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  1. This was a great find as I'm looking at a Selous and Ruaha trip for next year. Thanks for sharing all your notes and pics!
  2. That is great info, thanks very much for that. Southern Serengeti could be a good option....
  3. Max £10k for the two of us.. I'd prefer another African adventure but also considering a South America/Amazon/Costa Rica trip if that is a better destination at that time.
  4. I know it is early but I am starting to plan my next safari trip and would welcome the members advice on possible destinations for a trip over late Dec 2018/early Jan 2019. 😀 What is a good destination during this time in terms of climate/game viewing? I'd love a chance to see wild dogs in Botswana but my other half hasn't been anywhere in East Africa yet. I returned from a very wet and green a Namibia trip in Feb/early March which, without sounding ungrateful, was a bit disappointing- the game was so dispersed and sightings were few and far between. I plan to return one day in the drier winter months but would like to see if there is somewhere good to escape the UK Christmas period and scratch my safari itch at the same time. Any thoughts much appreciated!
  5. Great trip report and well done with the Himba shots! I prefer to photograph animals as human subjects fill me with anxiety, fear, and guilt!
  6. Thanks for such an interesting report, I need to get on with mine now I guess....
  7. Great bee-eater shots, they never stick around long enough for me. Lovely subject separation in your shots, nice work.
  8. The aspect ratio of the images is perfect when viewed on a desktop, but a little distorted when viewed on an iPad (well, on my iPad anyway) Same here, images seem to 'squared' when viewed on my ipad.
  9. Looking forward to your report! I just got back from Namibia a couple of days ago and stayed in some in the same places as you so it will be interesting to compare notes. :-)
  10. Thanks all for the inputs, I'll be there soon enough so will follow up when I return.
  11. Thanks Ice, good to have that confirmed as I'm heading from west to east so will enter via Galton and travel through the park to reach Okaukuejo. I'll use sunrise/sunset for gate times then. Just used to the SANParks approach where everything is much clearer upfront. TIA I guess
  12. Has anyone recently been to the park or able to point me in the direction of a reliable source to confirm the following before my forthcoming trip? Can I enter via Galton Gate or is that for Dolomite residents only? (We are staying at Okaukuejo) On a related note, can I enter the western region from Okaukuejo or is that only open to access Dolomite camp? What are the current gate opening and closing times? The websites I have found seem hopelessly out of date and lacking detail so I am hoping the fantastic forum members on here might be able to help. Many thanks, Rob
  13. Great shots, especially the wider landscapes!
  14. Such a great drive to finish on, doesn't get much better than that!! Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed the ride!

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