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  1. @@Kitsafari Thanks so much for another nice report on Zakouma. In the moment I'm very much attracted by the idea of going one day by myself to Chad (Zakouma and Ennedi) and see all this beauty with my own eyes. Tinga plus camping would be my preferred option for Zakouma. I hope there will be a way to do it like this in the future.
  2. @Paolo @inyathi @Michael Lorentz Thanks so much for this wonderful report, the beautiful pictures and all this amazing background informations. It was an fantastic reading. I really hope that we don't need to wait too long to get a glimp on Anita's new pics of Zakouma 2017.
  3. @@Sangeeta I think it's a very good compromise what you offer. Unfortunately for this time of 2018 we have another plan. I really hope that you can find a solution for 2019 to continue with this kind of trips to Zakouma. If so please let me know.
  4. Oh @@Caracal it's not a very special report it's only a report of places very seldom visited. Thanks so much for the flowers. After we was there and I read the book "Journey to the Jade See" I can't imagin how to do this journey by feed. I would die after the second day. I hope one day you will see this beauty by your one. I'm sorry that my english is too bad for a trip report in english and all of you has to strangle with the google translation. From this trip we only have three little video. I like to put this as the end to this topic for all of you but not sure if it will work. They all from Mara Triangle. Thanks Christa
  5. @@tony Busaga be happy to get every year enough guests how can affort your luxury serves. Could you imagine that there are people around the world how would realy like to see Zakouma on times in there live but looking for an affordable price. I don't talk about backpacking. Maybe you can't imagin. We had 6 wonderful nights in Liuwa in 2012 without a top end lodge. Basic camping in the community camps. We took a ranger from African Parks with us. This guy uses to work with Herbert Brauer for "The last Lioness". He was as fantastic as every top end Guide could be. Maybe nowadays with using for your exclusive rich guests the new top end lodge you would be for sure very afraid to see us on your game drive. Basic Camping means we look sometimes a bit dirty. We don't take care about but we loved this place as much as you guest love it.
  6. @@pault thanks so much for bringing an absolutely unknown piece of earth closer to me. The Great Hornbill pics are so nice. An amazing bird I only saw on times in a zoo. Safaritalk brings every day nature around the globe in my living room and give me ideas of new travel destinations. I hope we'll have a few more years to see a bit more from this wonderful world.
  7. @kittykat23uk you can go for your gorilla trek to Uganda. I don't think that Uganda will follow with this increas. Uganda has much more to offer than only Gorillas for a complete safari in this country. To me it looks like the consequence that a lot of scheduled tours from Uganda did the Gorilla trek in Rwanda because they couldn't get for example 8 permits for one starting point in Uganda for the same day. But they got it in Ruanda. As we where tolt from our guide in Uganda in 2014 Rwanda wasn't that strict in the number of tourists. Sometimes in the past they did a second trek to the same gorilla family on a single day.
  8. @@Chakra thanks so much for this trip report. It is so interesting to learn from you about a very special area from India especially as I'm just planning a longer trip to India for 2018.
  9. Ruaha November 2013
  10. @@IamFisheye thanks for all this beautiful pics and your detailed report. It helps to bridge over the time until September. I hope we'll be lucky as you in Simien.
  11. @@Raelond your trip sounds great. We traveled both ZIM and ZAM in November a few years ago. It could be hot. We had 40+°C in Mana Pools. Wearing a wet shirt in the midday time helps to coul down. During the night you can only lay on top of your sleeping back without clothes. With the Tsetse Flies you can't avoid to get sometimes beaten. Take fenistil gel on it and leave it. Don't scratch. The camps in Kafue are free of Tsetse and on game drives they burn Elephant dunk behind the car. It works well. Don't be worried about camping in Liuwa. There is only this few lions. Use a proper touch when you open your tent. As first shine in front of you before you step out. Later the same to the backside. Is there nothing around go only one meter behind your tent. I never would go far away to a toilet during the night. That's the normal way with basic camping. The animals don't look for a toilet in the bush. They have often used the same spot like you before. We always slept in basic ground tents in the bush.
  12. Welcome in the Mara Triangle I'm sorry for the long gap but I was struggling a bit with my licence from MAGIX to get it running on a new laptop to prepare a few little videos for this last part. ​@@pault I hope that Zarek will give us a few more inside knowledge on Naboisho in the next days. Thanks so much for you never ending interest on our long trip und your always nice comments. @@hannahcat Thanks for the flowers. Our last four nights we spend in the Mara Triangle. Zarek booked the Ndovu Private Campsite well in advance. It is a very nice spot on the bank of the Mara River. You have to think twice to book it because of this ridiculous expensive added booking fee. But in the end I would do it again. Part 8 the last one is online. Be welcomed to take a look on our homepage and straggle a last time with this crazy google english. Thanks all who followed us through Kenya. A special thanks to Zarek for a perfect trip. In a few days you all will get @@armchair bushman back to this forum. Next time if you like we can meet in Ethiopia. Thanks Christa
  13. It's from March 04th to March 12th 2018 from/to Frankfurt incl. Air France flights for € 3'490 pp with 6 to 7 pax (or you can have Zakouma as an extension to another 15 days camping trip incl. Ennedi with 5 to 12 pax). The Zakouma trip is 1 night N'Djamena, 1 night camping in Abeche, 4 nights Tinga, 1 night N'Djamena. Do you have a proper map from Zakouma?
  14. @@Paolo I'll let you know how it's going on. I got in contact with this company. You know I'm German. My first question was about accommodation. They use N’Djamena: Novotel, Abeche: Camping, Zakouma NP: Tinga Camp was the answer. Now I ask for Game Drives, Cars, Guiding and so on and I mentioned that Anitas wonderful pics are surely not from the area around Tinga Camp. I'll let you know about the answer as long I'll get one. Have a wonderful time with Anita in Zakouma.
  15. @ Paolo I did a bit research on Chad yesterday and was surprised to see a few of Anitas wonderful pics on the homepage of a German travel company. I hope the way how they get it is ok.[tour]=1656&tx_diamirtours_pi1[action]=show&tx_diamirtours_pi1[controller]=Tours

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