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  1. Denizens of the Tiger Jungles Of India Just at the break of the dawn, a distant alarm call by a sambhar deer breaks the quietness and alerts the jungle folk of the presence of a striped predator. The tiger is on the prowl. The sharp senses of the guide picks up the clue and gets the jeep right there. After some tense moments appears the most majestic of all cats. You will never forget the awe of your first wild tiger encounter. Somewhere on a deserted road in the thick bamboo cluster a mother sloth bear returns to her lair with her young one. They were feeding on the wild fruits and termites the whole night and now rush to the cool of their den before the sun bakes the earth. In a maze of rocky hillocks a leopard, the most cunning of all predators sit on top and surveys the surroundings. At the very first hint of your presence it fades into the labyrinth. It has disappeared but still keeps an eye on you. Out in the grasslands the wild dogs, the whistling hunters have just had their kill and are now socializing with the pups. With their bellies full and the support of the tightly bonded pack of 17, there is little to worry about. Just as the sun goes down, one of the first creatures to appear is the agile jungle cats. It walks through the tall grass stretching every now and then and smells the presence of rodents. It stalks, jumps and fails yet again. probably feeling embarrassed, it gives you a last look and exits the scene as if nothing happened. Some of the best times I have lived are in the tiger jungles of India. it just never ceases to excite, stun and impress me. Below are just some glimpses of few moments spent with the 'Denizens of the Tiger Jungles of India' A tigress from the Central Indian Jungles of Tadoba The cub after a lot of hesitation finally walks up to us with his bold mother. Shot in Tadoba A sloth bear mother in the rush to reach back her lair, pauses and gives us one last look. From the jungles of Tadoba A leopard from the Wilds of Pench decides to fade away. The alpha male from a wild dog pack in Pench. The embarrassed jungle cats gives us the last look after a failed hunt before quietly exiting the scene. From the wild plateaus of Panna.
  2. What comes to your mind when you think about India? Lots of people? Chaos? Well that's just one aspect. As a travel destination, India has so much to offer! Obviously all the famous names like the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Kerala are all well known. But India offers much more than that to a traveller. It has some of the richest national parks in the world, teeming with wildlife that gives a safari experience of a lifetime. For example, India is the only country in the world where you can see tigers, lions and leopards on one trip. There are more than 1300 bird species to be watched and ticked off in your list. Habitats are so unique that there is a bit of everything. A journey of few hundred kilometres can take you to a completely new world. There are age old forts, palaces left behind by the rich rulers and their dynasties for ages to come. The food, ahhh... there is never a dull moment in India if you are a foodie. Lip smacking delicacies, sweets, spices and meals fit for a king are all their to be savoured. But all this is nothing if you are not guided well here. Things work here in a slightly different way. There is a little secret code that needs to be cracked to get the real stuff out. Keeping this in mind, we run PRIVATE GUIDED TOURS all throughout India. Our travel initiative is not huge churning out hundreds of trips everywhere. We are a very very small team of professionals who have worked with bigger names in India and abroad and now with all the knowledge and years of expertise do the same job but at a much smaller scale keeping it very personal. We are there to guide you in a lot of different niches, be it safaris, birdwatching, trekking, history, culture, food or just about everything in general! The groups are of maximum 6 people which are guided by at least 2 guides. One of them is a specialist in logistics and the other specialises in guiding and explaining whatever the trip has to offer. And when both the aspects are covered, you can look forward to a great holiday! We also have our own fleet of vehicles that we run and maintain ourselves. This decreases our dependency on others and helps us do everything accurately. Well, why don't you have a look at our detailed WEBSITE! We also have our own YOUTUBE CHANNEL where we post videos regularly!
