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  1. After the school visit and sumptuous lunch, it was time for game drive three. Lesson learned at lunch was to always have the right lens with you. I didn't take my long lens to the school and consequently did not have it for lunch, as my tent was a good walk from the main lodge and I didn't feel like walking there prior to eating. A leopard walks by across the river (the only leopard we saw) and I only had a wide angle. So no photo for me. Still, it was a thrill to see. Game drive three resulted in ellies, hippos, lions feasting on a kill, a rhino, sundowners under the guise of a flat tire, vultures and an amazing sunset. Oh, and a chameleon too! All in all, it was a thrilling day!
  2. @pomkiwi I use a Panasonic G7 and the lens I used for the most part was a 100 to 300. Sometimes I switched to a 12 to 40 because the animals were to close for the 100 to 300. The Hyena was shot using the 100 to 300.
  3. Thank you @offshorebirder!
  4. Game drive two was early in the morning. We were provided with coffee, tea and a light snack prior to heading out. It was a beautiful morning. After the drive, I visited a school supported by Lionsands. That experience was a real highlight. Lots of giraffe that morning as well as kudu and a variety of birds. Nice to see hyena out that early as well.
  5. Thanks Everyone. @Marks I stayed at Lionsands Tinga Lodge.
  6. That photo with the tree is gorgeous!
  7. Last year I went to Africa for the first time and did my first safari in Kruger Park in one of the private reserves. I kept a journal, but not defeated notes to match some of the incredible trip reports I've seen on here. My notes are my photos and I though I'd share a few. These first photos are from my first game drive except for the Giraffe which was outside the window in my tent. i was lucky to get the hyena. He came out just a short it was getting very dark.
  8. Many thanks to everyone. I have booked the Emakoko. I see from reading some past trip reports that many of you have stayed here before @amybatt @SafariChick @Tom Kellie @Kitsafari and have great reviews. I think this will make a great last day in Kenya for me before I fly to Kigali.
  9. Sorry @SafariChick, I thought you were talking about Nairobi Tented. I submitted a request on @Sangeeta agency page to get a quote re the Emakoko and then I can decide. Either place looks great, I just don't want to break the bank for 1 night.
  10. They are telling me they only offer two drives and the afternoon game drive is at 4pm. Sheldrick's foster visit is at 5pm. I'm not sure how to start on a game drive and then leave?? Did you book with Gamewatchers as that is the only place I see to book?
  11. @SafariChick That's my issue. I'm not sure I'd save any money staying somewhere else and then having to pay for all the extras on top of the hotel cost. It seems to me that it is a good deal even if not doing the Sheldrick or 1 game drive. The 5pm Sheldrick doesn't work with the timing of the 1 game drive I could do. I for one, could never be bored with game drives!
  12. Hi, They are quoting 475 US for 1 night inclusive of meals, drinks, airport trans fees, 2 game drives and a visit to the Sheldrick centre. My issue is, I won't get to camp before late morning as my Laikipia Lodge is very expensive and I want to make the most of it. So, I wI'll not be able to do 1 of the game drives or the Sheldrick, ( I got to interact with the elephants at Wild Horizons Rehab in Zimbabwe), so not a big deal. But just wondering if think it is worth it given they won't reduce the price for the two things I would be missing?
  13. I actually really like the look of the Nairobi Tented Camp. Was going to book it on my way into Kenya, but the voice of reason said that my flight doesn't get in until 7pm and then I leave the next morning, so not worth it. I have a nice budget hotel booked for my arrival night. I then have a charter early the next morning to my lodge. Then after 4 days, I have a charter back and have most of the day and evening in Nairobi before I leave for Rwanda early the next morning, so maybe I will revisit this location.
  14. Thanks all! I'm having trouble deciding because I like more boutique type places rather than chain hotels. I almost booked the Ole Sereni, but thought I could do better for the price. I will look at Eka.

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