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  1. 2018 will not see me travel to africa, but 2019 i will go again. I have two options that I consider. I have an invitation for a two week trip to the Kalahari in Botswana, or a trip I will take on my own, although meeting up with other participants, in the sabi sands, Djuma p.g.r, with an agency called at close quarters that does photographic safaris and get very good reviews. I have not decided yet, but as of now the weight tips in the favour of the sabi sands, try a little different enviroment. I will keep you posted as to how this turns out!
  2. Thank you, I`m glad you liked the pictures :-)
  3. Namibia, the wonderful! Woooooow, the countdown is at 0, the day is finally here! In just a few hours, I am airborne and on my way to Namibia, once again! The excitement is beyond words as i post this! I have thought about how to write this years trip-report, as last years,, I never completed because i got lost in dates and places etc. So I think I have a better «strategy» in my mind this time around and as you can see with this first installment even before I have left home, I feel confident that this report will take you from the first to the last day! We will travel with the same little company as last year, but our guide from last year, Tommy, sadly had an accident, and for the longest we and he hoped that he would be well enough to travel, but sadly, his doctor has grounded him, so no Namibia for him this time around. So the trip-leader will be another one in the same company, a very proffesional fellow, but he has never been to Namibia before, but they choose to do it like this instead of cancel the trip, wich all of us is very happy for. So this year, I am the «experienced» one 😊 and they have actually asked if I can be of assistance in anyway I want, and of course I will, these guys have become my friends, so I am happy to help in any way I can! In Namibia we will be driven and guided around by the same company we had last year, a Namibia-based company called, wich specializes in Namibia and Botswana, and makes the trip smooth and hassle-free for us. Well, smooth is up for debate considering the roads in Namibia driving in a safari-specced landy, but you know what i mean 😉 Unlike last year when Air Namibia flew us down south, and qatar via doha homebound, this year we will travel with british airways via heathrow and jo`burg both ways, so one more stopover this time. BA was in fact my suggestion as they have a class between economy and business( with a good amount of added comfort, and it does not cost the white out of ones eye. I am quite tall with some extra «padding», so it is a nightmare for me to fly in economy, so i was happy to get some more room for my legs and overall myself this year! And also, today is actually my birthday, so if I am offered a bubbly drink aboard, I think i will say yes to it this time, although i`m not much of a drinker! Can`t think of a better way to spend my birthday 😊 However, since we are flying BA we had to depart a day before planned due to flighttimes and bookings, so we will spend the first day and night in Windhoek before we head down to sossusvlei on the 18th and spend the two first days there at Then we head back up north and will spend two days at, doing a total of 6 game-drives, 18 hours of game viewing 😊 Then off to, where we will cover the park from east to west, starting at, then, before we end the trip in , same as last year, wich I think is great as this time I know what to expect and have the opportunity to plan a little ahead, photowise! And this is where the anticlimatic part begins, the jorney home, with a mind full of new memories and harddrives full of pictures! Also worth mentioning is that i have shedded a great amount of weight in my camera backpack this time. My Nikon D500 will be fitted with a Sigma 50-500 OS, and I just recently bought a D7500 wich will be fitted with a new tokina 16-50 f.2,8 i bought (i really like Tokina, they are great lenses built like a tank at an affordable price), so i think i have all the range i need in a very managable weight! I will also bring a lightweight tripod as the moonphase is favourable to try some nightsky-photo, we`ll see if i get some decent shots, it`s new to me. Lots of memorycards, and my new microsoft surfacebook that i purchased earlier this year, as well as 2x1tb external hdd`s, lots of extra batteries, chargers, the works, so I think I have everything covered! My initial thoughts is to write this trip-report «live», as in writing a little bit for each day that passes when the impressions and thoughts are fresh, obviously to save and post when i get home, not to much in the way of internet down there. However, I`ll have to see how this plan turns out, it`s easy to have this plan now, but follow through when every day is an adventure.. Well, we`ll see! Well, that is about it for the introduction to the trip i suppose, it`s time for me to leave the winter and head for summer! Oh, btw, I might have a little surprise for you up my sleeve in the final part of the trip report, so stay tuned! «TBC»….
  4. Erindi. (picture heavy, be warned) 04.30 we were packed and ready to drive the long jorney northbound to Erindi, with the first hours with gravel roads before getting onto the blacktop the last remainig hours. Namibia is a large country, and the all the driving on a actionpacked tour like this in a landy defender is not for the comfort-minded traveller 😉 But hey, we`re not here for the comfort, we`re here for the safari-experience! The last 45 minutes or so into Erindi itself is gravel again, but by then at least I was so excited to be back there and was almost shaking in anticipation of what the reserve would have to show met his year! Checking in, signing the no resposability waiver, and getting settled in the room was a breeze, and it was a happy safarigoer that could turn on the AC, take a shower, get into new clothes and have a coke from the minibar while sitting outside watching an elephant mudbathing itself. This for me, was when the trip really hit the ground running 😊 Would my dream of the elusive spotted cat come true this year, or would I end up with a valid reason to come back next year? What about the lions, would they put on a show this year like last time, showing us how a real hunter operates? There was many questions in my head, but no matter what, my motto is I am not dissapointed by what I don`t see, I am excited with whatever mother nature chooses to show me! As last year, we got a vehicle for ourselfes, and we also got our favourite guide from last year, Fn, he is the kind that does that little extra for his guests, as well as being very knowledgeable, and I think he had as much fun as us driving around, both when just bumbling about, and the accational «ferrari-safari». Unlike last year when the drought had taken its toll on the nature, it was a joy to be in a green, lush enviroment, it was very very beautiful, the smells, the sounds. The animals were in a total different state of mind it seemed this time around, as to last year when they had to feed them to keep them alive. Of course it meant a little more driving to find the animals, but i enjoyed it very very much, and could easily stayed an extra day or two 😉 Ok, enough talk, picturetime perhaps?