  3. 10% Discount in all overland camping trips from October 2017 to June 2018!! Plan your trip soon and get an advantage of discount If you are looking for small group overland trips/accommodated trips or tailor made trips of your lifetime in India.... Welcome to Overland Expeditions India! Your passion may be big cats, birds, jungle safaris, photography, travelling, camping, angling, adventure sports, culture, history, meeting people.. (Off course the list goes on), or simply relaxing in the serenity of a remote wilderness..... An overland trip through India allows you to experience all of that and much more. With 412 different types of mammals, more than 1300 bird species, 8% of all the world's reptilians it is one of the naturally most diverse countries. Boasting almost 500 wildlife sanctuaries, 100 national parks and 14 biosphere reserves, this country will never let you run out of options. With one of the wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal, towering forts like the Mehrangarh fort, culture rich state of Rajasthan, God's own country – Kerela, foodies paradise of Gujarat, the country really has something to suit every taste. Overlanding with us, we assure that the destinations you will reach are a perfect amalgam of the most famous names like Corbett, Ranthambore and lots of offbeat places like the salty vastness of Rann of Kutch, dunes of the Desert national park, Himalayan high altitude parks, remoteness of Leh-Ladakh and some spots where probably no tourist has ever ventured. This concept till now has mainly been dominated by Africa and South America. After gaining the expertise and the experience in Southern Africa, we have now brought this concept of travelling to India. You must be thinking why you should travel with us, please follow the link to know the reasons - http://overlandingindia.com/why_travel_with_us.php Back to Back overland Camping trips 45 DAYS SOUTH INDIA EXPLORER - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=27&tour=45 DAYS SOUTH INDIA EXPLORER 8 Days Central India - Tigers and much more - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=28&tour=8 Days Central India - Tigers and much more 11 DAYS WILD WONDERS OF GUJARAT - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=29&tour=11 DAYS WILD WONDERS OF GUJARAT 11 DAYS WILD TRIANGLE OF RAJASTHAN - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=30&tour=11 DAYS WILD TRIANGLE OF RAJASTHAN 22 Days Big Cats of India - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=33&tour=22 Days Big Cats of India (Guranteed depature 20th Dec 2017 , few seats left now) 12 Days Wildlife of Central India - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=1&tour= 12 Days Wildlife of Central India 20 Days Delhi to Jabalpur - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=2&tour=20 Days Delhi to Jabalpur 27 days Necklace of India Part - 1 - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=3&tour=27 days Necklace of India Part - 1 36 days Necklace of India Part - 2 - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=5&tour=36 days Necklace of India Part - 2 31 days Jabalpur to Dehradun Explorer - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=4&tour=31 days Jabalpur to Dehradun Explorer 61 days Necklace of India - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=6&tour=61 days Necklace of India 82 days Trans Himalayan Expedition - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=7&tour=82 days Trans Himalayan Expedition (Guranteed depature 20th September 2017 , last 3 seats left now) 4 DAYS JUNGLE BOOK TRIP - PENCH - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=25&tour=4 DAYS JUNGLE BOOK TRIP - PENCH 9 DAYS WILDLIFE & HERITAGE - http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=26&tour=9 DAYS WILDLIFE & HERITAGE NOTE : 1- All these trips are camping trips but on guest demand can be customized as an accommodated trip according to their budget. 2- All trips have an option of hop-on hop-off 3- If you are travelling in group, kindly contact us for group rate. 4- All national parks remain closed from 1st July till 15th October due to monsoon season 5- All trip booking are open now. Contact Us - Overland Expeditions India - Overlanding India +91 8989239471 +91 8959189811 info@overlandingindia.com overlandingindia2016@gmail.com www.overlandingindia.com http://overlandingindia.com/contact_us.php
  4. Thanks Matt for the information, I thought I can do it directly here.
  5. Video I made on my recent trip of Satpura national park. This is huge male tiger and quite aggressive also. Somehow I managed to take good video during safari.
  6. you have to download the file to view video
  7. Last 3 seats left now. for inquiry contact us at info@overlandingindia.com
  8. The only overland trip in the world with Tigers, Lions, Leopards and tons of other wildlife in one road trip! "The Big Cats of India trip is back in Dec, 2017" Book Now to avail 10% early planner's discount! For more info visit: http://overlandingindia.com/camping_browse_tours.php?pid=33&tour=22%20Days%20Big%20Cats%20of%20India Places we visit: Jabalpur (Trip departs) Pench national park (tigers & leopards) Kanha national park (tigers) Bandhavgarh national park (tigers) Khajuraho (temples – world heritage site) Ranthambore national park (tigers & leopards) Bera (leopards) Gir national park (Asiatic lions) Ahmedabad (Trip ends)
  9. Satpura national park 2016 In 1st 2 pictures this is female names "Sita" and last picture is of male names "Ravan"
  10. Wow... Awesome shot.
  11. You took some amazing shots of Dhole. I really liked the first picture, family pic.. Next time you can try pench national park also for Dholes, Pench has very good density of them. Sharing some pictures which I have taken during my game drives in pench national park.
