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  1. Day 2 - Part 3 Some more from Amboseli Hippo These hyenas were playing with a piece of bone One more from the previous part Egyptian Goose Amboseli Landscape Black-winged Stilt ? Egret Egret and African Spoonbill Ostrich These are truly ugly...The Marabou Stork.
  2. Day 2 - Part 2 I will break each day into parts for now... As we were enjoying the various animals in Amboseli a call came into our driver, and a mad dash ensued...we sped by a bunch of interesting animal activities and good landscape compositions. None of the drivers really tell you what they are going after. When we finally reached the target, this is all we got... Our first Lions...but so far away and within seconds disappeared into the trees. Ha! Ha!...Disappointing...but, I turn around there's still a lot of activity going on behind us... It looked like they had killed a wildebeest overnight and was feasting on it...we were too late to see it, but the carcass had attracted others. It was so far away, even 500mm on a cropped body was too short. These are significant crops. No off-roading allowed, so we had to view and shoot from a distance. First the Hyenas, with zebras looking on Then the jackals came in for scraps... Then the vultures and a few Marabou Storks started gathering as well Then they started to swarm the carcass These kind of various animal interactions were thoroughly fascinating.
  3. Thank you! Once I stopped enjoying telephoto photography, the pack became lighter too. The consumer lens bigma is quite compact. But, I was surprised in how well it handled the trip.
  4. Ha! Ha!...well! The pictures and experiences kept getting better and better with day 9 filled with amazing experiences...I kind of planned it that way by keeping porini lion camp to the end. But, the surprise image cannot be planned... Thank you for the encouragement.
  5. Day 2 - Part 1 My computer has come to a stand, I'll post some of the elephants for now as part 1 and continue later.
  6. Great trip report and pictures so far...we just returned from our trip to Kenya as is indeed an amazing land...can't wait for the rest of your report.
  7. Day1: We stayed at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi for our first night's stay. It was a great facility and the breakfast was superb Outskirts of Nairobi Unpaved road into Amboseli Park This guy was sitting outside my room at Amboseli Serena Our evening drive We saw tons of Wildebeest, Zebras, various antelopes and of course elephants. Sunset images of ... Elephants Wildebeest Zebras I promise, Day 2 will have the more conventional animal pictures Kenya (1 of 1)-2.tif
  8. Introduction: This was our first safari ever, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Easily the best vacation we've ever had. I will try to keep this trip report as short as possible and mostly let the photographs speak for themselves. We are in our late 40's. We chose All Seasons Safari to organize our trip. Our trip involved both flying and driving between camps. It also involved lodges and tents, Mara reserve and the conservancy. This allowed us to experience different options and I will give my opinion on how they compared. Itinerary: 1N Nairobi 2N Amboseli 2N Ol Pejeta 1N Naivasha 4N Masai Mara Warning: This is not necessarily a safari report, but rather a report of our entire trip. Although it was purely a safari trip, we witnessed a lot more than animals and I will be posting a variety of photographs. I prefer landscapes, still life, people more than close up of animals. However, there is plenty of the latter too. The report is primarily catered to the beginners, but I will try to keep it entertaining for the regulars as well. But, I can guarantee even the hardened safari goers, an image I will post will be very interesting to even them. In fact I'd like to know whether anyone has ever witnessed it was an image taken at ISO 16,000 at f4 and a shutter speed of just 1/30 at, its beauty is not in its image quality but rather what it depicts...but, alas it happened on day 9 and everyone will have to wait to see it. It is worth the wait Camera gear: I wanted it to be a compact package, all fitting inside my Lowpro Fastpack 200. We only took two backpacks for our other things. Pentax K5, K7 Pentax 60-250/4, Sigma 50-500/4.5-6.3 Pentax 12-24/4, Pentax 21/3.2, Pentax 43/1.9, Volna 9 50/2.8 1:2 macro
  9. @Treepol The sisters didn't know much about the tourism in that country. I think they recommended close to the Indonesian border thinking there will be more amenities there. I think they don't have high opinions on PNG being a good "tourist" destination and thought being closer to Indonesia might provide the minimal luxuries a tourist may demand....I don't think the advice was factual based but rather emotional/opinion/educated guess based, and catered more towards the average tourist who visits Paris and Rome
  10. Ha! Ha! Timely one. I was discussing PNG safaris among two sisters who've lived there briefly as kids. Both of them independantly asked, "why would anyone want to go there?". I told them "If I want to go for a safari where not many people go", then they said "I guess it's ok then" still recommended staying closer to the Indonesian border. Then there were some jokes about canibalism, of course. Then I did a search for PNG here and got no results. Its too far for me for now, but in retirement when a I can stay for months in that part of the world. In the mean time, looking forward to the remainder of your trip. P.S: Why prohibit 6 pocket shorts but not all shorts? Is that for the parliament building?
  11. Identified as Swiss couple, who frequents their property in Mombasa. Killed by the caretaker when they travelled there for this season. One of several articles available now.
  12. Lovely trip report, thanks for sharing.... I don't have many days at the conservancy, but sounds like it should not be too much trouble to locate the Cubs...will do my best!
  14. Thank you, makes sense

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