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  1. Very special to get a shot of a Nightjar. And, looking at the result with iso 6400, you have every reason to be happy with this one! You definitely made good use of the opportunity, @Peter Connan !
  2. Great collection from Hwange @Tdgraves ! Glad to see you got quite a few of your targets.
  3. Well done by Zvezda to achieve focus on that Red-backed Shrike through the branches! Yes, those Bustards are always a long way off, but you got three!
  4. You are certainly making progress! Congrats on #200. Your Bee-eater/Roller collection is impressive!
  5. I do agree that e.g. the bill is more lark-like, but I'm not venturing into that territory...
  6. I love that Waxbill shot with the reflections, @Peter Connan and that Black collared-Barbet is a beauty. I agree with xelas that we do miss those colours over here, but only 15 days till my (short) trip to the Kruger Park! I do hope the late-night arrival in Jo'burg wil not resemble the bus load of fellow-Dutchmen, who got mugged on their way to the hotel. This has caused quite a stir in Holland and, though I would never cancel my trip, it did stress the need for arranging safe transportation to a nearby hotel. Which I will take care of his week, hopefully. The prospect of seeing the beauty of the SA birds again more than makes up for this. Keep them coming, I do enjoy seeing your excellent photos!
  7. I'm glad you had your 'joker. @xelas ! Congratulations on reaching 300! An excellent number and the year is not over yet...
  8. Wow, @xelas, your eagle shots (and Zvezda's, of course) are truly stunning! What a sight that must have been. I hesitate a little, though, about your Golden Eagle id. To me it looks more like a juvenile White-tailed Eagle (size of and bill and wedge-shaped tail). Either way, I love these shots!
  9. I agree with you there
  10. Go to -> System preferences -> Language and region. Then choose Keyboard Preferences -> Text. Uncheck the first box top right which says: 'Correct spelling automatically'. That should do the trick. Of course you first have to translate all the previous steps into Slovenian....;)
  11. No, don't worry. I was only joking about the difficulty of id-ing female ducks, like in your previous posts. This can also be a tricky one.
  12. Good birds again, @xelas , in spite of the not-too-cooperative weather. Where there any males about with #282 ?
  13. Excellent photography again by Zvezda and quite a collection!
  14. 288. Red-necked Phalarope. Definitely EBC, but a great bird to see.
  15. I made a one-day trip to Texel (one of our islands in the north) yesterday. Always a good place to go birding and perhaps especially so when it's migration time. I managed to chalk up some 50 species for the day and even two for the year list. In spite of the forecast the fog persisted for most of the day, but I had a good time anyway. Not perhaps for the photo opportunities, but certainly for the experience 287. Brant Goose. Texel is a pretty reliable spot to see them at almost any time of the year.

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