago, so it should get to me in plenty of time for my safari in February!
  13. Latest rumor is that the press release is coming out tomorrow (https://nikonrumors.com/2017/08/22/nikon-d850-press-release-leaked.aspx/) and indication of a price at $3,300 (see comments section at https://nikonrumors.com/2017/08/23/nikon-d850-price-in-us-and-australia-shipping-could-start-earlier.aspx/).
  14. @deano - His mom was a poodle believe it or not. Not sure about the father, but we assume a terrier of some sort. I was traveling over the last week so didn't get to keep up with the game, although looking back I would have failed miserably in any event. Hopefully I will do better going forward.
  15. Looks like there will be a total eclipse that goes through Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa on November 25, 2030. Better book now before it's all sold out! https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2030-november-25
  16. The first one was easy, but you stumped me with the quote this time. Had to look it up, so I won't ruin it for everyone else. Loved the nighttime pictures at the harbo(u)r!
  17. Thanks, @xelas (and @janzin), but I definitely want to add a full frame to my inventory. As much as I love my D500 I wouldn't buy another to have a redundant body that I would only use on safari (I don't think I'd take multiple bodies on any other sort of trip). I considered the D750, but the D810 (or the D850 presumably) won out for having the same layout as the D500.
  18. Finally got around to putting up a profile and cover photo (both hopefully to be replaced with great safari photos next February).
  19. 200 days until my first safari -- Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania
  20. @SSF556 - The coverage that I am planning to get is AIG Travel Guard Medevac per Trip plan. Coverage per their website is as follows: $50,000 | Accident Sickness Medical Expense: Pays up to the Maximum Benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits for necessary medical expenses due to Injury or Sickness incurred while on a Trip. Initial treatment must be received during Trip. Pays for emergency dental expenses only during a Trip due to injury to sound, natural teeth while on the trip. Covers medical and surgical treatment by a licensed physician; professional nursing, hospital, x-ray and ambulance services during your Trip, provided initial treatment was received during the trip. Unlimited (maximum of 1 evacuation| Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains: Covers evacuation and transportation as directed by a Physician to the nearest adequate medical facility of the insured's choice (home in the event of death or if medically required). Pays for special medical escort if recommended in writing by the attending Physician. $25,000 | Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Pays for loss of life or limb if it occurs within 365 days of an accident during your Trip. $100,000 | Security Evacuation: Covers transportation to the nearest place of safety if you require a security evacuation as a result of a covered occurrence that takes place during the trip. (Not available in PA.)
  21. I have been very tempted on the D810 sale, but am holding out to see what the new version has in store. I am hoping it announced in time to be able to get one before my February 2018 safari.
  22. My post count has dropped down to six, which seems to exclude posts made in the word association game topic. Is that correct? If so, guess I'm going to have to find some other way to shed my Newbie status. Maybe with more posts like this!
  23. I noticed that when I first went in, but also noticed that you can change the filters and then save that set of filters. You can set "Time Period" to "Since My Last Visit", and then save that with whatever name you desire. It will then show up under the dropdown for "My Activity Streams". Will take some getting used to, of course, but looks like there is more opportunity to customize for those who so desire.
  24. I have never purchased travel insurance before, as I viewed its main benefit being trip cancellation coverage. Given the cost of the coverage, I am willing to take my chances. Over the years, I have been fortunate to never have had to cancel a trip and have saved more from not purchasing trip insurance than what my average trip costs. I consider myself ahead for not having purchased insurance, although I fully understand that the first time I do have to cancel a trip I will wish I had the insurance. Looking ahead to our trip to Africa next year, I was considering biting the bullet as for this trip my main concern is emergency medical and evacuation coverage. In researching the different options, though, I was surprised to discover that just the emergency medical and evacuation portion will cost just $77 for two people (AIG MedEvac plan). From this point forward, I will take that coverage for most international trips and rely on whatever I can get out of the credit card companies if I do need to cancel a trip rather than pay the additional $1000+ for that insurance.

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