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  1. June 2019 all Kicheche camps for 11 nights in the various conservancies in Kenya. Sangeeta was incredible in securing this safari and great pricing! too far away.... but very excited!! Will just keep reading Safaritalk till then!
  2. I suggest you contact @Sangeeta for help , especially as she helped you before: as a solo, she may be able to find you a small group to go with as well. She was incredible in planning our trip to Kenya and got us terrific deals. It will only be our 2nd trip too. Africa is so addictive, as everyone says!!! Best of luck!
  3. Thanks Marg! Looking at Emirates or even Qatar for NBO this time. Last time, we went nonstop from ATL to Jo'burg on the 16 hr Delta: at least we had prem Econ bulkhead.. maybe we'll get lucky and get a bus. Class "deal" next trip.
  4. Fabulous photos and beginning of your TR! Hope for more when you have time...!! Amazing # of rhinos!
  5. Thanks for that laugh! We are in CA, so the flight truly is miserable! Will keep coming as often as possible! Safaris are the best!!!
  6. Stunning photos and fantastic TR! You really create a "story" with words/photos! We had debated on which location for awhile, and finally decided Kenya for next safari: all Kicheche camps in the Mara... thanks so much for all your advice! SLNP will have to wait to another trip (hopefully).
  7. Fabulous TR and photos! Thank you for posting such a great trip! HOw wonderful you saw pangolin and aardvark as well as the cute meerkats at Tswalu! And kafue looked wonderful! Hope we can continue to travel to Africa... just such a far distance for us... happy travels!
  8. Absolutely love this entire TR! Extraordinary photos and loved your descriptions and narrative! can't wait to get to Kenya! A long wait till June 2019..... thanks so much Paul! So happy you had an amazing trip all 3 of you! Will follow your exploits ....
  9. Wonderful! I haven’t been to either yet. how did you decide Tanzania vs Kenya?
  10. Did you see Saruni Samburu just offered a stay 4 pay 3 deal for 2018! Just to let you know.
  11. Fabulous TR and photos!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing trip! I am headed to Kenya but not until 2019.... till then, I read ST!! the Emakoko sounds like a great idea at end of trip: thanks to you @amybatt, @Tom Kellie And @SafariChick. Now, we just have to decide to add an area to the Mara, or just there for 11 nights, moving around... your area looked great!
  12. Terrific TR and amazing photos! Congrats on your first safari! We had our in May and are already planning one for Kenya in 2019... FYI: I consulted many many travel agents and read countless TRs and posts on many websites: ST is the best for advice and the MOST helpful people! I found @Sangeeta this way and she has been beyond brilliant and clever and so much fun to work with to plan our next adventure! Feel very fortunate, so wanted to let you know, in case you do plan a return to Africa.
  13. Thank you!!! Fantastic report! decided to go to these 3 camps and hopefully Duba expedition June 2019 beard a lot on this report and a few others' TRs! fantastic help here!

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