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  1. Passed the entirety of these tips on to colleague (copied and pasted and cleared away links / formatting). He was very grateful and said to send a big thank you. That said, he then went ahead and booked the itinerary as was but upgraded according to the feedback you guys gave. I can't remember who with, it was an Africa specialist but I didn't recognise / remember the name when he said it. He asked about changing Vic Falls down to 2 nights but was advised that flight days made that difficult, so stuck with three nights and will book more activities to do there. I think he just wanted to get it all booked asap. He did appreciate the feedback on individual properties and upgrades and I think some of that kicked off some googling - for Kruger he upgraded to a completely different lodge, I think Dulini or something like that. Anyway, thank you again. Wilddog, life is good, work at moment is a bit full-on as it's a long day and a much longer than usual commute for me. I usually look for contracts closer to home and this one is down in New Malden, which is a ways from North London. But it's all fine. I'll be finished there soon as I'm taking some time off again, for a 4 week trip to Japan end of March. Cannot wait. Hope all here are well too. x x x
  2. Thank you all, I have passed ALL the feedback and suggestions back to my colleague. If / when he comes back with some questions, I'll let you know. Thanks again p.s. I know I've been neglecting safari again lately but I'm currently planning trip 3 back to Japan, a 4-week itinerary for cherry blossom season! :-D
  3. Hello All Thank you so much! Further info: They're not absolutely tied on date but he said August, but they could do it a little later if it's best to do so, not earlier, obviously. Budget is definitely a key factor, they are both young, she is a teacher, he is in a professional IT job but only a few years in, and they're saving hard for rest of wedding too. It's him I work with. I can raise with him the suggestion of either reducing the nights in Livingstone or dropping them entirely, I don't think they're particularly into extreme sports, but it may simply be a sight they've always wanted to see, in which case I agree, two nights would be plenty. ZaminOz and SuperLeeds, I will pass on the hotel feedback, it's all very helpful, thank you so much. Russell, Do you know if your alternatives (Tongabezi, Sussi and Chuma) are equivalent costwise, to the ones they've been quoted on? Budget is a big factor so don't want to make suggestions that will likely have upward impact on the quote. On the other hand, if costs are equivalent, I can pass on the suggestion that these will give them a more intimate "Livingstone Africa" experience than the ones right by the fall. I agree, very likely a general agent. I am also planning to suggest a few specialist agents to him, DRAT I meant to put that into the original posting. I'll edit to add it in, BUT IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY GOOD UK-BASED SPECIALISTS THAT CAN ALSO CATER FOR BUDGET SAFARI TRAVELLERS, PLEASE RECOMMEND! ;-) Since budget is a very definite issue, wouldn't Botswana blow that, in terms of cost of flights and the camp itself? I'm thinking Kruger would be cheaper than Bots but I may be completely wrong, I haven't tried to look into prices and I'm several years beyond when I last looked up Southern Africa logistics for myself. Mvecht, Thank you! :-) Alex, Budget is a massive issue. I suspect Mauritius is simply one of the places they've seen in magazines/ on telly that has nice beaches and is known for honeymoon. I don't think they're specifically attached to it, however alternatives would have to be at similar cost including flight from UK, flight to safari segment and open jaw back to UK. I can put forward other beach options if you can recommend any (I don't do beaches AT ALL so I'm at loss there) but need to mindful of costs at all times. I'll note Waterberry, if Tonga Sussi Chuma etc are more pricy, I'm fairly sure they'll be out of the running. THANKS ALL YOU ARE AMAZING! x x x x Kavey
  4. Hello Strangers and Friends! Long time no see. I hope you have all been enjoying wonderful travels, and wonderful wildlife discussions! A young colleague at work is planning his honeymoon and would like to include a safari, his first one. Knowing I used to do many of them, he's asked me to give some feedback on the options the travel agent has suggested to him. As I'm enormously out of date, I thought I'd ask here. The first option under each destination is the standard included in his quote, with the other option(s) provided with an upgrade cost. I'd love to give him any feedback on the suggestions, any comments on whether the upgrade prices are fair/ worth it, or if these choices aren't the best in the price bracket, your ideas on alternatives. Thank you SO MUCH for any help, Kavey Livingstone 3 x overnights at The Avani Zambezi Sun resort in a standard room (Bed & Breakfast) OR 3 x overnights at The Royal Livingstone in a standard room (Bed & Breakfast) (£350 extra) Kruger 4 x overnights at Elephant Plains Game Lodge in a rondavel (Full Board + scheduled safari activities) OR 4 x overnights at Kirkmans Camp in a standard cottage (All Inclusive + scheduled safari activities) (£415 extra) OR 4 x overnights at Chitwa Chitwa Lodge in a suite (Full Board + selected safari activities) (£760 extra) Mauritius 7 x overnights at the 5* superior Outrigger resort in a deluxe sea view room (Bed & Breakfast) OR 7 x overnights at the 4* Sands Resort in a superior suite (Half Board) OR 7 x overnights at the 5* Heritage Awali Resort in a deluxe room (All Inclusive) OR 7 x overnights at the 5* St Regis Resort in a junior suite (Half Board) OR 7 x overnights at the 5 * Lux Le Morne Resort in a superior room (Half Board) OR 7 x overnights at the 5 * Heritage Le Telfair Resort in a deluxe room (Half Board) Extras for Mauritius if upgrade from Outrigger Sands Resort and Spa £140 Heritage Awali £450 LUX Le Morne £515 St Regis £680
  5. We went to Ndumo back in 2004, on our self-drive in South Africa. Everywhere else we self-catered but in Ndumo we booked into Wilderness Safari's camp there, which closed not long after. It was a magical place, the fever trees and sycamores (I think) lent such a distinctive appearance. We loved Nyamithi Pan and the other areas we toured with our guide, I think his name was James Tembe, he went on leave after our visit so we drove him to his home when we left camp, before heading up towards Kruger. We were lucky to see a narina trogon, when a colourful bird landed on a branch just above us (while we were parked looking at something else) and I asked what it was, James laughed and told us, laughed because a specialist bird group had just left, having spent several days looking for that very bird!
