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  1. Fabulous & fascinating wilddog behaviour. Darn good leopard sighting too. I'd call that an all round excellent day on safari.
  2. @Caracal Leftovers from the wildebeeste the lions were feeding from. I didn't post other pics but there was a hammerkop, immature African Fish eagle and a few other critters tucking in to the remains. I'll do that @Dave Williams at the end of the TR. I've got about 5 more days of posts but it will have to wait until I get back from SLNP.
  3. The following morning we initially spent some time with one of the lion prides. They had killed a wildebeeste earlier and some of the pride were still picking over the remains. Dragging the carcass The pride male. He had an old injury to his back that was withered but he was still charge and looks to have sired a number of offspring. including this fine young male. As the morning temps rose the cubs drank from a puddle before heading for some shade. This allowed the scavengers to move in White-backed vulture Tawny Eagle Yellow-billed Kite (immature)
  4. I leave for Zambia tomorrow. Hard to tell, can't see the tail but I'm guessing juvenile Martial Eagle.
  5. I particularly like the last two images in post #5. I'm really intrigued about the day 9 image. Unfortunately I'm going to have an extended wait until late October to see it.
  6. @pedro maia I can see an excellent photographer in the making.
  7. @mapumbo I wondered whether the leopard would eat the mongoose too. Maybe it just chased them when they started running (as a cat is want to do). The guide was surprised too. Banded Mongoose frequently urinate and defecate on each other. I've been downwind from a large family group of Banded Mongoose and there was an almighty stench.
  8. @AandA Whilst I haven't been to the Linyanti since 2005 I was a frequent visitor to that region for many years. I would agree with @madaboutcheetah 's assessment of the light in June and the game viewing was always very good to exceptional. So if you can get cheaper rates it is worth considering. Ownership of the Selinda has changed since I last ventured there and I have no opinion / experience with the Great Plains company. @Bush dog would have a more upto date opinion. What do you think Mike?
  9. I haven't got any images handy at the moment. I'll have to search some external hard drives. Until then here's 3 views of a Sacred Kingfisher.
  10. In the afternoon we spotted this guy quietly sitting under a bush out on the plains. We spent a considerable amount of time with him as he strolled towards a distant lugga. During sundowners I played around with some silhouettes
  11. Second largest @Dave Williams I'll let you guess which is larger.
  12. @janzin Did you wear your fleece?
  13. Some incidental bird images from the morning. Giant Eagle Owl fledgling These two vultures species were perched on the same tree limb which was good for comparison shots. Ruppell's Vulture (upper image) & White-backed Vulture (lower image) African Fish Eagle cruising past low overhead Someone's had a big meal. Tawny Eagle? with full crop. The eagle from the above image in a dispute with two Tawny eagles Tawny Eagles Secretary bird Yellow-throated Long claw back at camp for lunch and I spotted this Silverbird in a tree near the dining tent and a Red-headed Rock Agama
  14. At first look I'm guessing a White-browed Coucal EDIT: Nice image too.

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