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  1. 20 / Nam 2 Scaly-feathered Finch, January Sesriem.
  2. Ok, I'll try and join in again. Working my way through the photos of our recent trip through Namibia. The number of species spotted certainly did not disappoint (258)! Of course I did not manage to take photos of all of them (not even close), but enough to add quite a few to my year list. Let's start then... 19 / Nam 1/ Xce6 14DT Pale Chanting Goshawk, Sesriem January. (The last numbers and letters don't mean anything, but it seems like a complicated coding system has become mandatory this year...;)
  3. Great photos! Certainly looking forward to more, @Geoff!
  4. Very interesting Treecreeper post! Beautiful shots of the Grebes and the Black-headed Gull @michael-ibk
  5. Marievale looks like a very good place to go birding. Good collection!
  6. What a collection! Keep them coming!
  7. More beauties from the Gambia! Love your Indigobird attack ! You nailed that one !
  8. Another Gambia visitor and another great set of photos to show for it! Enjoyed browsing through them, @TonyQ!
  9. I browsed through your SA collection, @xelas and what a n excellent collection it is. Many great photos, like the flight shot of the Giant Kingfisher, the Klaas's' Cuckoo and many more. Please tell Zvezda that her photography has been outstanding! Good you got the chance of Little Bittern shot in Montagu. We did see it there, but only fleetingly. Apparently that was the first year they spotted it there, so it's nice to know it seems to have settled. Consider all your posts 'liked'
  10. Beautiful shots again, @Peter Connan! I love those close-up photos of the Glossy Ibis, both portrait and feathers!
  11. I have a lot of catching up to do, both in adding some photos in my own thread and admiring contributions of others. What an absolutely beautiful Gambia collection, @Dave Williams! Great photography throughout. I am less happy with the number you have already reached...;). 187 ! I am about to start the processing work on the images I took back from Namibia, so I'll join in again soon......
  12. Thanks for all the good wishes and I hope you’ll have a wonderful time in the Kruger @Tdgraves; it’s a very special place! And an email to you is of course our top priority, @xelas
  13. You’re building up an Impressive Oman collection!
  14. Thanks @Peter Connan, @Galana, @xelas ! This is it from Holland for now. Tomorrow we’re off to Namibia, so a different set of species altogether. Judging from Galana’s recent experienceit is doubtful if I can contribute to the thread over there, but at least I’ll try and follow what’s happening in the big year. And swamp the thread with a host of Namibian additions I hope....
  15. 18. Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Arkemheen, January 2018. Also with the 1.4 converter.

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