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  1. @Julian - Rwanda (mountain gorilla trekking), Kenya (Mara), and Tanzania (Serengeti and Ngorongoro). @lmonmm - Thank you!
  2. Six days until we leave, and one final weekend coming up to make sure we have everything ready to go.
  3. The countdown begins in earnest now. Four weeks until our first safari!
  4. I thought that was interesting, too, as my travel agent had already told me we could get ours upon arrival. I checked, though, and the "few others" were Australia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States of America.
  5. We had a hawk bring a kill to our fence, which is a little unusual for us living in urban Houston. I am not a birder by any means, but thanks to Google I am going to go with Cooper's hawk or possibly a sharp-shinned hawk. A squirrel came by and didn't seem to be at all worried by the hawk. In fact, it seemed to be trying to shoo the hawk away at one point. After a brief standoff, the squirrel jumped into the trees and the hawk went about his dinner.
  6. Almost out of triple digits! 100 days until our first safari (Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania). And before we have even taken that first trip, we have booked a second for next year. In 290 days, we are going to David Lloyd's great migration photo safari followed by Amboseli and Lewa.
  7. @kittykat23uk - I have a "New Content" search that does this (actually to the first unread post rather than the last read post, but close enough). Parameters are: Show me: Items Only Content Type: Articles, Topics Read Status: Everything Ownership: Everything Following: Everything Time Period: Last Visit Sorting: Newest First
  8. Well, @Atravelynn, it appears that the University of New South Wales has determined that it IS something to sneeze about after all.
  9. Thanks, @deano! I actually placed the order for a Hero5 Black later in the day after writing my last post. When I started looking at the GoPro I was looking at the cheapest ($150) version and thought that would be plenty. As with most of my electronics purchases, though, it didn't take me long to justify the incremental upgrade to the $300 version and then to the $400 version. As you said, the biggest reason to me for the going up to the Hero5 Black is having the screen to be able to frame shots and change settings. Looking forward to getting the camera next week and playing around with it. And thanks for the advice on the battery pack (along with all the other great advice). That sounds great to be able to have a timelapse running for 12 hours, although now I'm getting a little concerned about managing battery charging for 2 DSLRs, a GoPro, a phone, and one or more battery packs. Guess I will figure that out as I go . . . Thanks again! Cliff
  10. Interesting. My dog (definitely the opposite of wild) makes a similar sneezing noise which we take as excitement. It is usually when he knows he is about to go for a walk or get a treat, which would be the closest thing to hunting that he knows. Maybe he does have a little wild dog in him after all.
  11. @deano - Reading through your trip report and watching the videos has just about convinced me to get a GoPro for my upcoming trip. My main use would likely be for timelapses, which I love to shoot on my DSLR but I really like the idea of leaving the cheaper GoPro outside rather than having an elephant step on my more expensive camera! Plus I also like the idea of being able to leave it behind and shoot a long timelapse during the day. A few questions: On at least one of your videos you have a timelapse of the night sky with stars. Is this really from the GoPro? I didn't realize it would do that well at night. How long will a single battery last when shooting timelapses (at whatever shot interval you most often use)? I had read a little under two hours when shooting video, but wasn't sure if a timelapse would be more efficient. How many memory cards and spare batteries do you take with you? Thanks, Cliff
  12. A good start to the report, and some great pictures! I have a trip booked for February with Rwanda as our first stop, so I can't wait to see your pictures of the gorillas. As a side note, we booked our trip in April -- almost exactly one month before the price increase was announced. We found out just three weeks ago that we would still get the permits at $750, so that was very welcome news! How was the Kigali Serena hotel? We are staying there for one night after arriving from the U.S. (although we arrive late that night so about all I will see of the hotel is the bed).
  13. I have not been on safari yet, but I do a fair amount of international travel and have been using the Mogics Bagel (http://www.mogics.com/?page_id=3824) for the past year. It is very small and lightweight, works on international voltage, and comes with a built in universal plug adapter. The adapter is a little flimsy, though, so I do bring spares specific to the countries I am going to. What I really like about it is that it has the capacity to charge up to seven devices at a time (5 plugs plus 2 USB).
  14. Ah yes, what a wonderful phrase!

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