  12. 20 Days Tiger direct http://overlandingindia.com/accommodated_browse_tours.php?pid=14&tour=20 Days Tiger direct TRIP FACTS Prices from: On request Accommodation: Luxury and semi luxury hotels/guest houses/jungle resorts. Max. Participants: No limit Min. Participants: 2 No. Of crew: 1 Vehicle type: Adventure maxi-van Duration: Days- 20, Nights- 19 Meals: Breakfast X 19, Lunch X 19, Dinner X 19 Departure: Delhi End: Delhi Departure date: On request (Best time to travel is November to May) Highlights: The Satpura landscape Sloth bears in Satpura Wild dogs in Pench Tigers in Pench, Kanha & Tadoba Barasingha deer in Kanha Birdwatching in Kanha Places to Visit: Delhi Satpura Pench Tadoba Kanha Jabalpur Delhi Itinerary: Day 1: Delhi You will be picked up from the Delhi Airport. Accommodation will be in a comfortable hostel. A short trip meeting at 18:00 hrs. No other activities are planned here. Day 2–6: Satpura National Park On day 2 after breakfast, we will fly to Bhopal. From here we will drive to the Satpura National Park. Accommodation will be in a semi-luxury resort. The landscape here is one of the most beautiful in Central India. It is also arguably the best place in India to see the sloth bear. Wildlife safaris in the national park can get us up close to sloth bears, leopards, gaur, Malabar giant squirrel along with other wildlife. On day 3 and 4 we will do both morning and evening safaris. On day 5 in the morning we will for canoe safari. In the afternoon we will drive to Churna. Churna has a very beautiful rest house from British times which is run by forest department. Its a very basic rest house but experience of being there itself is very different. Overnight stay at rest house. On day 6, we will drive back to our resort. At night we will go for a night safari. Day 7–10: Pench National Park Drive to Pench National Park. Accommodation will be in a comfortable resort. Pench is well known as Rudyard Kiplings inspiration. It is home to a good population of tigers and provides us one of the best opportunities to get upclose to one. It is also home to leopards, wild dogs, gaurs, deer and around 350 species of birds. On days 8, 9 and 10 we have both morning and evening safaris planned here. Day 11–14: Tadoba National Park Drive to Tadoba National Park. Accommodation will be in a comfortable resort. Tadoba arguably has the highest tiger density in the country right now. Out of all the parks that we are visiting, Tadoba has the best tiger sightings. It also has a very good leopard and sloth bear population. The habitat here is mostly dominated by thick bamboo grooves. On days 12,13 and 14 we have both morning and evening safari planned here. Day 15–18 : Kanha National Park Drive to Kanha National Park. Accommodation will be in a comfortable resort. Kanha is one of the most beautiful parks in India. The beauty of the lush green sal forest and open meadows is unmatched. It is also home to a lot of big cats. Both tigers and leopards are in good numbers here. It is also home to an endemic species of deer named the hard ground barasingha. Kanha is a birdwatchers paradise aswell. On days 16, 17 and 18 we have both morning and evening safaris planned here. Day 19–20: Delhi On the 19th day after breakfast we will drive to Jabalpur airport for our flight to Delhi. We have an overnight stay here. Next day after breakfast, we will drop you at the airport where the trip ends. What's included and excluded Meals 3 Meals a day – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation Twin sharing for hotels, hostels, resorts and homestays Single sharing for hotels, hostels, resorts and homestays (only if extra single supplement charge paid) Includes Fully equipped transfer & safari vehicle Accommodation as specified All road tolls and vehicle taxes All ground transportation Domestic flights if required in the itinerary Meals as indicated Services of two crew Excludes Visas International flights Travel insurance Airport transfers Sleeping bag Sleeping mats Optional activities Drinks tips For enquiry - http://overlandingindia.com/accommodated_browse_tours.php?pid=14&tour=20 Days Tiger direct
  13. Hello, I m very happy to see your post and your plan to come to India. As per your questions below are the answers - 1- You will definitely see the tiger if you are covering 4/5 reserves like start from Tadoba then pench then kanha then bandhavgarh then you can do either panna or ranthambore. If you will do it in this sequence as m telling you it will save your time and will not take mush time even in road journey also from one reserve to another reserve. 2 - Budget lodges are everywhere and if you will let them know in advance about your safari schedule so they can book safari entry tickets for you other wise below are the links to book the safaris yourself. http://mahaecotourism.gov.in/Site/Common/nationalParks.aspx its for tadoba https://forest.mponline.gov.in/Search.aspx its for pench, kanha, bandhavgarh and panna. 3- Regarding accommodation in places In tadoba I would choose - Chava kolara resort In Pench - United 21 resort safari camp resort (They dont have website ) Tiger n woods In kanha - Motel chandan (right next to park gate) In bandhavgarh - Tala camp (perfect place in budget and for wildlifers) In Panna - Panna camp (next to ken river, perfect location to see animals when they come to drink water, you can also see crocodiles from there) In ranthambore - Raj palace (Ranthambore is quite commercial so you will get lots of budget options there if you search in google) I can get you touch with everyone if you want. You can share your mail id and I can give you their contact details. 4- For guide and gypsy its a roaster system so you just need to tell your lodge manager about your safari schedule on very first day and they will call gypsy for you, it will come to your lodge will pick you up.. when you reach park gate you will get guide there and then you will start your excursion inside the park, after finishing it gypsy will again drop you back at the lodge. Your thought is also good, as far as you are keen to see tiger then dont skip tadoba at all. Because area wise tadoba is little bit small but has a very good number of tigers there. I hope my answers will help you to find best for you. Happy holidays
  14. Yeah.. Those all pictures we took on our same trip (22 Days big cats of India) which happened in Feb and now going to see them again and might be more. This is interesting package and people loved it.
