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  1. Scrolling through youtube videos, it appears to me that there is an abundance of clips from Ngorongoro Crater and Masai Mara showing wildlife interactions, i.e. kills, fights, struggles over food, etc and not nearly as many from the Serengeti National Park. This was puzzling to me at first but I have thought of some reasons that this could be. Here they are: 1. More visitors in Mara and Ngorongoro-this combined with the smaller area they encompass means that wildlife interactions are much more likely to be recorded on camera than in SNP. 2. Greater density of mammals-Mara and the Crater also might be more concentrated in terms of animals, including predators, which means a better chance of witnessing interactions. Does this all sound about right? Because there also appear to be a large number of such videos from small parks in southern Africa, none of which as famous Serengeti, that I can't explain.
  2. Okay, let me start by saying I'm a pretty young guy in college and unable to support myself right now. So July of last year my family went on a Tanzania safari. I always loved animals and since a few years I became really interested in African wildlife in particular. However, a couple things went wrong and I will explain what they were: First off, just 2 days before we left I experienced something really traumatic which left me shaken and would continue to stress me out significantly through the trip. We visited the usual northern parks in Tanzania(Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire). I was amazed at what I saw, but the thing that bothered me was that much of the time we were there, it was overcast and dusty. I was really hoping to see the Serengeti plains under the bright sun so I was a bit disappointed. Then there was one point we were driving up to our camp in northern serengeti where we saw a pride of 16+ lions at dusk! We were the only vehicle for miles, and our tour guide went up close to them. Then my mom, freaking out, BEGGED the tour guide to turn the vehicle around and leave. In fact, she was so afraid that she changed plans from staying in the migration camp for 2 nights to only staying one night! So we would have had 2 days to catch the river crossings, but instead only had one day to do that. We saw the migration but they did not cross the river. Also, after returning from our trip, I learned more about the serengeti and that there are nice green season safaris where the scenery is completely different. Despite all the bad things that happened I will still say it was my favorite vacation. I plan on going to southern Africa too in the future. But given the circumstances, I'd love to go back to east Africa and experience it once more as soon as possible. Does anyone have suggestions as to whether or not I should do safari in east Africa again, and if so how would it be possible given my situation?
  3. @@pault I think he's responding to the rhino thing.
  4. Wow, was not expecting such a great response! Really appreciate it. I think they definitely need to think about introducing white rhinos into east Africa regardless of how bad the poaching is(although they definitely need to get it under control), because there should be a backup rhino species living there. The black rhino is critically endangered so it only makes sense. As for the sables, it makes sense now. But for kudus, there is plenty of acacia and commiphora woodlands in northern serengeti, so it's strange that they're not there. Perhaps they aren't able to cross the plains to reach it?
  5. Last summer I went on safari to Tanzania with my family and was excited to see Serengeti. It was incredible to say the least, but one thing that bothered me was the lack of certain animals.. How come greater kudus and sable antelopes dont exist in this environment? I looked over photos of African animals after coming back and was disappointed to find out I never got to see them in SNP cause they don't exist there. I think they are the most elegant of the antelopes. Also, white rhinos were introduced into some parts of Kenya and Uganda from South Africa; why don't they do the same in serengeti? After all the animal is a grazer and there being lots of grass in serengeti it would thrive, and this would increase the overall rhino population there as currently there are only a few black rhinos.

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