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  1. The pan at our Kanga camp in Mana Pools National Park is a favourite spot for predators to rendezvous as they lay and wait for opportunities to act upon their natural instincts in order for them to survive. Being a huge draw for most animals, especially in the dry season when precious water is scarce, it can unfortunately be perilous for prey species. Our newly released seasonal calendar can show you more about the dry winter seasons, and any others you might be wanting to know about. This waterhole is approached cautiously by many when thirst hits home, but some succumb to the burning dehydration and ignore standard safety procedures when the chance to drink water arises. “We sat one afternoon watching the game coming and drinking at the pan in the Kanga Camp. A pride of 6 lions was amongst the last visitors and after quenching their thirst they scattered and planted themselves strategically around the pan. We all knew that a disaster was about to unfold. A pack of 20 wild dogs including 6 pups came through from the far end of the pan, all in a rather jovial mood to have their last drink of the day before they could go out on their evening hunt. Not heeding any safety measures, they walked themselves directly into the middle of this setup… We could sense some excitement in the pride as prey drew closer. Within a split of a second, the lions were all over the dogs and all that was left was a whirlwind of dust and piercing screams from the dogs. The charge and kill took approximately fifty six seconds, and sadly, the dogs left two pups less, and without even drinking.... Nature’s ways!!!” - Bono Lunga (professional guide for African Bush Camps) Although the result of this encounter was indeed saddening, as Bono says above, this is the way of nature and as responsible conservationists it is not appropriate to step in- as difficult as it is due to the fact that wild dog are listed as Endangered on the Red List of Threatened Species. We prefer to let the life in whose territory we are visitors, play out naturally. With this in mind, all of us at African Bush Camps are doing our utmost to protect and save what we have left of the wild dog in Africa, and we will go to all extremes as professional guides and conservationists to prevent the slightest unnatural manoeuvre that might occur not only to the wild dog, but to all species in the bush. This encounter was not the only one of its kind of late. Guests have been enjoying watching a ton of action around our Kanga camp - this being the only water source for miles! In the video below, unlike in the event above, the role of the wild dogs is reversed as they are seen to be chasing and bringing down a young kudu at the pan.
  2. Egyptian Eagle spotted at Kanga We have some exciting news to share with the SafariTalk community! Recently, at our Kanga Camp in Mana Pools, two of our guides, Nic Polenakis and Cloud Magondo sighted an Egyptian Vulture. As we are sure most of you know, this is an unbelievably unusual sighting as Egyptian Vultures are only rarely found in our part of Africa, as vagrants. These Old World vultures are usually only located in North Africa and the Northern region of Kenya, hence, Nic and Clouds’ thrill and excitement when they came across this one and managed to get a few wonderful shots with the camera. This is massive news for Zimbabwe’s birding community. Nic and Cloud feel very lucky to have seen something so unusual, and we feel privileged to have such knowledgeable and passionate guides at our camps. We can only hope that a sighting such as this one will be documented again soon in Zimbabwe. Until then, we will be enjoying all the other wonderful bird life that Mana Pools has to offer.
  3. Located on the border of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, on the banks of a lagoon flowing into the Khwai River, is the remarkable Khwai tented camp. Around here is where we find all sorts of the wildest, most captivating scenes on the continent, and what better than to be sharing these magical moments with the SafariTalk community? We suspect some of you avid bush hoppers will appreciate this exciting update showing some wildlife that has been sighted in the Khwai Community Area, and that you too could have the pleasure of witnessing all of this for yourself one of these days! Here’s a bit of what you could expect to see… These leopards really seem to be enjoying the sun for a change. You’re lucky if you catch these carnivores about in broad daylight due to their sneaky hunting patterns, which happen ever so quietly in the black of the night, but at least you know you have a chance to witness it in the Botswanan bush! Mother and cub bonding being experienced over a morning meal. After what, we are sure, was a long night of hunting, this beautiful lioness can keep her cub full and strong. No doubt that this healthy young cub will be catching its own prey soon, and we look forward to our team of Professional Guides at Khwai tracking scenes of its life as it grows. Here we have an extremely rare sighting. We had the opportunity to witness not only a pack of wild dogs lazing in the sun, which is a special sighting on its own, but we were also around when a few elephants approached them. Neither are looking too settled with the situation they’ve found themselves in. It’s always a thrilling experience watching encounters and interactions in the wild, especially when neither “walk away”. Here’s more of a calming scene that can be viewed in the Khwai Community Area. These elegant giraffes wander about peacefully with a fiery sky above them.. It is the quiet, serene moments like this that make being in Africa such a spoil.
  4. Check out our recently published article in Africa Geographic if you're planning or interested in going to Zimbabwe in the future!
  5. Travelling to Zimbabwe/Botswana What better way to get to know you than to spend some time together at our camps? We want to make sure you get the most of your stay. We have plenty of camps to experience, but we want to help you find which one best suits you. You might want to look at our Seasonal Calendar in regards to finding the best time of year for you to visit one of our camps! This is a helpful tool provided by us to make your stay personal and unique. There are plenty of specials being offered right now that could be specific to you and your stay depending on who you are going with and when you would like to safari. safari× specials× African Bush Camps× Africa× Zimbabwe× Botswana× season× travel×
  6. This was a video we shared on our YouTube page called, "An Attempted Hunt". It certainly was a change of pace for this cheetah! The outcome is not what most would expect. Enjoy! Visit our site: Connect with us: https://www.facebook...fricanbushcamps Tweet at us: Check out of videos: Get LinkedIn with us: https://www.linkedin...ican-bush-camps Look at our pictures: https://www.instagra...ricanbushcamps/ Attached Images

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