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  1. Some great additions again, with even a Frogmouth in your own garden! You’re making good progress here, but then I’m not far behind with 5 already...;)!
  2. 05 Eurasian Siskin (Spinus spinus). Amersfoort, January 14. There were quite a few of them, but too many branches to get a decent shot. This was about the only chance I got. I was actually looking for the Firecrest, which was 'still hanging about' according to another birder. No luck, but I at least I got this one.
  3. I was down with the flu ever since the year started, so no chance for birding or photography. Today, however, I felt recovered and restless enough to venture outside again. After all the Big Year 2018 is already in full swing and there's no time to lose. My wife told me to take it easy, but I replied that the BY does not wait for stragglers. The mention of prize money finally convinced her to allow me an hour in the field ;). The idea was to at least try and find some of the wintering guests while they are still here. We'll be leaving for Namibia in two weeks' time and when we return they will have returned to the far north and we never know if we get another chance before the year is over. Yes, the pressure of taking part is unbearable at times..... As it turned out, I only managed to see a distant Smew and, though with a little imagination it is still recognizable, I wil not show it. If my standards slip this early in the year, you can just imagine where I will end up. Well, ok, I'll save it for if I get really desperate later...:) I did get a few shots of some common ones: 01. Canada Goose. (Branta canadensis) (January, Arkemheen) There is a fairly large breeding population in the country. The biggest of our geese
  4. Great photo of the male Tufted Duck. A little sunshine can really make their heads shine with a green, or sometimes even a purple glow. Informative photos of the female, too!
  5. Beautiful thrushes, both of them and that Pintail is a cracker!
  6. Great read and what a start to the Kgalagadi adventure!
  7. Now there’s a thought, Dave !
  8. Thanks, @xelas! Glad you enjoyed your stay in Montagu. Aren’t they just wonderful people? The last I heard is that they would have to give up the farm, which is such a shame.I was our favourite stay of ghe January trip!
  9. 04. Common Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus). January, Amersfoort.
  10. 03. Eurasian coot (Fulica atra). January, Amersfoort. Abundant, wherever you go. Still beautiful in the right light.
  11. 02 Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) January, Arkemheen.
  12. I've never even gotten close to taking a photo of a Firecrest, so I'd be overjoyed at a shot like yours. Your Snipe is a wonderful photo: angle, pose, sharpness, great!
  13. Thanks @lmSA84 ! It’s always such a special bird to see. Let’s hope there will be another opportunity i 2018!
  14. Well I'm lagging behind as many fellow-birders have already made an impressive start here, so it's about time I joined. The main reason for the delay is that I have just returned from a rather long stay in South Africa (being retired has its advantages) and that I have a long way to go before all my photographs have been approved or binned. But let's do this chronologically, by showing some shots of the first seven days of the year. I left the country on 8th of January. I'll try and do a trip report later on, but that is a daunting task, as I will have to do it from memory (and a little help from the Dutch blog I wrote on the road). So here we go, all taken from 1-7 January: 1. Hawfinch (Soest, Netherlands). Not at all common, and a long time since I'd seen one, so off to a good start
  15. Posting a Glaucous Gull as the first one for 2018 shows your intentions, @Dave Williams ! And some good advice in your introduction. Looking forward to your 2018 collection, both in quantity as in quality. But the latter is always guaranteed with you
  16. What a good start, @TonyQ ! Good photos throughout and an Iceland Gull as a bonus,
  17. What an absolute joy to see your first contribution fo 2018. Tack sharp, beautifully exposed and showing some interesting ( though unfamiliar ) behaviour! Great start @Peter Connan !
  18. That’s an excellent number for Europe, @TonyQ and many very good shots you’ve shown us!
  19. I agree with Dave, you’ve got lots of wonderful images, both on your Facebook page and your website, @janzin !
  20. What a beautiful picture to finish with!
  21. My thanks as well, @Game Warden! It is such a pleasure to take part in this challenge, seeing contributions from all over and I completely agree with Dave, when he says that the participants feel like friends. Bantering, helping with ID’s, getting ideas for new places to visit and just enjoying each others photography, I’m in for next year! Wishing you all a healthy and productive 2018!
  22. We’re only leaving the 23rd of January, so no chance of meeting I think. But still time for the waxbills to find their way back I hope. Enjoy your time there!
  23. This certainly looks like a female Alexandrine Parakeet. Are you sure you haven't taken the wrong exit somewhere ;)? Same wishes for you and you are exiting 2017 with a magnificent score!
  24. Well the year is not over yet... I went out today in search of a Long-tailed Duck that was reported not too far away. I didn't get to see it, but I did spot another addition for this year. And not a bad one either; it's been some time since I last saw this Grebe. 348. Slavonian Grebe. Utrecht, Netherlands, December 29
  25. What a gorgeous collection of birds you have added, @Treepol! Apart from the odd Mallard or Coot, they are completely unfamiliar to me. Beautiful Albatross photos and so many different species as well. Was that on a pelagic trip? I do agree with Dave on the terns in #159, by the way.

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