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  1. Scary night, @xelas, but what a magic place! Excellent photos again ( including your pano shot...)!
  2. Your beautiful Farne Island photos bring back good memories, @Soukous!
  3. @Peter Connan I only found this trip report yesterday, as (like @Tom Kellie) I had been looking in the wrong place: trip reports->africa->namibia. I could have missed it altogether, I can't bear the thought...! What an absolute joy to read. I do love your style of writing, with gentle humour, detailed descriptions and ability to catch the mood of the moment in words. And added to that lots of great photos. Your night sky pictures are surely among the best I've come across. Let me know when you are giving a course on this . It must have been a great trip, with so many exceptional sightings, both in terms of wildlife and scenery. Thanks for sharing all these precious moments with us!
  4. Well done with reaching #300! An a striking bird, indeed!
  5. Great photos and tales of the first days, @xelas! The scenery pictutres are brilliant and, of course, also the photos of the dune tour creatures. I can't wait to read your next installment, but now I know more about all the challenges you have to face in putting together this trip report, I will be patient :)!
  6. For a crop like that it's pretty amazing!
  7. That looks like a 400mm iPhone!
  8. You're certainly reaching respectable numbers, @Dave Williams! And it's only June...
  9. I've now been at the Bee-eater colony where you took your beautiful pictures. Thanks for the tip and your detailed description, @michael-ibk! I'll post some photos later.
  10. Beautiful shots on this outing. Agree with the others about the Spotted Crake. Really special sighting!
  11. I know all about old bodies not coping well with grey weather, @@xelas, I feel it every day .You certainly have been unlucky with the weather, but I trust that will change when we meet later this month. The Hooded Crow is a rarity here. When I was younger I used to see quite a few every winter, but not anymore. It's a good thing you got some warmth in Namibia!
  12. We're going to leave out the Johannesburg part (we'll be back!), because of the total cost, but the Namibia plans are becoming quite definite, with Etosha, Kunene River and the Okavango Panhandle all included. Late January 2018 for four weeks!
  13. 234. Sandwich Tern. Petten 25th May. On its way back to the breeding colony with its catch. As the all follow more or less the same flightpath to their noisy relatives, you get ample opportunity for flight shots with a little patience. I think this concludes the photographic opportunities so far (unless I have overlooked some), but this weekend we'll head out for a trip to Hungary, Seewinkel (thanks for all the info @michael-ibk) and Slovenia, so I hope to et back with more additions!
  14. Eurasian Spoonbill. Not counting as I've photographed it earlier, but this one allowed me to get quite close and the second picture shows the characteristic way it feeds, sweeping its bill from side to side.
  15. 233. Tree Pipit. Drente 17th May.

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