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  1. Good afternoon all We are researching and planning our first safari trip to Kenya and have a quick question re: Conservancy Fees. Specifically, the quoted conservancy fees for each of the following camps is different as shown below. Elephant Pepper (KCHP) = $80 pp/day Serian Mara North (KOTS) = $145 pp/day Kicheche Mara North (KCHL) = $80 pp/day Our questions: Can someone explain how these fees are calculated for each camp? Why aren't the fees equal for all of the camps since they are located inside the same Conservancy (Mara North)? What do the acronyms represent? Any and all insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Good afternoon We have started planning for a special family holiday in July 2018 and are actively exploring Conservancies and tented safari camps in Kenya. We have already performed quite a bit of research and are interested in hearing from the Safaritalk community. Please review our below, self-developed "Safari Profile" to gain insight into our safari goals and provide us with your recommendation and reasoning for: "The single, best Kenyan Conservancy and Camp that fulfills all, or 90+%, of our safari goals." Thank you for your time to respond to our inquiry and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Best Personal Regards, Darryl & Catherine FAMILY SAFARI PROFILE: Family of 4 adults (ages 54, 53, 23 and 21) Safari Date: Mid-July 2018 Total # Nights in Camp: 7 nights & 8 full days in camp (not incl travel time to camp/Nairobi) Total # of Safari Camps: Prefer 1 Kenyan Conservancy and Camp. Will consider max of 2 Conservancies and Camps (based upon objective and additional cost) Safari Theme & Goals: Family & Photo Safari Must-See Wildlife include:Big Cats - Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, etc… Big Grazers - Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra, Oryx, Gazelle, Antelope Must-See Landscapes include:Sunrise and Sunsets Plains, Savannahs, Kopje Valley River, Watering Hole, Lakes Rock Cliff Close views of Mt Kilimanjaro and/or Mt Kenya Tented Camp Must-Do Safari Activities:Camp owned and operated, open-side/top 4x4 safari vehicles (4 adults + guide/driver) - e.g. modified Toyota Land Cruisers Guides must be annually trained and certified by Conservancy Private Game Drives (day and night) Off-road Game Drives Private Walking Safari with Samburu or Masai Guide Horseback Safari Sunrisers and Sundowners with panoramic views Relaxing at camp - reading, playing games, sleeping (hammock or the like), listening to music Fitness & Exercise (jogging and/or yoga) Safari Camp Preferences: Camp Location:Elevated camp position overlooking plains and savannahs with hills and mountains in background High probability for, and frequency of, in-camp encounters with large wildlife Predictable, short game drive (< 40mins) to view large wildlife Predictable, short game drive (< 1hr) to experience a variety of landscapes (see Must-See Landscapes above) Camp Style & Quality:Permanent Tented Camp that is camp equivalent of a full-service Marriott hotel or W hotelAll camp products, services, activities, and amenities are owned and operated by Camp and/or Conservancy All camp products, services, activities, and amenities are of excellent quality, function fully, reliably, and as intended “Upscale Casual” style & comfort Private & quiet camp ambience (e.g. peaceful, bright, solitude) Down-To-Earth with Family and "Locals Only vibe" “We expect our safari experience to be hot, cold, sweaty, and dirty! We expect an adventure - with reasonable comfort and amenities. Not Desired:No Excessive Glamping - we are not seeking camping equivalent of Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, or St Regis hotels “We should not feel like we are staying in a downtown full-service luxury hotel and visiting the national zoo" No "Bare Bones Camping" - quality equivalent of sleeping cots/bags and “a hole in the ground for a loo.” Close proximity to many, loud, and obnoxious tourists and traffic Daily rain, high humidity, and cloudy skies High season for mosquitoes and other biting insects General Safari Experience Questions: Based upon your recommendation and reasoning, what specific safari goals are we unlikely to fulfill? Why?What Kenyan Conservancy and Camp would you recommend to achieve those unfulfilled goals? Is there a great deal of "wildlife and landscape overlap" with your first recommendation? What is the estimated travel time between the 2 camps? What can we expect for cost per person per night (not including travel to/from Nairobi) for each camp? For each camp, what specific fees/costs are typically negotiable? non-negotiable? highly variable based upon season?

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