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  1. Thank you so much! Husband is. Ow going to be able to breathe...😎
  2. Our guide at Chobe Game Lodge, GAO, was the BEST of the 3 places we went to this May. She loved her job (many many years) and her excitement at each and every bird/animal was infectious! She would stay at any sighting as long as wanted by our fellow jeep-mates and took us out from 6-11:30 or 6-1:30 when we saw amazing sightings: for example, wild dogs on a chase and later lying around on ground, a series of crocs dragging a lechwe down a river and then devouring it (we watched for more than an hour!) Surprised that this place, which was WAY too impersonal and large for my tastes, had the BEST guide.... we also stayed at Kirkmans and The Hide in Zim, FYI.
  3. Fantastic start of report! Love the photos and your descriptions! More please.... am curious about your mobile experience.... thanks for taking the time to do this Vikram!
  4. Wow!!!! Such helpful replies! Madaboutcheetah; just decided TODAY , BEFORE I read these posts, to DROP Malamala and probably Mashatu as well....... after reading hours and hours on here......we are going to do what feels "more authentic" for us, as we don't need luxury (do need electricity for husband's CPAP machine though. ) just was going there for animal density/diversity...... SOOOOO: looking at combos as you all suggest...... FYI: Mashatu does now fly to Maun, bypassing Jo'burg, a few days a week... Looking at 3 night stays before June 15 hits, for better pricing and still outstanding game: Lagoon, Little Kwara, Selinda Explorers, and maybe Duba Expedition or Machaba or Sable Alley... any thoughts on best combo for 12 nights? I probably should start new thread, but just thought I'd continue (unless you suggest a new one "12 nights Botswana early June"....) you all are terrific!!!! Thank you thank you!
  5. Thanks Sangeeta! I hate to write negatives about our experience as our guides did the best they could, but due to unusual rains (so they said), sightings were poor, particularly at Kirkmans when we went: unusual for them, so it is reported. Surprisingly, Chobe Game Lodge had the best game (and our only lions): our guide went out of her way and gave long extended drives when we asked for them : and that was with 8 in a jeep! I had posted on tripadvisor a review.... thanks a million!
  6. Stunning photos and great descriptions, as always, Mike! If you see this, also a BIG thank you for your guidance on my recent posts asking for advice of a trip... will now go June 2019...
  7. Stunning photos and fabulous trip all of you had! Thanks again so much for your advice for our upcoming trip ... now for June 2019.... !!
  8. Bushdog, madaboutcheetah, and Geoff and Sangeeta: thank you thank you! I'll re-read those TRs : remarkable photos from all of you and I so appreciate everyone's taking the time to create them for all of us!!! We will plan for a June safari , rather than August, as you all have had great experiences then: glad to hear I can save $$$$ by going before the rates increase mid-June. I'll skip K&D trip.... Selinda or Selinda explorers do you suggest? for Delta: Little Kwara it seems.... @Sangeeta:; suggested Kadizora/Sable Alley: would you think this combo or Kwara/Selinda for June? we have 6 nights here only, so 2 camps. It's always hard to choose when you have such amazing options, as you all know. Wish we could go yearly, but this will be our final trip here, so I am trying to plan it as best I can, without relying on just an agent's recommendations.... As a total "plan": hope this makes sense to return to S. Africa, Malamala, for game density/diversity and then fly up to Mashatu and then up here.... 13 safari days... I really appreciate all this great advice/assistance! You all are so generous with your time! As a newbie to safari, it is hard to figure it all out....thanks again!
  9. Thank YOU SO MUCH Sangeeta for taking your time to give us such wonderful advice! We only thought of August as people suggested it is "the best" time to go to both S. Africa and Bots... June would be great... cross our fingers for good game density/viewing.... Which Kwando camp would you add if we switch to June? All these opinions really are so valuable for us!!!!! Thank you all!
  10. Thank you Modleski! I actually sent you a message today...... we'll look at Selinda explorers as well as Kadizora/Sable Alley... it helps us SO much for recent visitors as well as Sangeeta and Madaboutcheetah's expert advice!
  11. Sangeeta thank YOU so much! will definitely look at Kadizora/Sable Alley combo!!!! Am I correct that you suggest these for the August time? rather than Selinda explorers in June? will now have to figure out flights between Kadizora/Sable Alley and Mashatu. We plan to go to Malamala first for 4 nights, so 13 nights total : maybe we can add a 4th night in Mashatu if the flight times work (they now fly to Maun a few days a week from Mashatu area!!!) thanks!!!!!!
  12. Madaboutcheetah, Thanks so much !!!!, will get prices.... We were planning extra early, as we could secure 2018 prices for a trip we plan to take in 2019... hence our early research.... I just perused a lot of TRs... recent one by modleski... Most didn't take place during winter months.... We are wondering if going early June is fine...much less $, but we had been told to go in August , to maximize chances of good sightings... this May, grass was so high, that at Kirkmans, we saw few animals and NO predators.... hence, we thought we went "too early"... ditto with Hwange : few animals seen... We want to see the Delta/Moremi area as well: any suggestions? I'll keep looking thru old TRs here! thanks so much for your advice!
  13. Tagging along this thread.... madaboutcheetah : we have an agent who can possibly get us 2018 rates for a booking way way in advance for 2019 , if we book before the 2019 rates come out... which camps do you know of which would suggest waiting awhile....??? Perhaps VicUK is doing the same...?
  14. Thank you madaboutcheetah! We have a decent budget.... I have NO idea what Great Plains "safari ethos" has in comparison to K&D? would like to know what you mean? Our friends and also travel agent recommended K&D highly??? we don't want to spend more than $1100 pppn , including flights to get to camps and are interested in 6 nights in Botswana, in addition to spending time at Mashatu/Malamala for a week. Which camps would you suggest? coming to the Delta area after Tuli Block, Mashatu... ??????? thanks to all for your help ! lots of choices, but most seemed way high for budget, like Wilderness safari group, etc. We were curious about "newer" camps, such as Sable Alley , Kadizora, but really want quality guiding/game possibilities
  15. Sangeeta, your advice is so welcome! AND you are SO right: happy problems, and not any clear choice! Will keep reading about the places. HOpe others can also comment , if they have had any other recent experiences with the Delta.

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