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  1. Tswalu, Kalahari in August 2013 The group ran across the track in front of us before moving on rapidly, out of sight.
  2. July 2017: Madeira October 2017: South Africa currently being planned. A few days self driving in Kruger then a first visit to Timbavati.
  3. Only a glimpse, as we returned to the airstrip at Tswalu for our flight out...
  4. W​e glimpsed a couple of aardvarks at Tswalu but they were very skittish and weren't keen to come out into the open and be photographed...
  5. My first post - hope you enjoy the pics. Taken at Tswalu, August 2013. Tracker spotted tracks from the vehicle and together with the ranger, spent 45 minutes tracking it on foot (after asking us if it was OK to spend time doing do first!) through the sand and grass - and it was worth the wait!

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