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  1. @kittykat23uk @Antee Regarding Snow Leopards, I did not know that... thanks! 3500 meters is still "up there" for the missus, but perhaps if we make sure to spend at least a few days acclimating to the environment, I may be able to convince her to go. We shall see!
  2. Thanks for starting this thread! While I've been fortunate to have seen quite a few animals (in the wild) that were originally on my bucket list (Bengal Tiger, Aardvark, Honey Badger, African Wild Dog, Dhole, Gibbon, Black Rhino, Sable, Roan, Barasingha, Orangutan, Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzee, etc.), there are many, many more that I'd kill to see. Among them: - Caracal - Serval - Pangolin - Snow Leopard (no chance. Mrs. KI-NRT refuses to go anywhere above 4000 meters in altitude) - Amur Tiger - Polar Bear - Emperor Penguin - Jaguar (hope to see in Pantanal in 2019) - Giant Panda - Lesser (Red) Panda - Ethiopian Wolf - Golden (aka Syrian) Hamster
  3. Whoops, my bad. Same AF system and image processor, but - as you said - not the same sensor (D850 has a 45.7MP CMOS sensor.) Will pair with my 28-300 as my all-purpose lens, and the 24-70 f/2.8 and 80-400 will be my safari glasses. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit short in reach, but birds are not a major priority for me, and worst case I'll be able to get by via cropping, due to the D850's insane resolution.
  4. Looks like the D850 is the body of my dreams. Same sensor and AF system as the D5/D500, a ton of MPs and fast enough FPS.... in an FX body. A great, flexible camera that's also fantastic for wildlife; who can ask for anything more? Just put down a deposit for one. Will come in handy for our January trip to the Olare Motorogi and Bwindi.
  5. Quick update - no sighting of the Cheetah while we were there. We did see a Honey Badger (with honeycomb in its mouth!) as well as an Aardvark - the first sighting of one in the entire Lower Zambezi valley this year. Here's the Aardvark photo (I gave it to Anabezi to post on their Instagram page.)
  6. Awesome news! We're headed to Tswalu today, but will be staying at Anabezi next week. I'll definitely report back if/when we spot a Cheetah there
  7. Many thanks, @SafariChick and @amybatt. Looking forward to what @AmyT has to say about the place, especially since it's quite pricey. I have until late Summer to cancel, so I have a bit of time on my side.
  8. What do you all think of Giraffe Manor? I know it's not a hotel in the traditional sense, but they had availability on the day we intend to overnight in Nairobi, so we snagged it. Is it cheesy and contrived? Or is the experience there unique and worthwhile?
  9. Heading off to Tswalu, South Luangwa (Mchenja Camp) and Lower Zambezi (Anabezi Camp) in 3 weeks. Super excited!
  10. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India - 2016 December
  11. Paradise Harbor, Antarctica - Blue-Eyed Cormorants, 2015 Dec.
  12. Serengeti Mara, 2011 September.
  13. Mountain Gorillas @ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2014 December. Agashya group Mountain Gorillas @ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2014 December. Kwitonda group. Yup, I had the shutter speed set incorrectly for the last 3 shots, unfortunately. Live and learn.....
  14. Mahale Mountains National Park, Dec. 2014
  15. Galapagos Flamingos in Punta Moreno, Isabela Island, The Galapagos (2012 July) Galapagos Flamingos in Dragon Hill, Santa Cruz Island, The Galapagos (2012 July)

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