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  1. WOW!! Thank you all for replies! It is really very interesting and detailed. I will even copy and post it to myself because in Hwange is no WiFi ;-)
  2. I am writing to that Forum in hope to get the answer from Tour Operators and others who are settled in Kasane, Bots. We are in Kasane 30 Sep 2016. Does anybody know if there will some cultural programme? I found only Zambezi Annual Cultural Festival starting 30 Sep. what sounds great but 50 Years of Botswana is only once in a lifetime ;-) so I'd expect something devoted to that occasion. I searched in google but didn't find something. Thanks for replies.
  3. So, I cannot tell something about Kenia but we've spent 3 nights in The Hide in June last year and going to repeat it in September this year. As Pennyanne mentioned the sightings there are amazing. Sometimes we thought we can just spend a day by watching waterhole and don't need to go to a game drive! They have also an accommodation on a tree called Dove Nest. It is a house above on the tree with a looking platform and a bed inside the house ;-) (WC is downstairs). The other couple who was joining us in a gave-drive vehicle booked a night in Dove Nest and we were convoying them there. We had a sundowner on the platform as Cecil and Jericho were approaching, roaring. I still have that picture in my memory. The big beautiful lions crossing the open space roaring. Cecil with a black mane and Jericho with a light. About 500m from each other. We left then to the camp and the other couple "slept" in Dove Nest. Cecil and Jericho came under that house and were roaring almost the whole night like a stereo: one from the left and one from the right. The couple was from Zim and we could think they were used to that but the next morning we saw how impressed they were ;-) "You must do it!!" - exclaimed they in excitement. And we thought we had time and do it the next year... As you know Cecil was shot in July 2015. :-( We booked a night in a Dove Nest that September (it is in price). I hope, we can hear Jericho....
  4. Hi, Hobbs and Spencer are guiding in Lagoon AFAIK (state: end of 2015). It looks like Lagoon is better now than Little Kwara and maybe the best camp of Kwando in terms of guiding, humour and accommodation. However, Lebala is also an excellent choice! Read the sightings reports of a Kwando web-site to know where the animals are and what is the situation. I think, dogs have a den between Lebala and Lagoon. It is also possible to see leopard in Lebala. And of course, lions. But the best way is to read the reports. I think, WS also have reports on a web-site.
  5. Hi all, we are staying in Kapula private camp (which is self-catering) for 10 days (5 nights in South Camp and 4 nights in North). The camp has fridges and quite nice kitchen. In our vehicle we have a fridge, too. We do shopping in Spar in Kasane, Bots. I appreciate all your tips for catering and meals. The problem is that we cannot eat 10 days grilled meat and eggs. Oh, yes, we can but t is boring. I also don't remember if it is possible to buy lentils and beans in Bots. Who knows that? In SA, I know, one can buy everything but I am not sure about Bots. However the supermarket is good there. Can anybody tell me how to make a real South African braai? Or maybe give me a link to a good site? We, Austrians, don't cook braai and have no idea about it, I must apologise. But I'd like to know how to do it. We also don't have butternut, we only have pumpkins here. So, all your ideas are very appreciated. Warm regards, Elena
  6. We are from Austria and have booked half of a North Camp (Tens 3 and 4) in Kapula Private Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe for 4 nights: checkin September 09, checkout September 13. But we are only two persons. Unfortunately, South Camp was booked out for these dates and therefore we booked North Camp and have already fully paid it. We are looking for somebody who is interested to join us in Kapula North Camp for these dates in the second tent. Usually accommodations in Hwange in September are fully booked and it is a pity if you are in the park, looking for a place to stay and one of the tents in North Camp is empty! You can see the reviews for Kapula in Trip Advisor and there is also a web-site of Kapula: kapulacamp.com
  7. Hi, we were travelling via Pandamatenga in June 2015. We were only the vehicle on the border post. The previous vehicle was two days before. On our way to Hwange we met a vehicle driving opposite direction. It was already a traffic!! ;-) It was an excellent stay in Hwange. A few people, a lot of animals. Excellent sightings. Very friendly staff everywhere making their best. Met Cecil, the Lion. Personally... Was very touched reading he was shot. Going again for two weeks in September. Again via Pandamatenga. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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