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  1. One bird we do get in our North Wales garden now and again, tempted by those sunflower hearts, is the handsome Eurasian Bullfinch. Some multi coloured birds are a tad garish but the Bullfinch is a very tasteful colour combination. There are other Bullfinches to be found in various parts of the world but they are surprisingly dull to look at. Eurasian Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  2. Nice image and one of the UK's most colourful birds. @TonyQ. A rarity in our garden but common just 100 m down the road. Weird. Still need one for my year BY too!
  3. Not difficult to see why this was chosen as Cuba's national bird. It has all the credentials in that it's endemic, has the red, white and blue of the national flag and is stunningly good looking! The perfect supermodel in fact. Cuban Trogon or Tocororo (Priotelus temnurus) Cuban Trogon endemic to Cuba by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  4. @xelas I see you have settled for 155 species for Namibia Alex, three more than I got although there might , like yours, be some I haven't noticed. We must have got a fairly high combined score though because ou seemed to have seen lots of species that i didn't!
  5. It's the first home match of the season for Liverpool and in an hour I'm off to Anfield to watch. What could be more appropriate than a Red Knot!! Red Knot Iceland by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  6. I asked the same question when I enrolled on here! Budget is important to most of us...well to me anyway. However, I can see that things change rapidly from season to season, year to year, and unless you quote local currency then it depends on the value of your native one. I am quite happy to share my costs which are easily available if you look on line for things like hotels, car hire or even package tours wether they be day trips or complete holidays but I also appreciate that not everyone want's to divulge what they agree to pay for private guiding. I must admit though that tour companies that don't advertise their prices in any way appear to me like shops that don't put prices on anything. If you have to ask you probably can't afford it so personally I don't tend to bother even asking. There are Safaritalk offers posted here by private guides and tour companies which are complete packages so it gives a good idea on what you might have to pay. The one thing to watch out for though that I have recently found to my cost is that not everything is included in a package or that there might be extra costs that you hadn't thought about. Read carefully the itinerary before jumping in and booking a trip. All will be revealed on my next trip report, a cruise and land tour combination !!!
  7. Apologies for interrupting the BY flow again, but just in case it helps, have you looked at your AF menu, second page and set the priority to focus rather than speed? I know lots of people go to the expanded centre point for BIF but personally I either stick with one or go for the lot when the subject is small and the background is clear such as Swallows in the sky.
  8. A bit late to the party with this report but we stayed at Grootberg Lodge for 2 nights in February 2017. The standard of accommodation was very good, the evening meals were of a reasonable standard but not particularly memorable, breakfast offered an excellent choice. We paid 6330NR ( £385 at the time) through Booking.com and there is no cancellation allowed but in fairness although it said that no meals were included it was actually for D,B&B. Still not inexpensive though. Drinks were reasonably priced too. We signed up for the Rhino trekking having booked well in advance as numbers are being limited to avoid unnecessary disturbance. On our trip there were just 4 of us but that was down to lack of demand. The cost was in the region of £250 and although we got to see a Rhino which was an incredibly uplifting experience as it was the first we'd ever seen in the wild, there was something missing about the whole tour. We hardly trekked more than a few metres, saw very little wildlife as most has died or left due to prolonged drought lasting 8 years and so felt a bit disappointed really as we were back in the lodge around lunch time. The two nights were expensive by our standards. The views from the lodge are fabulous, there is an infinity style swimming pool and within 100m of the lodge a drinking pool which did have limited game, Greater Kudu and Baboon, visiting whilst we were there. A couple of Zebra were seen near the lodge as well. In all probability the birds might be more interesting as we saw a few species here that were not seen anywhere else. We found the drive up the track far less intimidating than had been reported on the likes of Trip Advisor although you do need 4x4 to get there, as much to do with ground clearance over rough track as anything. Would I recommend a visit? Yes. Would I return ? No Been there done that,
  9. How about a member of the Grebe family ? They are all pretty smart, but one of the most attractive must be the Slavonian Grebe (Podiceps Auritis) and isn't also named Horned Grebe without cause. This was the first time I'd seen one , photo taken in Iceland last spring and seen in full breeding plumage too. Slavonian Grebe Iceland by Dave Williams, on Flickr
  10. @Atravelynn Yes, show do us the Monarchs ( they are a popular tourist attraction here in the UK too!). When I was on a trip in Wilpattu NP in Sri lanka we came across an incredible scene of tens of thousands of white butterflies which were covering the tracks ahead and as the vehicles approached took they off like a snow storm. It was very Disneyesque and you expected a few familiar characters to appear and to burst in to song at any minute. What wasn't quite so pretty was the slaughter of thousands getting crushed by the wheels of the trucks. Unfortunately I can't share any images as I have lost them all but it's surprising just how impressive butterflies can be.
  11. Rubbish !!!!!! A super series. Our Northern Gannets are fantastic fun photographing them diving for fish but you need to get away from the colonies otherwise there are just too many birds in the frame and they get in each others way
  12. @offshorebirder & @Tdgraves Not wishing to interrupt the flow of your BY, but a couple of things that might help. If you are using the 1.4TC it's presumably to get more reach so put the focus limiter on to 3m - infinity... just remember to switch it back if something appears really close. I took mine out this evening and I had no problem locking on to BIF ( providing they were gull sized ) using just a fine single focus point in the middle of the viewfinder. What might have helped me was that I was using a 1D and the bigger battery probably drives the focus a bit quicker because I found it to be very quick indeed. I have just tried it on my 7D2 but only at stationary targets in the garden and it's a bit slower but not by much. As far as weight is concerned despite my advancing years I don't consider the latter combination to weigh very much at all but I am used to a much heavier set up too.
  13. Wow, you surprise me! You are certainly throwing yourself in to this hobby with some gusto!!
  14. Wow, some food for thought there @Atravelynn There is absolutely NO WAY I'd get Claire within miles of those snakes and to be honest, wouldn't be too keen myself!!! Polar Bear yes, Galanas yes , Peru very much a place I'd love to visit but out of those submissions perhaps the Bats are the most spectacular?
  15. @Galana With those wings it's 99% Peregrine to me. I see them over our house at similar height and that shot is exactly what I see!

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