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  1. Thanks - I swear I looked before posting. very helpful!
  2. Intrigued by news that the FAA has granted category one status for Kenya. Wondering how soon flights might be available- thoughts?
  3. My trip is planned for July, so I have not been yet, but have booked Tortilis Camp at Amboseli. It looks really nice.
  4. Yes, we subscribe to the online publication and that was how we found them. The guy doing our planning is named Christian Boix and so far has been really great to work with. Link:
  5. Has anyone here used Africa Geographic Travel to plan your trip? I've been working with them to work out our itnerary and am at the point of handing over money and just started wondering as I have not seen them mentioned much in my reading. Would love any insights - I've been quite happy with their assistance to date. My first post!

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