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  1. 327) Asian Brown Flycatcher. Angkor Wat, Cambodia Asian Brown Flycatcher. Muscicapa dauurica by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  2. I'm not going to claim this but what is the general consensus. Lesser Adjutant which is a lifer for me, flying over Ankgor Wat, Cambodia. Second thoughts I might claim it!!! Hoping to get to 350 this year!!
  3. Cruising around South America would be good for birds and cetaceans. The advantage of cruising is you get to move around without having to live out of a suitcase which can be very tedious, even when it's in the back of a Hilux.
  4. 3rd and most disappointing cruise to date. 3 species and only 7 birds seen in 14 days and that included stops in 4 countries too Alex.
  5. 326) White Wagtail One of a pair of stowaways that travelled from Hong Kong to Vietnam on our cruise ship. White Wagtail. Motacilla alba by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  6. 325) Great Egret In a rice paddy somewhere near Da Nang ,Vietnam. I have worse shots than this one which may or may not surface!
  7. 324)Dusky Crag Martin Flying round the hotel nr Delhi Airport. Dusky Crag Martin. Ptyonoprogne concolor. Delhi by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  8. 323) Zebra or Peaceful Dove. Grand Palace, Bangkok.Thailand. Zebra Dove Geopelia striata. Bangkok by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  9. At least you are there now despite the traumas! Enjoy.
  10. Nice addition to the camera bag! The D500 has to be the best crop body around at the moment looking at the specs,
  11. Excellent additions there Michael. Looks like you had a brilliant trip.
  12. @xelasI have had the 1DX2 for a almost couple of years now, the 7D2 I bought used in December last year as back up in case my 5D3 failed me. I have been expecting the 5D3 to break down for a year or two, ever since it got a good soaking in salt water on a Dolphin trip. It continues to function perfectly and I thought I don't need 3 bodies, the 7D2 which I have never really taken to was the obvious choice to sell.11 months, 11,000 shots and I sold it for £25 less than I paid for it. Had to go!
  13. 322)Pacific Reef Egret. Cai Lon Bay, Vietnam. Cai Lon Bay has been declared one of UNESCO's 7 natural wonders. I wondered why there was so little bird life! Pacific Reef-egret Egretta Sacra. Vietnam by Dave Williams, on Flickr This was taken with the 100-400 plus a 1.4TC, then cropped!
  14. I took my 100-400 and 24-105 on the holiday but would decide which lens to take on each particular day out. I also sold my 7D2 just before going so no longer have a crop body camera either.
  15. 321) Rose-ringed ( Ring-necked Parakeet). Ocean park Hong Kong. Wished I'd taken a bigger lens than the 24-105mm! Rose-ringed Parakeet. Psittacula krameri. Hong Kong. by Dave Williams, on Flickr A big crop for Alex! Rose-ringed Parakeet. Psittacula krameri. Hong Kong. by Dave Williams, on Flickr

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