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  1. WOW, ajm057, looked through the whole hunt on flickr, what a sighting! How was you adrenaline-level during this sighting? :-D
  2. thanks for all your input everyone! Have not pulled the trigger on the lens yet, but something will be bought before i head south in november. Just have to pay the rest of the trip first, before i buy more gear ;-) It would be cool if you would post a couple of pictures here taken with the lens btw, if you want :-)
  3. namibia

    Wow, awesome! Great sightings, what a powerful coalition of lions! You are very lucky :-)
  4. very nice :-) Your Erindi-installment takes me back :-) Can`t wait until november :-)
  5. very good, then i hope for many small lions in november 😉 enjoyable report! no leopards?
  6. the golden morning light. What a great way to start a day, with the king of the savannah.
  7. Sunbird from one of the camps in Etosha, but wich one of the sunbirds is it? Thank you for any help :-)
  8. kicking some life into this thread again :-)
  9. All of your pictures, extraordinary! Amazing work :-)
  10. Thanks for your answer xelas! :-) regarding 150-600 and crop, if i understand you correct you are talking about the problem with heathaze taking pictures over a distance? In that case I agree with you, it`s a pain in a certain place :-P Already at 400mm on fullframe it shows, so i am not planning on using 600mm much over distance, but i do see some great possibilities on shorter distances for lions etc, especially at Erindi. I will most likely purchase the 70-200 f4, it is a lens that makes sense to me. I haven`t decided on the second camerabody yet, no rush.
  11. A jay lands on its branch in the first rays of morningsun.
  12. Secretary bird in Etosha.
  13. no rush at all. before november :-D
  14. new piece of equipment have found its way to my ownership. Not photoequipment really, but a new laptop, as i was in need of one. I really didn`t plan on spending much money on a laptop, has been my thought all the time, but since i had to cancel my phototrip in june due to a bad shoulder, i got refunded the whole amount of the trip, so i though what the h'll, and shelled out for a microsoft surface book. So now i have a very very good laptop to bring on my trips for editing on the go, and the other stuff one uses a laptop for :-)
  15. yeah, i know fullframe is "better" for landscape. I write "better" because is really comes down to what kind of images of the landscape one want, and what one have in the camerabag of wideangles. I travelled with two fullframes to Namibia last year, and although i`m sure this years trip also will see its fair share of sand-dune wideangles, I am focusing more on close-up details this year, i reckon the dunes haven`t shifted all that much in one year, and i have more wideangle dune-pictures on my harddrive than i ever will edit and use, but as it turned out, far to few close-ups and details-pictures. so that isn`t the main reason i consider the d750. It`s more noise-related really, and the fact that it is a good chunk of money cheaper then the d500. We`ll see. Now i am used to the d500 so having two of them would make life very easy. And taking into consideration that the majority of the trip we`ll be in Erindi and Etosha again for wildlife, the d750 is a couple of horses heads behind its smaller-sensor brother. And now i just realized, the thread was supposed to be about the 70-200 f4 :-D Anyone with something they like to share about that lens?

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