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  1. i can only compare to the d4s, D5 is well out of reach. Of course the d4s has an advantage on high iso, and full frame will always have that advantage, but as far as dx goes, the D500 is really good, i have no problem using 6400, have shots up to iso10000 that i have no problem using. AF-wise, in my opinion the d500 outperform the d4s. 1 fps less in the d500, but for me at least that 1 frame is no dealbreaker. And the shuttersound is much quieter, very very big deal for me, the d4s is loud, no doubt. D4s will take a bit more rough handling, and batterylife is better.. I have already bought extra batteries, and will get a few more, so not really an issue. I love my d500, and can`t wait to use it in Africa!
  2. Great tripreport, enjoyed it very much! I Hope to get the opportunity for more bird-photo next time around :-)
  3. I finally got myself a D500 togheter with a sigma 150-600s. I absolutely love that camera, so much that i think i`m selling off my d4s and getting a second D500. It`s almost two cameras for the weight of one when it comes to air-travel. It is a really good piece of equipment.
  4. Sossusvlei, can`t wait to be back!
  5. Finally some rain? That`s good to hear, but i`m sure it`s more of a challenge finding animals as you say. Enjoy your trip! More pictures coming soon!
  6. Catch a low-fare over to Oslo and fly Ethiopian from here :-) They start up the new ADD route soon and have good introduction prices :-)
  7. I have more pictures for you! It`s kind of hard picking out a few to put in this thread, I am spoilt for choise. We are still on the 16th nov and on the fischers pan route in the Namutoni-area, lots and lots of animals, plenty of giraffes around in particular! Xelas : that would surely be a disaster, but i always travel with two cameras, so i hope i will never experience a total camera failure.. That heat haze is indeed annoying, but what can you do :-) Hot hot days in Etosha! More to come!
  8. Hello everyone! Everyone having a good start of the new year so far? Sorry for the "slight" delay in this thread, but time has been running away from me, but i hope you can forgive me for this! I think i it`s time to continue the jorney! It`s worth mentioning, although i think i have mentioned it in another thread, I will be going back to Namibia in november again, I simply couldn`t resist when the trip was being arranged again this year. And now i know what to expect, sort of, and where I am going, so i can plan ahead a little bit more! Regarding the next installments, wich will be the Etosha-part, I have to admit that I didn`t take any notes as to what different wateringholes we where at, rookie mistake i guess, but this result in that I have no chance of linking pictures to the wateringholes, very sorry for this! I will however make it three parts for the various camps we stayed at, and what pictures belongs to each of the camps, that`s as close as i can get to location. Well, with that info out of the way, i think we jump right in, our next stop, the Namutoni camp! After a long drive from Erindi, with a lunch-stop in Tsumeb we arrived in the afternoon of the november at the Namutoni camp. A rather large camp and spacious with lots of vegetation and lots of birds to photograph. I did not get around to taking much bird-photos, but i will make sure to make time for that this year! The chalets was roomy enough not to feel cramped, and i found them to be clean and tidy upon arrival. The old fort surely worth a couple of pictures by itself, it`s really something else. I snapped a couple of pictures of the fort, and from top of it, as well as in front of the chalets and in front of the dining area : I know, i`m a sucker for useless effects apps on my phone Sometimes even I have to freak out a bit and just let my hear loose Well, over to some free roaming animals. My first meeting of Etosha, and I was very excited! Dry and arid was my first impressions, but that was kind of expected, so no big surprise there.. We had lotes of encounters, no big predators the first drive, but plenty of what you expect to see! And my personal favourite from that evening, the zebra in sunset! The next morning after a little food and a coffee, we headed right out, and went for the fischer`s pan route, hoping to maybe see a cheetah, however no luck. But we did however, have these two beautis for ourselves, no other cars around, just us! I think that was a great birtday-gift since the 16th was my birthday! Not to shabby for a first encounter the first morning in Etosha! They look quite young? what do you think? A young excluded male with a sister or a excluded female? They were lovely nontheless, and where very photogenice, and i think they knew it themselves ;-) My first Kori, and a couple of bat eared foxes! Not the best picture, but it was cool sighting in the morninglight! Lots of birds in in this installment in fact, but Etosha is a birding heaven and then some! More to come tomrrow! Hope you enjoyed the start of the Etosha-part!
  9. wow, truly amazing! Now i don`t know if i ever dare to update my tripreport with pictures from etosha, mine seems so mediocre compared to yours now :-O Great job!!
  10. hey everyone, if you wonder if i have forgotten about the whole trip-report, don't worry, I haven`t.. I`m just having a l long work-week including weekend, so not much time to work with what i would like to most.. But next week is a little better, so i think there will be an update during next week! :-) have a good weekend everybody!
  11. @@Dave Williams it`s coming :-) I`m sure you will have a great trip! It`s lots to choose from and ways to go down there, but no matter what you have planned, rest assured that the wildlife will not dissapoint you!
  12. great reading, great pictures! That 70-300 (the vr one) i remember as a good lightweight lens, takes good pictures!
  13. @@michael-ibk Wow, thank you! I`m so glad that my pictures and report so far is worth a look! Makes me happy! I`m very glad i found this website! Just stick around, more to come.. I have so many pictures from Etosha, hard to choose.. I`m working on it :-)
  14. stunning pictures! I have to check out that directional sign next year! Looking forward to more!

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