  6. OK now I've read the rest... crikey! Regarding crowded places, yes I would tend to shy away from those, particularly places where there are too many customers in each vehicle, but again, that's more of a strong preference than the deal breaker. I've had some lovely experiences in crowded areas of national parks like Kruger, though I guess we were in our own car then. It's true that I did hate being in a crowded vehicle that was one of many, all of which were crowded around a sighting, when I went to see tigers in India. The next time I went on such a trip, I chose a camp known for quality guiding, small vehicles and I instructed our guide and driver to keep us well away from the crowds, even if that meant significantly reducing our chances of spotting a tiger. Of course, we had incredible sightings, if you were a tiger, you'd stay far from those madding crowds too! BUT these are all just "ideal world" preferences, except the two I mentioned above.
  7. I've only skimmed through the first couple of pages but thought I'd write my own response before reading too far: For me, there is an order of priority to the things that would stop me choosing a particular camp: 1) It's a hunting camp. Guides are hunting guides and/ or other customers are there to hunt. This is an entirely unlikely scenario, but it's the one place I would not want to be, categorically. 2) A camp with reputation for treating the habitat and animals poorly. Whether that's guides or camp staff, if I hear of it, I don't want to be there. It could be anything from animal baiting to disturbing the animals with one's driving or behaviour or interfering in the hunt or in the raising of kids, or of course, the camp not caring about environmental damage, it's a huge swathe of things but if I learn that a camp/ company falls down in this area, I'm not going, even if the photos other guests bring back from that camp are stunners. The rest are all strong preferences but ones that can change. I prefer small tented camps but have stayed in lodges where there is a reason for me to do so (whether that's budget or location or access or something else). I prefer open vehicles but have used the enclosed pop-tops in East Africa, where they are the standard for that kind of cross country safari (though with quite a lot of research and back and forth on the exact details of said vehicle). I prefer non-fenced reserves but I would not rule out a fenced reserve, it depends on the details. So there are lots of preferences that I might be willing to compromise on. But the first two I list are the ones that would be real no-nos for me. OK now I'm going to go and read the rest and see what else you all came up with!
  8. Saw a couple in Botswana, in Moremi, when visiting Mombo. Very good sightings, we were on foot, standing below his tree. Amazing birds.
  9. I know I've not been here much for the last several months. With no safaris in the offing, I usually do like to keep my oar in, as you know I love reading about other people's trips, about the conservation stories, about new and old camps and guides and of course, seeing all the pictures. But there's only so much time and something always has to give. I've been more focused on planning the second Japan trip (which came and went in October/ November) and on some paid writing work for the last few months. No safaris this year either, I think, but hope to pop in more regularly nonetheless. I will always consider myself a Safaritalker whether or not I'm here as often as I once was.
  10. An interesting fundraising model. $50 dollars per entry, with multiple entries allowed. Like a raffle ticket really.
  11. Thank you, this sounds very positive.
  12. Sangeeta, it's me 42 years ago... I have ALWAYS loved hats. I even have a pith helmet of my own now!!!
  13. It's ME 42 years ago!
  14. Yeah I do but sadly, the back was causing me such difficulties that it was a case of missing one drive, lying down, letting the painkillers do their work, or making it worse and potentially missing a lot more drives going forward!
  15. Thank you, Matt, what you provide here for us is incredible and we appreciate it. x

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