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  1. @Geoff In case I haven't said so already, superb photos mate!
  2. LOL @LarsS I'm not sure which was supposed to be the "explicit footage at 4:10"... the lioness eating lunch, or you shirtless in the boudoir? haha
  3. Errmmm... does this mean that all other parks are "unsustainable"? It would have helped if the article had defined what is meant by a "sustainable park" and how that differs from other parks...
  4. That's interesting @kittykat23uk and @Swazicar I have been toying with the idea of getting the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II for Mrs ZaminOz (she complains about lugging a DSLR around on safari), but I have been put off by the CIPA rating of 310 shots per charge. At +16,000 shots over 3 weeks (ZaminOz does some quick finger maths) ... that's an average of over 761 shots per day. Was that all on one battery or did you need to use 2-3 batteries per day?
  5. I only carry my binoculars on a neck strap. My camera (when in a vehicle) has either a Sigma 50-500 or Sigma 70-200 f2.8 on it, so it is either sitting on my lap in a cloth dust bag (ex pillow case) or it is in my hands being used. For walking safaris I carry my binoculars on a neck strap and my camera (with a Pentax 18-270 lens) is always in my hands ready for use. If I need to use the binoculars I can quickly sling the camera on my shoulder.
  6. From what I've seen of the statistics, the battery life of most mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras is pathetic compared to DSLRs. So they are useful if you have the ability to to constantly re-charge or carry spare batteries (that you also have to recharge). But given that may airlines are now restricting the number of spare lithium-ion batteries that you can carry, I won't be changing from a DSLR until they can improve battery life significantly on mirror-less cameras. End of gripe
  7. " To be part of the solution Australia must “prohibit the domestic trade,” he said." What domestic trade I say? I have lived here over 30 years and never seen any ivory or rhino horn for sale anywhere... maybe I've been looking in the wrong isle at Woolworths?
  8. Good... I have seen Youtube video of what these dreadful people did there and it was not "hunting" as any true hunter would understand the term. It was just random killing of anything that came within sight of their vehicles. Good riddance!
  9. I agree bow hunting is a disgrace. The only hunting that should be allowed is with rifles of appropriate caliber for the game hunted.
  10. I didn't read the article because I am not sure where to look for it, but the statement "tree loss in chobe more likely to be human started fires than elephants" sounds like hogwash to me... trees can recover from fire, but they can't recover from being uprooted by elephants (or chopped down by people for that matter)... but beh... what would I know?
  11. Awesome images Mike @Bush dog
  12. Love the impala with the Kudu / ox-pecker back drop!
  13. @deano thanks again for a wonderfully written, photographed and filmed trip report. And congratulations on the LBR in flight... something that I have never managed to achieve!
  14. Great trip report @deano , I love the videos, the photos, commentary and the Zambian music!
  15. Wonderful videos 🙂

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