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  1. Beautiful additions, @TonyQ ! Love your Red Kites shots.
  2. Judging by the all black cap I don't really think so, just a darker version than I have seen so far.
  3. That is a really dark specimen of the Whiskered Tern, you managed to catch @Peter Connan! Excellent set of shots, of course.
  4. Great collection of seabirds from Lunga @TonyQ! And a Golden Eagle too!
  5. Or just a juvenile Black-headed Gull.........
  6. What a beautiful collection of Namibia birds you have shown us, @xelas! A joy to browse through every time. Excellent photography throughout!
  7. More than excellent sightings! Love the Snow Buntings. Is the teaser a Red Phalarope perhaps ?
  8. I do agree with them both looking like Cape Glossy Starling. The Greater Blue-eared has a distinct 'ear patch' and its back looks much greener. This is one I caught 3 years ago in the Northern Kruger area: To compare: Cape Glossy Starling in The KTP.
  9. Worthy collection of pipits and cisticolas, @xelas. LBJ's like no other and therefore not my favourites, in spite of the excellent photography ! I'm a little hesitant about #194 the Long-biled Pipit and #196 Tree Pipit, but then I'm far from an expert! There markings on the head with the Long-billed Pipit appear to be more prominent and the breast paler that they should be. On the other hand the base of the pill is pinkish, which does point to the Long-billed P. With a Tree pipit the striping should extend to the flanks, I think, which they don't here. In both cases African Pipit may be the alternative. I'm curious what the real experts say. Because of some health problems I am confined to the house, so I have nothing better to do than nit-picking on matters I'd better leave to others.. Most importantly, the photos are of an invariably high quality!
  10. Excellent set of the Malachite Kingfisher, @Peter Connan. Three flight shots, now that's a challenge!
  11. A new wonderful thread to browse through! Your skies were very grey indeed, @Galana, but even in those conditions you've come up with a great collection. Wattled Cranes, wow! Mahango sounds like a good place to go to. Looking forward to more!
  12. I was thinking along those lines, too.
  13. namibia

    An enjoyable read @garito01 with lots of beautiful photos!
  14. namibia

    And finally you get used to that, return home and the same thing happens all over again...;)
  15. Excellent raptor shots, many of them in flight! They are all very good, but the White-backed Vulture stands out for me. What a majestic bird. Well done Zvezda! (Hasn't that Wahlberg's Eagle strayed a little from its usual distribution area? Distribution maps may well be outdated, though))

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