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  1. A few more photos. I should add that although there were lots of boats on the water, the viewing was never crowded and I can't recall a time that there was another boat at a sighting. The bird is a Kori Bustard
  2. @Geoff I don't. It wasn't dissimilar to the boat in the photo below. The roof was metal though and had a bench on top on our tender.
  3. Ohhhh, what great photos! An aardvark is on my list of sought after animals to see. I just love your photo, @Antee and meerkats!!!! Love them! Looking forward to reading more.
  4. Some more photos. The birds are an Egyptian Ibis, Spur Winged Goose, Water Thick Knee.
  5. That's great to know @janzin. SAA is Star Alliance so it benefits me a great deal to use them other than having to fly from EBB to JNB, which seems counter intuitive. However the timings and price were better to take that connection and gives me lots of miles.
  6. Do you not like SAA @janzin? At the end of my Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda trip, I have flights with them from EBB to JNB and the long haul from JNB to Heathrow. I thought they were a 5 star airline?
  7. Umm.......so she just sat there...in her underwear....while a leopard walked in? OMG! I would have been beside myself.
  8. @janzin Isn't it interesting how we al have differing interests? I know some people would be happy to spend 3 hours watching the same animal. I would be "hot and bored"! I want to see as many as I can, although don't mind watching if the animal is doing something interesting. But, three hours watching an animal sleep? Not for me. I don't think the crossings are for me either. Don't like hoards of vehicles. Certainly would not like hearing people cheering for a goary scene. Curious if you had an open vehicle or one of those pop up things?
  9. Thanks @pault
  10. Thanks @Marks! It's one of my favourites!
  11. Looking forward to hearing all about the gorillas @Alexander33. I leave in 36 days.
  12. I didn't carry toilet paper and bathrooms were available although at Machu Pichu, you would have to go to the entrance to find them. It was incredibly hot when I went so I found my body was sucking up the water rather than it going through me. I also have an aversion to public washrooms so try to avoid as much as possible. There were no disgusting bathrooms that I experienced.
  13. Those are really great pictures in the room.

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