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  1. I'm late to this TR. Nothing wrong with a lot of the images so far. That Potoo is amazing. Do you know if they are a type Nightjar? They remind me of our Frogmouths. Good anteater vid too.
  2. Excellent stuff.
  3. @Tom Kellie The young lady student is very perceptive. @Kitsafari Those cubs were Hollywood male's offspring. Just before I arrived there was a territorial dispute between the Hollywood males & the Numbu boys. The Hollywood males were out numbered 2 versus 3 and crossed the river into the Nsefu sector leaving the Hollywood pride unprotected. The Numbu boys had already been accepted by the Mwamba females and were now trying to takeover the Hollywood pride. The Mwamba pride had older cubs (possibly sired by the Hollywood males). The Numbu boys didn't seem to care about those female cubs. For some reason 2 of the Numbu males accepted the Mwamba male cubs but one did not and he was trying to catch and kill the male cubs. I remember a perverse situation when the Mwamba pride was on a kill. Two yearling male cubs were being stalked and chased by a Numbu Boy whilst their mother mated with another Numbu male. As an aside I hear that Ringo's brother has recently been seen in the area again with a new coalition partner.
  4. @Tom Kellie Yes Tom many lion cubs are heavily spotted but I've seen cubs with few spots. In fact when I get to the Kenya part of my TR I will post an image of a very young cub (its eyes are still blue) that is extremely lightly coloured and it is only when you look closely at it that you realise it has spots.
  5. During an afternoon drive we spent a considerable amount of time watching a Hollywood Pride lioness with her 3 very young cubs at their den. It was difficult to get an unobstructed view from a photography perspective so I only took a few images for record purposes. About sunset this idyllic scene changed when a male lion started roaring close by. The lioness's reaction was dramatic, she jumped up, picked up a cub then dropped it and kept looking in the direction from where the roars came from. In fading light we left the den site for a late sundowner and found one of the Numbu males. The next morning about 500 metres from the den we found the lioness lying on the road looking in the direction of the den. The cubs were not seen again, their fate unknown but I think I can take a fairly good guess.
  6. @Caracal He was sunning himself on the road at Wilsons Prom on a very cold day (about 12 degrees max). I'd taken a few pics and stopped 2 cars from running him over. When he decided to move off the road he came in my direction, I took a few paces to my left and stopped, I suspect he saw the movement and became concerned hence the flattened neck. He then raised his head off the ground for a better look.
  7. Australian Mainland Tiger snake. Highland Copperhead sunning itself outside a cafe. My son noticed it slither past whilst we were having coffee. An iPhone snapshot Both species highly venomous.
  8. @KaingU Lodge Excellent image of a nice looking puffy. You should have put a grey card next to it
  9. @monalisa @Marks @janzin Thanks for your comments. That hyaena mating sighting was fascinating to watch. The female instigated the couplings but she did not seem to enjoy it. I took approx' 250 images at that sighting. I must admit with the exception of size (the female being bigger) I'm still none the wiser telling the difference between spotted hyaena genders. So if anyone can enlighten me please do.
  10. @janzin Really?, I was told by a guide that a lion that I was photographing in the main reserve was Lolparpit and we were a long way from OMC.
  11. Another horror story. They surely can't be serious.
  12. An elephant bull enjoys his mudbath in the Mwamba waterhole. Safari is full of surprises. A few minutes out of camp on a morning drive and we noticed that lions had walked down the track during the night so we were quietly following their spoor. Imagine our astonishment when we rounded a bend in the road and this scene presented itself. Patrick the guide was agog. "Wow, that's rare" he said. In 24 years of guiding he had seen Spotted Hyaenas mating only once before.
  13. A nice diverse selection of images in post #13. I like the vulture tree silhouette.
  14. @Towlersonsafari Wow, that's some night drive. Yep, I've seen the damage caused to the hippo hide from lions falling through the roof. Not to mention the smelly deposits they leave behind as well
  15. On a crop body too? I'll add a 2x extender to my equipment for the next trip as I use a 300 f/2.8 too.

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