  15. It is one of the best trip which we got to see Big cats of India.
  16. Leopard - Pench national park Sloth bear - Satpura national park Small pratincole - Bhigwan bird sanctuary 360 degree view point of Agumbe Herd of Asiatic elephant - Periyar tiger reserve Sambar deer - Sillari zone of pench national park, Maharastra Mahaveer female cubs - Kanha national park Cranes - Little rann of kutch Wildass - Wildass sanctuary of little rann of kutch
  17. Thanks @@wilddog
  18. Bera is a small village in Rajasthan close to Udaipur city(Approx. 135 km )surrounded by open forests, hillocks, rocky areas where leopards roam free. Along it flows the Jawai river with the Jawai Dam built on it. This beautiful dam is home of some of the mugger crocodiles you will ever see and lots of migratory birds like flamingos, pelicans, bar headed geese, ruddy shell duck, common teal, Northern pintail duck,ruff, black winged stilt, wagtails, northern shovelers, Gadwall, sandpipers and many more . Bera is not a part of any National Park or sanctuary, it is just a forested land as I was told by the person when I was there on my recent trip because earlier i used to think that its a private land of someone. Since this place is not very known that is why the safaris are very quite and peaceful here, you will not see any maddening crown here except saturday and sunday ( that is also rare) Over 6 safaris during my stay in Bera, I was fortunate to spot to spot leopard in each safaris. 1st Drive - Male leopard sitting on the roack first then after getting dark it came down for hunt 2nd drive - Female with 2 little cubs coming down in the bushes from top of the cliff and a male leopard sitting on same rock where we had seen oneday before 3rd Drive - Mother with cubs together climbing the hill 4 drive - Again we saw male leopard sitting on the rock and mother with cubs sitting far from male on one of the rocks 5th Drive - One bold Male leopard came down from the hill and sat down in front of our jeep 6th Drive - Just misses mating pair but then later on found both together but they were not mating by that time. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and you can mail me at info@overlandingindia.com if you want to know more about Bera. We were searching for leopard among those rocks where they hide themselves Even the locals are also very expert to search leopards Perfect habitat of leopard and this is the place where we come everytime in our safari for leopards viewing and leopard come out and sit on one of the rocks. John is also calmly waiting for leopard to come out Panorama shot of Bera habitat to give you better idea about this place how wildlife and human beings are coexisting with each other Jawai dam Mugger crocodile in dam but it was quite far from the reach of my camera lens Flock of Bar headed geese Northern pintail duck at Jawai dam Greater flamingo at Jawai dam Greater flamingo at Jawai dam White cheeked bulbul
  19. wow... You will love that place... try to carry good pair of binoculars and zoom lens.
  20. The only overland trip in the world with Tigers, Lions, Leopards and tons of other wildlife in one road trip! "The Big Cats of India trip is back in Dec, 2017" Book Now to avail 10% early planner's discount! For more info visit: http://overlandingin...g Cats of India Places we visit: Jabalpur (Trip departs) Pench national park (tigers & leopards) Kanha national park (tigers) Bandhavgarh national park (tigers) Khajuraho (temples – world heritage site) Ranthambore national park (tigers & leopards) Bera (leopards) Gir national park (Asiatic lions) Ahmedabad (Trip ends)
  21. 2 Seats booked now and 4 seats still left... Hurry up to hold your seat.
  22. Its such a great trip for wildlifers and we love it... Spread the word if anyone wants to join please.

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