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  1. Thanks for the advice, @madaboutcheetah, @Geoff, @vikramghanekar. The thing is although I know that Great Migration is supposed to be wondrous, The thing is, we really are reluctant to be part of the huge crowds. I've been checking out your reports on South Luangwa and Mana Pools. Selinda Explorers Camp aside, the Great Plains camps tend to be out of our price range.
  2. Thanks so much @madaboutcheetah and @michael-ibk and @Geoff and @optig. Now, if we wanted to go on another safari, are there places you would recommend where we would see sightings as good as these (that aren't way more expensive)? We wonder if we haven't had an optimal experience, and might be better off letting this be the adventure of a lifetime. We can't afford to be adventurers like you guys and go a lot. At most we could go perhaps another time or two. Have a fabulous time at Selinda Explorer's Camp, @optig.
  3. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement!
  4. And, finally, one of our very favorite sights. A baby elephant tries to use its trunk to drink: Then gradually leans over and puts its mouth into the water:
  5. And THEN: a cross between a waterbuck and a red lechwe:
  6. Our last morning on safari before heading to Victoria Falls for a few days. A lioness (mother of the little cubs, we're told) leads a lion back to the pride.
  7. Uh oh. There's crocodiles in these waters. A conference about where to cross. They succeeded in crossing, and though we didn't stay with them the whole way, we heard they got their impala.
  8. Tonight: our last night on safari, we see the wild dogs beginning their hunt! It seems fitting that our first night showed the dogs hunting and our last night ends with the wonderful greeting ceremony and the beginning of the hunt. Here's a small section of the video we took:
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. On the way back some more elephants, then another pride of lions with cubs: Contemplative cub:
  11. The next day, wild dogs in the morning, on the move and then resting: Tonight, we will actually see them beginning a hunt! Not that we know that yet.
  12. The next morning we set out to find lions on a hunt. We found three subadults who were clearly intimidated by their mother(s) to stay put while the hunt went on. We stayed with these subadults for a long time, hoping the pride would return, but it did not. So on to some other sightings, including some elephants, a Verreaux's eagle owl, and a kudu, and a small jackal:
  13. After eating a wonderful lunch delivered to us and watching the hippos, we raced home to make it in time for dinner.
  14. They were left in a thicket by their mother who went out to hunt. Or did she . . . ? Or was she just trying to get for a little nap before the hunt. A big pile of lions sacked out in some shade:
  15. OMG the tiniest lion cubs: We watched them play and groom each other. There was a third, very shy, who was behind.

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