  5. Thank you very much :-) Yes, the brown hyena was a unexpected sighting, it was very special to me! Next installment will be up and running either this evening or during tomorrow!
  6. Thank you very much! :-)
  7. Thank you very much! More will come, I will just let the first part "sink in" a little first :-) You will love it, but january, you might get a fair share of rain i think :-) Yes, dead vlei is best in the evening, so please consider it, but don`t tell anyone ;-) The light is best, and you will be there alone, or close to it. Only thing is, you will have to push it to get back to your lodge in time ;-)
  8. Yes, it was truly amazing, and not something you see every day, maybe the most special sighting the whole trip! Thank you, it`s hard to choose wich pictures to show, I tried to take a little different pictures this year :-)
  9. Thank you so much 😃
  10. The jorney south. After a long day of travelling, we finally arrived at the airport. unlike last year, we were through passport and baggage reclaim in a breeze, and were met by Walter, our guide in the arrival hall. good thing I was on this trip since i was the only one that knew him from before :-P Our first port of call was the pension moni, a quiet and nice place with a bird garden and a semi habituated yellow moongoose! We went for dinner at, where else, Joe's that first evening for some good meat and slme cold beverage in our glasses, very nice! I fell asleep very quick that evening, and slept good all through the night. We started early morning from Windhoek towards Sossusvlei, driving the route through the spreetshoogte pass, and all to Solitaire, where something cold to drink and various cakes was eaten. The applecake is the popoular choice, I don`t like it, so i opted for a delicious cinnamon-roll. Onwards to the sossus dune lodge, just like last time. Much much hotter this year, i would say a little to hot for comfort for me, with temperatures steadily in the 40`s C. If i were to book a stay in Sossusvlei, personally i would stay at one of the lodges outside the gate, the comfort is better. I would gladly sacrifice the one hour jumpstart in the morning into the dunes for better sleep quality, and also that one hour does not have that much effect if you don`t plan to do the dead vlei in the morning. We did dead vlei in for sunset, wich also means that the vlei has very few visitors. It was very nice to be back in sossusvlei, had a great couple of days, with photographing, quite a lot of walking, sore legs, exhausted and happy, with a really cool sighting that stands out, for me at least! Solitaire! My first attempt at nightsky photo, not perfect in any way, but fun to try! Brown hyena in the dunes! Wow 😊 A highlight!
  11. I will try to have something ready by then i think :-) I will try to get cracking on the Sossusvlei-part in a few days :-) Where are you going, Namibia you as well?
  12. So I am back home in a winterly Norway, walked in the front door right before noon. It`s very anticlimatic getting home after a trip like this, but I don`t have to explain that to you guys ;-) It has been a fantastic jorney, I feel i got a whole lot more out of the trip this time then last year, and although a lot of pictures naturally has been taken, I had more of a calm inside me now, allowing me to take it all in in a different way than a year ago. The main part of the trip report shouldn`t be all that many days away, I think i have it all better planned out now! Hope you all will follow my jorney! Here`s a little something to keep the thread warm :-)
  13. just a little something to start with 😊
  14. 900km of gamedriving 50+ lions, including a brute that would send the most notoriuos of lions running, and probably has done just that countless zebras, gnu, giraffes and general game wonderful elephants my first Etosha cheetas birds, birds and birds etc etc That`s a wrap people! A wonderful magical trip has come to an end, just one night left in Windhoek where we are now, then it`s back to reality until next time! The addiction that is Africa is growing stronger each time, and there is no cure apart from going back. I have lots of pictures to work through, so stay tuned, and this trip report will go live during the first half of december!
  15. Greetings from Namibia! Currently in Erindi, it`s so beautiful here now compared to last year, so green and lush, happy animals, happy people! LIttle harder to spot the animals of course, but you won`t hear a word of complaint out of this mouth, I`m in heaven :-) Hope you are all ok :-) Check in with you later!
  16. Hello everybody! Just checking in to say we have arrived in sossusvlei, now enjoying a double GT, i can not start to describe how good that tasted again, one year since last time! Just a relaxing afternoon and evening today, tomorow the adventure begins! Hope you are all ok!
  17. Beautiful of the cheetah! I believe they are a division of the Naankuse-foundation, and they are doing great work for sure :-) Great report thus far, I follow intently :-)
  18. Looking forward to follow this report! 8 days until i`m heading to Namibia again myself!
  19. Zebra and more zebras in Etosha NP! 8 days left til depature!
  20. Enjoying eachothers company. Thought this picture was kind of adorable :-)
  21. Damara dik-dik from Erindi private game reserve, Namibia.
  22. Etosha-giraffe. 42 days until i leave for the next adventure! My oh my :-D
  23. very good trip report, great sightings and well written!

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