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  1. Here is a sketch by my 13 year old son, with a busy life of a young teenager he doesn't get much down time to draw but each time he does I can see the improvement, I hope he continues to enjoy his art and improve as he grows
  2. Some help please I am trying to upload a Jpeg image from my desktop of a piece of my sons artwork into existing "Show us your artwork" topic. I have tried both the "Drag files here to attach" and "choose files" in both instances it goes through the process of uploading only to complete and give me the message that something went wrong with upload. I have tried re-sizing and image is 27.4MB 5.85cm wide and 8cm high at 944pixels/cm. I have read beginning of this topic but have got confused when it states that i need to enter images URL as image is only stored on my computer and therefore doesn't have a URL. This will also help me at a later date when I complete a Trip Report as I only store my photos on my computer and hard drives so none of these have URL's either. In advance thanks help appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your report @RobK some great sightings particularly your Lion and also the Chameleon an animal I would love to see.
  4. Happy Birthday @optig have a great time in Zakouma and I look forward to you trip report on your return
  5. Your photos are unbelievable, I just called my family over to look at them they were equally impressed . I won't try to pick a favourite as I can't seperate them. I struggle to understand not wanting to make the absolute maximum out of every minute on safari. I suppose we are all different, at least they were nice. I spent my first safari with one person I still have nightmares about, fortunately I didn't have to share a vehicle with him, around camp and in an adjacent vehicle was enough. Cant wait to read and view more.
  6. Thank you @pomkiwi and @amybatt I should receive the camera in about a weeks time I will be sure to do as you have said on arrival. I would very much appreciate taking up that offer as I learn @amybatt do you mind if I message you, I promise not to be a nuisance.
  7. I am a rank amateur photographer to the degree that I have only ever been a point and shoot, everything always on auto type of guy. Tonight I have just ordered myself my first quality camera the Sony RX10 MKIII bridge camera. My intention is to spend the next 7 months trying to develop some small ability to use this camera, so that I may venture beyond the auto mode of this camera. I was left with a question after reading a post in “show us your Tiger photos” by @gatoratlarge regarding focusing without glasses on. I have only recently had to start wearing reading glasses Father Time has caught up with me. Will this effect my ability to be able to focus in manual mode and if so how do I combat this? Any assistance offered will be greatly appreciated
  8. As someone new to this subject and in all honesty being won over to the positive benefits of a hunting industry, it is incidents like these that do the most damage to the pro hunting side of the debate. Those operators that operate with integrity such as Sabie as shown in another thread must share your fury @optig, it is this type of news that places greater risk on their ability to function. I share your concern @inyathi if these were to be shut down what would happen to this habitat.
  9. Thank you @KCAZ for such an interesting and well presented 3 part trip report. I really enjoyed your photographs and dialogue that accompanied them. If I continue to read trip reports I don’t have a clue how I will find the budget or the time to ever visit my bucket list.
  10. I love Springhare our guide called them the African Kangaroo when we saw them in Botswana.
  11. Was great following your report you definitely had some great sitings. How lucky to get the mating pair of Leopard. I like that photo of the Zebra in front of the Wildebeest herd a lot . I don't know anything about photography and what makes a good photo but that one really appealed to me. Thanks @penolva
  12. Superb photographs great job, really active Lion and the metallic colours of those Starlings really well captured. Thank you @Tdgraves
  13. Great start @mopsy, the green makes a beautiful backdrop to your photos. Our first Safari was in the dry season as will our second, will be sometime before I see the African bush in these colours.
  14. Really enjoying your report @Grasshopper_Club. Was tossing up between Kafue and Hwange/Mana Pools later this year, ended up with the later. Will definitely have to put Kafue on the list for a future visit. Shame about your lense.

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