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  1. Damara dik-dik from Erindi private game reserve, Namibia.
  2. Etosha-giraffe. 42 days until i leave for the next adventure! My oh my :-D
  3. very good trip report, great sightings and well written!
  4. oh, lucky you, cheetah! I cross my fingers for a sighting this year! Was this on the fischer`s pan route? Very nice pictures, can`t ask for better light! Could those lions be suffering from the white muscle decease?
  5. Interesting to read your thoughts on Okaukuejo, totally different from my experience. surely, i have very little in the way of places to compare it with, and for a first-timer, maybe i was oblivious to these things, it was 14 days of pure excitement for me :-) We stayed in the chalets by the waterhole, and i thought those chalets were very decent. And the waterhole is great around the clock. We were having our hottest days in this camp, with temperatures reaching above 40c, so the last day, we decided to just stay by the waterhole instead of doing evening gamedrive in that heat :-) For me Actually Halali was the least favourite place, i thought it was a bit run down, and the AC in the chalet i was staying in was almost coming off the wall, making a racket when it fired up, glad i had my noice cancelling headphones :-D
  6. Correct, i head back down there 16th november, so it`s getting closer now!
  7. great reading!
  8. I really adore squirells, they out me in such a good mood :-)
  9. some friday-bears :-) have a great weekend everyone!
  10. I remember Tamron had a lenshood on the old 200-500 that allowed turning the pol-filter, it was really a clever solution.
  11. 70 days until i depart for Namibia again! Oslo via London to Jo`burg, then onwards to Windhoek with comair. I am actually leaving on my birthday this time! How is that for a birthdaypresent to myself ;-)
  12. a tender moment in etosha
  13. I just got a very good deal on a sigma 50-500 os, i just could not pass it up for the price i payed. I had this lens when i was shooting canon, and i missed it, it is so convienient and well made, and i predict it will be a great lens for my upcoming Namibia-trip.
  14. Awesome stuff, great pictures, magnificent sightings! I don`t dear to hope for most of these species for my upcoming trip, but leopard i cross my fingers for this time :-)
  15. WOW, ajm057, looked through the whole hunt on flickr, what a sighting! How was you adrenaline-level during this sighting? :-D
  16. thanks for all your input everyone! Have not pulled the trigger on the lens yet, but something will be bought before i head south in november. Just have to pay the rest of the trip first, before i buy more gear ;-) It would be cool if you would post a couple of pictures here taken with the lens btw, if you want :-)
  17. Does anyone of you use this lens and have any opinions of this? I`m contemplaiting this lens for this years Namibia-trip, i aim to lighten my photobackpack a little this year as airlines get more and more strict with handluggage-weight. My kit this year will consist of a D500, and either one more D500 or a D750, i haven`t made up my mind yet wich to buy. Lenswise the sigma 150-600 sport will be doing some hard work, and as mentioned the 70-200 f4 is under consideration. I think this will be a pretty good setup and give me a little more ease of mind, handluggage weight-wise than last year lol. Should be interesting to hear from someone who have used the lens in question on safari!
  18. namibia

    Wow, awesome! Great sightings, what a powerful coalition of lions! You are very lucky :-)
  19. Ever had a dream so lifelike that you could swear it was for real, a dream where everything is perfect and great, just plain awesome alltogheter? Then all of a sudden you wake up and realizes that it was in fact a dream? Well, that is sort the feeling I have now. I`m back home everybody, from my first trip to Africa, and what can i say? WOW! What have i just experienced? I have experienced so much, and there is so many impressions i have to let sink in. I am returing home with apprx 27.500 pictures taken. the dunes of Sossusvlei with all its shapes and colors, dead vlei, Erindi game reserve, an awesome awesome place where I had my first encounter with a big and healthy lion-king, the king of beasts himself. That first moment of eye-contact with him when he walked passed our car just pierced right through my very soul. Strenght, power, wisdom, beauti, all in that first moment. 4 one year old lion-sisters showed me the tru meaning of girl-power, never have i felt such levels of adrenalin rushing through my body, just writing this now gives me goosebumps. They put on a show! Wilddogs on a kill, a newborn giraffe, It was something to see the pack having a feast, but it was brutal, really brutal, I`m having trouble using the word awesome for that sighting, but it`s the circle of life. I felt really bad for the mother giraffe seeing her newborn getting torn apart though.. Etosha, indeed the great white place! We had many great sightings, the park was really genereous on lions. The elephants though, we almost lost hope of seeing them until the second last day in okaukuejo and the trip, a decent large herd came walking in and saved the trip elephant-wise. So you understand that i had a great time. I have to sort some pictures and let it sink in some days before i getting started with a more detailed report, hope you keep checking in on my thread! :-) Here is on of many pictures taken, some of etoshas many inhabitants. _ASW0531 by asgeir westgård, on Flickr More to come!
  20. very nice :-) Your Erindi-installment takes me back :-) Can`t wait until november :-)
  21. very good, then i hope for many small lions in november 😉 enjoyable report! no leopards?
  22. the golden morning light. What a great way to start a day, with the king of the savannah.
  23. Sunbird from one of the camps in Etosha, but wich one of the sunbirds is it? Thank you for any help :-)
  24. kicking some life into this thread again :-)

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