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  1. Quick update - no sighting of the Cheetah while we were there. We did see a Honey Badger (with honeycomb in its mouth!) as well as an Aardvark - the first sighting of one in the entire Lower Zambezi valley this year. Here's the Aardvark photo (I gave it to Anabezi to post on their Instagram page.)
  2. Awesome news! We're headed to Tswalu today, but will be staying at Anabezi next week. I'll definitely report back if/when we spot a Cheetah there
  3. Many thanks, @SafariChick and @amybatt. Looking forward to what @AmyT has to say about the place, especially since it's quite pricey. I have until late Summer to cancel, so I have a bit of time on my side.
  4. What do you all think of Giraffe Manor? I know it's not a hotel in the traditional sense, but they had availability on the day we intend to overnight in Nairobi, so we snagged it. Is it cheesy and contrived? Or is the experience there unique and worthwhile?
  5. Heading off to Tswalu, South Luangwa (Mchenja Camp) and Lower Zambezi (Anabezi Camp) in 3 weeks. Super excited!
  6. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India - 2016 December
  7. Paradise Harbor, Antarctica - Blue-Eyed Cormorants, 2015 Dec.
  8. Serengeti Mara, 2011 September.
  9. Mountain Gorillas @ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2014 December. Agashya group Mountain Gorillas @ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2014 December. Kwitonda group. Yup, I had the shutter speed set incorrectly for the last 3 shots, unfortunately. Live and learn.....
  10. Mahale Mountains National Park, Dec. 2014
  11. Galapagos Flamingos in Punta Moreno, Isabela Island, The Galapagos (2012 July) Galapagos Flamingos in Dragon Hill, Santa Cruz Island, The Galapagos (2012 July)
  12. Scops Owl, Kanha National Park, Jan. 2017
  13. Kori Bustard in Ngorongoro Crater, Sept. 2011.
  14. Yellow-Spotted Rock Hyrax (aka "Bush Hyrax"), Serengeti Mara, 2011 September Tree Hyrax in the bathroom of the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, 2011 September Rock Hyrax in Table Mountain, Cape Town - 2015 July
  15. We stayed at Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, in December of 2011. They were spotted during our hike on the Titi Trail. Not the highest quality photos, unfortunately, but it'll clearly remain in our memories forever.

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