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  1. Hi folks, I've arrived late to this discussion, and want to catch up - can anyone point me to any sites with info on making reservations in Ranthambore, and in particular the details of getting all day access? We (7 of us) will be there for 2 days in January, and with so little time it seemed to me that all day was really the only way for us. Any advice much appreciated!
  2. Further question (having emailed Shidolya Tours for their input) - does anyone have a view as to using a good quality spotting scope attached to one's SLR as opposed to a long telephoto? I have an 18-200 Nikkor which I love, but must admire the scopes that I have seen.
  3. Hello all, and thanks for the replies. Being new to the forum I thought I'd be notified when people replied to my post (that being my experience from the other 2 forums I've joined over the years) and was a little sad to hear nothing - then go online to check, and lo and behold you kind folk have been replying!! Many thanks indeed. I'll absorb all this excellent advice and post again following that. FYI I am locked into Dec-Jan because of school holidays here in Australia, otherwise I'd really have liked to have gone in peak migration time. Having said that, when I went before I quickly found myself looking at things other than the big mammals, there's just so much to see.
  4. Hi folks, new member, how great to find this site! Background to my post - I have been to Africa before, once on safari to Tanzania (did the usual Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti etc), to Uganda for the gorillas and to South Africa for safari. (I'm calling myself a first-timer because one trip doesn't make me a regular!) For me the best experience I've ever had was being at Serengeti for 5 days. Wife was pregnant with our first child and so couldn't come with me (trip was booked before we found out!) so I had vehicle, driver and cook all to myself! It was a camping only trip. Utterly fantastic. That was in 2002. Now we want to do it as a family. Here's where I need advice. I enjoyed Serengeti so much that I just want to fly there from JRO and not go anywhere else, for two weeks, with a vehicle for the three of us and a completely custom safari. Like everyone else, I'd like to avoid the crowds (we'll be there late December to mid-Jan), have some comfort at the lodge (pool would be good), have a few days camping (wife gripes, but I still remember the lion breathing outside my tent the last time I went), and see as good a range of wildlife action as I can (with a bit of a focus on cheetahs and leopard, as we missed out on seeing them in South Africa). My questions: (1) while I think the idea of spending the whole time in Serengeti sounds ideal, do you more experienced and knowledgeable people agree? (2) any recommendations as to lodges? I went with Shidolya last time, they were great. Many thanks in advance. Can't wait to see those African skies again!

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