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  1. Disaster strikes! A review to see what I might add has revealed what I must take away! 2 Common Sandpipers,3 Arctic Skua and 2 Peregrine Falcons. Ooops. Back to 301 !
  2. It's too cold, damp and miserable to go out at the moment and with 2 weeks gone my species photo count is 1. We get the odd Snow Bunting over wintering from Scandinavia here in the UK and fortunately there were 3 on our local beach recently. Worth the effort, these very confiding little birds easily lend themselves to photography. Stretch by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  3. Never known so many illusional people, myself excepted of course, pass comment on one thread before.
  4. @Peter Connan @xelas @Galana I am already winning... far more tortoises than anyone else
  5. No wonder you are having to run fast @xelasbut it's no use as you'll not pass me in the end!!!!! Hermann's Tortoise Testudo hermanni by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  6. I haven't given up yet @Galana Indian Star Tortoise Sri Lanka by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  7. @xelas You read that Alex, or should I say Black-naped Hare Sri Lanka by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  8. Fair flying again! 287 could be a Lark though
  9. @Galana Tried Googling but I'm afraid I'm lost on that one. PS How's the wind out there? Started heavily here about an hour ago and looking much rougher your way out to sea.
  10. Wife Claire and I had a package tour holiday to Kenya staying in Malindi a few years ago. We did a three night safari to Tsavo East and West which was pretty expensive by my standards but not it seems by others. $170 just to enter the parks for 24 hours is a major put off especially as the wildlife was fairly thin on the ground when we were there.I wondered what it's like now. Birding was pretty good and our guide was a birding specialist. No problems with the ID of the Owl. and I suppose the BY is all about getting the bird in camera so.......... nice to progress while you are asleep!!!!!!!
  11. Is there a trip report planned for Kenya? I'd be interested to hear what Tsavo was like. Incidentally it went unchallenged by your Spotted Eagle Owl is the most controversial shot yet IMO!
  12. December 31st is going to be a mad rush in South Africa I think, must admit though you will be off to a good start next year!
  13. I'm going to let you build up a lead @xelas , lull you in to a false sense of security then blast past to beat you by miles!!!!!!
  14. 200 is a nice number to reach, keep 'em coming!
  15. Congrats on the 300, closing in on me fast Alex!
  16. Well now that's interesting! The Buzzard doesn't matter Steppe or Forest it's only been included once, the "Petronia Lark" is a different matter, Sabota has already featured but Fawn coloured hasn't, will I include it ? No.I'll look for something else instead!! Not that desperate. Yet!
  17. Go on, name that Lark! It could be Sabota agreed.
  18. That reminds me I haven't counted this one yet! 305 0r 306) Buzzard Sp. The underwing markings still make it a Forest Buzzard to me. Etosha NP, Namibia..... not it's normal range but the habitat was as you might expect. Forest Buzzard Buteo Trizonatus by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  19. @Tdgraves I am open to be persuaded as always but I can't match it closer than I have done. My only other shot gives a bit more bill detail. Yellow-throated Petronia Gymnoris Supercilaris by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  20. 305) Yellow-throated Petronia Namibia,Etosha NP I have been organising my photographs from the Namibia trip and what a tedious exercise it is too. Easy to press the shutter, button pick a few for a trip report, then forget about them but I decided to take a longer look in the hope of finding one or two new species for my BY as well as making some space on the external hard drives. I'm pretty confident on this one, the Yellow throat is a small spot rarely seen! Yellow-throated Petronia GymnorisSupercilaris by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  21. Thanks guys. @Galana First "decent" sighting I have had for a few years although it was very brief ( 20 seconds or so) and through grass as can be seen on the heavily cropped shot. I managed 4 shots in total between checking exposure on the first and taking three more as it walked back towards the reed bed from the few feet it had wandered out of. I was pleased to have got anything at all!
  22. PS Can I ask how old you are? I know some people are sensitive about their ages but it helps immensely to judge suitability for an ageing 67 year old and I'm sure others would be interested too. Fitness and age aren't necessarily comparably from person to person of course. Just realised I'm only 66. I have reclaimed a year of my life! Best thing that's happened so far today.
  23. The report continues to enthral , you are a very accomplished photographer ( albeit with a fear of heights but there is no shame in that, my fear is hospitals and I usually come near to passing out during minor procedures like visiting someone). I hadn't got to the bridge episode when I was telling wife Claire it was the sort of trip she might enjoy as it involves more trekking than hanging around taking photos but interestingly her first comment was"What about snakes?" Something that never crossed my mind. However when I saw the bridge that was another reason she wouldn't be doing it. She doesn't even like a window seat on a plane! Recounting the ant story took me back to a personal experience in Costa Rica when I trod on an nest of what I believe were called Fire Ants. Wearing shorts and no shoes was an advantage but I couldn't believe the instant pain . I hadn't a clue what was happening or even the likely reaction that might happen next. I ran in to the sea to a) get the ants off me 2) get some relief from the incredible burning sensation so I have a huge amount of empathy for the victim in your story. Looking forward to the next instalment. Dave.
  24. I feel a photofest about to arrive! Nice to try and remember the ID's without looking too although not doing too well so far!.
  25. 304) Water Rail Water Rail Rallus aquaticus by Dave Williams, on Flickr

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