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  1. Where will I have the best chance to see the secretary bird?...this I have to see. I am only planning to do two full day safari (packed lunch), both in Masai Mara. If either Ol Pejeta or Amboseli has secretary birds and I will have a higher chance of seeing them on a full day safari, I just may do that. Thanks!
  2. Lol!...We will have our own driver and vehicle, so no worries on that...except the last two nights stay at the Lion camp. Where I will skip the birds and go with the flow.
  3. I don't think I will ask the driver/guide to go too far looking for birds with the short time we have. But, if he is aware of a nest or a 'sure sighting' on the way to a big animal, then I will ask him to stop or take a small detour. I am glad you mentioned the 'specialty' animals in Ol Pejeta, that's very helpful too.
  4. Thank you...I have to say, Martial eagles, Fish eagles, Khori bustard, Ground hornbill, Goliath heron, saddle billed stork and even the Helmuted guinea fowl will all get me as excited as any animal would....I wish I'll see many of these. Thank you for the whole list....They are all pretty and I would love to photograph them.
  5. Those weaver nests are awesome! I'm glad you mentioned them as I definitely want to photograph! yeah! That Marabou stork is positively ugly...never heard of the ugly five, so I looked up...but I find the hyena's and Warthog good looking though...oh well! I didn't know the Marabou stork joins in on a kill too,...fascinating stoked to learn and see all of these animal behaviors.... I am so glad I asked...
  6. Wow! That is one pretty bird...I'll study that one too. Thanks!
  7. My first ever safari, other than to Yellowstone in USA, is coming up in less than 2 months. Therefore, first and foremost I am excited for all the animals we will be seeing in their natural habitat. However, I do not want to completely ignore the birds, and I do find them very fascinating. But, not as much as lions, cheetahs, leopards, and even the various antelopes etc. I am visiting Amboseli, Ol Pejeta and Masai Mara. I don't get too excited on seeing a rare bird species. I am interested in pretty birds or large birds of most types. Something anyone with no knowledge of birds can appreciate due to its looks or behavior. I have this list of birds I want to see and photograph, so I can inform our guide/driver. Is there any interesting birds I am missing?... Thank you! - Secretary bird - Especially on a tree top - Hornbill - any species (Can I expect to see these?) - Bea eater - any species (looks so good on photos) - King fisher - pretty on photos too - Eagle - any species, Hawk - any species or similar looking bird of prey. - Vulture - should be easy - Ostrich - should be easy, but hoping to catch one in a nice cement a landscape photo. - Falcon, Kestrel like birds - I would love to see common birds like Cormorants, Pelicans, Heron, Egret, Stork, Crane like birds
  8. I will be in Serena Mara in September, wondering whether anyone can recommend a room number with a view of the river. Thanks!
  9. Magnificiant report and's so rare to get information like this on this destination. Thank you for sharing these, extremely helpful.
  10. Absolutely fantastic, wow!.....I can't wait to go to Patagonia now.
  11. Excellent report and photos. Your report leaves me feeling like I've been there,...not just the seeing the animals, but driving through rural Kenya....enjoyed the background info and images.....Thanks!
  12. Superb photographs!, enjoyed the trip report immensely....thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us.
  13. Makes sense...I deleted the relevant parts...thanks!
  14. Jeremie, Hotel Explora at over $US1000/night it's definitely out of the question. I hope the others inside the park are no where near that. I will be spending 3 nights, 2 full days in Atacama as well. Thanks!
  15. Penolva Thank you so much for the detailed reply, very helpful. When we went to Yellowstone, we bought a foam cooler, ice and some cold cuts etc and made our own lunches....hopefully I can do a similar thing there from Puerto Natales. To cut costs, I may stay most of the nights just south of the park, in The Serrano area. There are 4 motels/hotels there, and are cheaper. I am looking for something around $US200/night. However, I do want to stay at Hotel Torres, and be willing to stretch the budget for 1-2 nights. I found this map to be great, this is the one they give out. I will visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, but was thinking of skipping the boat ride and this is why....I prefer icebergs than glacier. I will be taking the Boat trip to view icebergs and view Spegazzini Glacier and Upsala Glacier which travels through the iceberg channel. Also, I have viewed glaciers from a cruise ship in Glacier park, Alaska.

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