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  1. @Lyss If you're dealing directly with a safari company on the invoice or reservation summary it will state what their terms and payment procedure are for deposit, balance payment and cancellations.
  2. I know that situation all too well. I've had more pelagic trips cancelled than have left the harbour.
  3. Yep, to be more correct it is an African Civet Civettictis civetta.
  4. Yep, it's a Civet.
  5. The editor started playing up so to continue my previous post... Wandering albatross Black-browed albatross Campbells albatross (I think they're a subspecies of black-browed with the lovely honey coloured eyes) and to finish off an albatross hybrid that had the twitchers discussing what species could produce that offspring.
  6. @offshorebirder Nathan, Shy Albatross are common where I live. I can see them from shore on most days. A few more pics... Another Shy Albatross (captured a few years ago). Bullers albatross, my favourite albatross species. Royal albatross Salvins albatross
  7. Shy by name, not by nature. A Shy Albatross cruises past the boat. Captured last Sunday. 30 nautical miles off Pt Fairy, Victoria, Australia.
  8. I was lucky to witness a few crossings both in the main reserve and OMC. Nothing of gigantic proportions, from maybe 500 individuals down to a mere 6 brave little Tommies that took on a swollen Mara river after the recent rain. Seeing Tommies cross was a first for me. We had that crossing all to ourselves too. The guide said "I witnessed 19 Tommies attempt a crossing last week and not one of them made it. With the crocs fighting over the spoils" Well this time they crossed safely. The lead animal assessing the situation. The first two take the plunge. swimming for their lives. In the strong current. On the same morning we witnessed another crossing. The general mayhem begins. Followed by Zebra that milled about before taking the plunge. And it seems that Topi always bring up the rear.
  9. Wow @Rob Drummond that was quick. Great catching up on the pelagic today. Nah, I still want to look at your site.
  10. As @Peter Connan has suggested you can try a freeware program. Have a look at this one suggested by @Soukous here The problem you could face is learning an image processing program and then deciding that it is not for you and trying something else. All this can leave you with a time consuming learning curve and nothing has been gained. If you decide to take the Adobe route (i.e. Lightroom and/or Photoshop) you're going to have to pay via a monthly subscription which many people don't like as it is charged in $US and you need to be aware of the currency exchange rate if you live in a country outside of the US. I note other members have suggested Lightroom but I wouldn't bother with that. Much of the functionality is often not used by the owner. If I was going the Adobe route i would have Photoshop only, and then use ACR ~ Adobe Camera Raw (ACR is a part of Photoshop and uses the same engine as Lightroom to process an image) and then you can move into Photoshop proper to further enhance the image. That way you have the best of both worlds.
  11. @egilio I didn't take any images but one was mailed to me (we were all using slide or print film). I've moved house 3 times since then and I've be searching high & low all day for that image but can't find it.
  12. Interesting reading in the link provided in the OP. October 2002 and I'm with friends on Liuwa plain. It is late afternoon and we're watching widlebeeste slowly make their way to a small waterhole with a reed bed at one end. Then some one says "Is that a lion amongst those reeds? I thought I saw a head pop up." We all search but see nothing... The driver of the vehicle is an experienced safari guide and walking safari specialist, he slowly drives a circuit of the waterhole and sure enough cuts her spoor. "Yes" he says casually "we do have a lioness in those reeds". Finally the wildebeeste arrive and she launches an attack but misses her target. We now get a good look at the lioness. The general consensus ~ Wow she's young to be by herself. I can only presume it was Lady Liuwa. Years later when Liuwa Plain was becoming more popular I saw an image of that waterhole in an issue of Africa Geographic magazine. I immediately thought of that very young lioness. EDIT: I should add that at that instant in time she was very skittish. If we tried to approach she would dart back to the other side of the reed bed. After a few attempts at closing the gap we let her be.
  13. @Alexander33 Plenty of camps & lodges to choose from in SLNP. My attraction to Kaingo & Mwamba is that the hides add an extra activity (dimension) to the safari. I tend to dislike the downtime periods between game drives unless I need a few hours sleep. I have heard that other camps have hides too but I don't know how good they are.
  14. Serval. When you think 'Mara' and you think 'Big Cats' well this smaller cat stole the show. I recall 3 really good sightings all in the main reserve. A mother with 3 kittens was great to watch. and to finish off... One of those times when you wish that branch was not in the way.
  15. nice work...

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