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  1. No, I have several hundreds of usable photos from this sighting. Almost none were compositionally off or out of focus or WB off or something like this. However, when I use the QS, I'm not happy with the results on my Nikon D750. What would you recommend for having a situation with a silent shutter? A particular model of camera? A particular setting?
  2. I hope you enjoy this unique encounter Here's a nice photo from the experience.
  3. You can't get much better than this, folks. Enjoy. If you want me to share any stories regarding any of these sightings, comment below and I'll respond as quickly as I can.
  4. Our 8 days in Kenya and here are some of the lions we saw:
  5. Here are some captures of our many tiger and tigress sightings in both Kanha and Bandhavgarh in 2014. We were not as good at video back then and these were our first ever safaris. We're better now. Enjoy. And here's our channel where you can see mostly videos of African safaris:
  6. We had insane time in March 2014. We had 10 sightings in 5 days in Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Several of the sightings were all by ourselves, which is rare for India as many of you might know. It was a fascinating time.
  7. A beauty
  8. Maasai Mara, December 2017 All shots from our 5 sightings:
  9. We love our elephant photos from the Mara (January 2016).
  10. We had only 4 days in the Maasai Mara in January 2016. Still, here were the gems.
  11. It's a long video (if you follow us, you'll know we annoyingly make long videos). However, I think you'll enjoy the action. The rest of our videos are here:
  12. Hej, Jag talar inte svenska men jag studerar. Jag kommer du Sverige i Juni och Jag tycker om att tittar djur. And the next part is from Google translate as I did not have enough vocabulary knowledge to type it out in Swedish myself: "kan du berätta för mig var jag kan hitta en bra safari alternativ som är överkomligt?" Beautiful video!
  13. Our recent trip to the Mara (December 2016) was again magical. Every day was jam-packed with outstanding sightings. We are novice videographers and put much more effort into photography. I just haven't had a chance yet to start processing any photos from the trip. Heck, I'm still processing videos; I have about 4 or more videos I have yet to upload, including our final compilation of each place we visited in Kenya. Here's some lengthy video of each day in the Mara. Most video capture is a bit raw and shaky, but hopefully you can enjoy the animals despite our lack of skill. All thumbnails for the videos are my unedited photos from that day. Day 1 (just a short evening drive; not too much to see in this video: Day 2 (good action! Lion kill and Malaika hunting with cubs): Day 3 (more great action!): Day 4 (outstanding elephant river crossing): All the rest of our videos are here:
  14. We had asked out guide if we might really look for serval cats this time around on our 4 days in the Mara. Thankfully, in late December, the grass was still short and this made potential viewings even more likely. We were rewarded with 5 sightings of 4 different cats in four days. In fact, we saw our first one within about 5 minutes into the Mara from camp on our first drive. Two of the sightings were us all alone with the beautiful creature. Here's a compilation of some of those moments, including two successful "hunts", one right in front of our vehicle. At 3:20 into the video, we had a real close up with one. Haven't had much of a chance to edit the photo yet, or put a watermark on it. Have several hundreds of these kinds of shots.
  15. Yeah, thanks. The lens flair wasn't ideal but it happened too quickly to maneuver the vehicle differently. It all worked out. Light was great. Working on processing the photos.

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