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  1. I'm sorry for the long silence here. My relocation from Switzerland home to Germany tuck me a bit busy and a very slow internet at the moment is not really fun. @Atravelynn to your question The first pic in the Mount Elgon part is Kitum Cave, the second and the third are from Makingeny Cave with the little waterfall in front of the entry to the cave. @Lyss and @viramghanekar thanks for your nice comments on this trip report. I think all the African countries has much more to offer than the touristic well known national parks and reserves. We'll try our best to visit a few more of the not so well known place in the future and bring it to a bigger audience on ST. Thanks to all ST members for your likes and your visit to our homepage. Lets meat next time with pics from Ethiopia. Christa
  2. Thanks very much @optig. I'm very excited especially about our time in the Danakil. This extreme landscape and how I'll survive on the hike up to Erte Ale as a total unfit person is permanent in my mind. We'll see. There are only three nights left until our start. Have a nice time in South Africa.
  3. @Sangeeta thanks very much for your kind words and your interest on our Uganda report from 2014. I'm sorry but time is in the moment too much limited to post it on SafariTalk. The next trip report here will be about Ethiopia. My relocation from Switzerland home to Germany and a terrible access to to the internet in the moment here in Germany is the reason for that. @FlyTraveler have a nice planing for your trip to Uganda. This country is very much worth to visit.
  4. Apoka Rest Camp is a place very connected with the HQ. It was not the place we wouldn't spent our first night after a late arrival in Kidepo at all. Too busy for us but of course it is the only cheap option inside the park without camping. A night drive in Kidepo has something to do with big luck like every night drive will be. UWA has there own open vehicle for the night drive. Your travel time should be much better for a night drive than ours because we had this very high grass what will be burned down later of the year.
  5. A few pics of this amazing lioness. Thanks Michael for sharing this information.
  6. @FlyTraveler have you ever thought about basic camping? If you like please take a look to our homepage. We did 30 days basic camping in Uganda with Guide and Cook. Camping in Kidepo and in the delta in Murchison Falls was amazing. Sorry it is written in German but Google translate will help you. Here is the link:
  7. @optig have a nice time in Katavi. I'm sure you will love it. As long as you have time in Arusha than you should go to This futuristic new building is home of an excelent very large african galerie. For me a must to see.
  8. @janzin it looks we'll start on the same day but our destination is different. Ethiopia is calling us this year. The trip will be covert the North and East of the country: Harar, Awash, Ankober, Guassa, Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Simien, Axum, Gheralta, Danakil. Very excited what Ethiopia has on offer for us.
  9. Congratulation to the wild dogs @pault. Thanks very much for showing us your incredible pics and the nice writing around them.
  10. @Kitsafari have you ever thought about a FZ1000 or so as a second camera? There is not so much different to the FZ200 in using. I have both but now use the FZ1000 for 99% of my pics. In the beginning you will struggle a bit with the lesser zoom but you can have a cropp afterwards.
  11. @atravelynn it's very nice to follow you through Ethiopia. Thanks very much for your detailed report. What does your Guides say about Somali Wild Ass in Ali Deghe?
  12. Wonderful reading. Thanks @pault for taking us on top of Mt. Ololokwe. I'm with you with all your feeling on the hike and when I think about our next trip to Ethiopia I can just see my face will be more red than yours.
  13. Oh @pault I'm sure you had a big adventure with Zarek + Vincent. Nice to read a new report. Thanks for getting started.
  14. Thanks for the start of your trip report. I was still waiting of this because we are going to Ethiopia on August 30. Can't wait for the next part.

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