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  1. Not sure of the price in Ireland but this would be a good alternative to the more expensive Canon 100-400: Whatever lens you get that zooms above 200 mm - make sure that it is optically stabilised.
  2. play nicely children...
  3. Again, without evidence, all of this is pure speculation.
  4. Wonderful trip report @Grasshopper_Club ... Thank you very much
  5. damn american spelling algorithms... that should read "bright coloured"
  6. A practical tip that I would recommend (not that I've ever done so myself mind...) would be to attach some sort of bright colored float to your camera strap. That way if you should end up dropping it in the drink it isn't going to sink and you may recover it. If not fully water proof your camera may be toast, but at least the memory card would be salvageable.
  7. CR you obviously haven't lived in Africa... unfortunately there is nothing particularly unusual about a random armed robbery ending in violence/death. It is a sad thing to say, but for some more desperate people in Africa, life (human or otherwise) is not valued higher than that desperate person's needs (for the victims possessions, or the need not to be identified & caught)... I knew several people who died in violent robberies in Zambia & Zimbabwe for no other reason than the robber wanted what they had, and didn't care about the manner in which it was taken. Some of those people were also involved in conservation and anti-poaching, but robbery was the motive. I doubt that the robbers even knew about (or cared about) the conservation part of their victims lives.
  8. Maybe just get one of these and avoid the risk (to your more expensive gear) of hippo or butter fingers related immersion...
  9. Congratulations! Great photos!
  10. @janzin ... you are right. please accept my apologies for hijacking your trip report.
  11. ?? Not sure that I would agree with this? Where do you see such claims from Bushcamp Company, or RPS? I would never have thought that they (intentionally) claimed to target such a narrow, exclusive clientele only.
  12. Trust me @lmonmm no blitheness intended. Every time that I have been on a safari over the last several years I have HAD to pay for a private guide / vehicle. Not because we particularly wanted one, but because we always take our son (now 11 years old) on our holidays with us. It is the views of guests at safari camps (such as many who post here and other places) that drive such policies. We are forced to pay the extra for a private guide / vehicle not because of anything to do with my son but because other guests don't want to share with us ... irrespective of the fact that my son is more well behaved, patient, respectful, knowledgeable about wildlife and environment and interested in his surroundings, than the majority of adults that I have seen on game drives in the bush (and yes having grown up in the Zambian bush and been on many safaris both before and after becoming a father - I know what I am talking about). So forgive me if my sympathy meter is pointing to low when I have read so many comments in this forum and others (and even been told to my face) that children should not be welcomed, or even allowed, in safari camps... unless of course their parents shell out for a private guide / vehicle! I assure you the expense of a private guide / vehicle is not an "option" that we have ever wanted either because we are not wealthy at all, but to us, leaving our son behind is not an option either, so we accept the way these things work and we pay. And by the by I find it frustrating seeing the blitheness in which other guests at camps that we have stayed at have ended up with a free private guide / vehicle of their own because they have the regular camp vehicle & guide to themselves (at my expense no less!) because we are on our mandatory private guide / vehicle for their convenience!!!
  13. Well... Mrs ZaminOz ended up getting the Panasonic Lumix FZ300... now all she has to do is figure out how to work it Thanks for all the advice folks!
  14. Evidence?

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