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  1. @deano thanks again for a wonderfully written, photographed and filmed trip report. And congratulations on the LBR in flight... something that I have never managed to achieve!
  2. Great trip report @deano , I love the videos, the photos, commentary and the Zambian music!
  3. Wonderful videos 🙂
  4. Hari, I think that he hunting blocks are the buffer zone between the national park and agricultural settlement/land use. Without the hunting blocks there would be mass encroachment of settlement right up to the park boundary- which would likely result in much more human wildlife conflict and much more illegal lion killing.
  5. Thanks for a great trip report @@wilddog
  6. "It wasn't me!"
  7. @@bluebird Looks like an excellent combination to me! The only change that I would make (if I had money to burn) would be: Add more days. At all camps!
  8. @@bluebird As Zungulila and Bilimungwe (South Luangwa) already appear to be locked in, my recommendation would be to avoid time consuming international border crossings and stay in Zambia. Given what you have said about your dad I would recommend Kafue National Park. Depending on budget I would suggest 5 days combing Musekese Camp and a camp out on the Busanga Plains area (of Kafue). But 5 days in Lower Zambezi would be fantastic too!
  9. Well selfie or no selfie... in just about all cases in South Luangwa with a qualified guide, if you were to protrude any part of yourself out of the vehicle in the presence of a lion the guide would drive the vehicle away from the lions and give you a talking to. I have seen this happen. The point is that this is about guiding standards not the behaviour of tourists, who to be fair to them, probably don't appreciate the danger. The guide is the (apparently trained) professional responsible for their safety and the well being of the wildlife as well.
  10. Emirates understand customer service!
  11. Qantas used to have its regional hub in Singapore. But a big financial partnership with Emirates had that changed to Dubai several years ago. There is a lot of investment tied up in that relationship, so I'm not sure how Qantas will react to this. Of course another fear is that the knuckle dragging gorillas in US and UK customs (TSA) may not actually understand the difference between Qatar and Qantas "Qantas...? Sounds like its from some moslum country mate..."
  12. @@Julian Patrick does guide from Kaingo as well so he may well be there when you are. Just ask when you arrive, because I don't think that they will guarantee it unless you pay for him as your private guide up front. But be aware that every second Tom, Dick and @@optig will also have requested Pat!
  13. @@xelas In my experience if you are a Pentax user and your DSLR body gets stolen you are up poo creek without a paddle, because you have zero chance of finding a shop that sells Pentax DSLRs... the flip side of course is that only a rare camera connoisseur would steal a Pentax!
  14. @@pault actually living in Perth we have very few routes that we can take, but fortunately most of them are through south east Asia. HK, Singapore, KL etc.. I would be very surprised if Australia implement this ban because Qantas is in too deep with its partnership with Emirates. Most Qantas flights to Europe (from the east coast) are code shared with Emirates using Dubai as the hub. However the recently announced Boeing 787 flights direct from Perth to London may now suddenly become very popular for our eastern states brethren...
  15. Yes - The ban is limited... ... for now.

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