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  1. For Tanzania I would say Selous + Ruaha + Zanzibar if Zanzibar is a must. But in general I would prefer Ruaha instead Selous if only one park could be included.
  2. @optig I wish you a wonderful time in Ethiopia and Zakouma too. I hope after our return I can see pics from the air of Gambella and that you get the luck to find the wild ass.
  3. @Caracal Thank you so much for all your flowers. It was really an amazing time. It was our big luck that I found Firew by accident planning and doing this trip with us by himself. Most impressive were this never ending fascinating landscapes and the people of Ethiopia. Ethiopia for a second time has to wait a little bit. As first Firew has to do is own research on Gambella about what's possible and what's the best time of the year for the migration. The Tribes and People of Africa have to wait too I'm sorry because tomorrow we are off for a long trip to India. So from May on I hope there will be step by step our first non Africa trip report with pics of another part of the world.
  4. I have to say a very big thanks to Jo @kittykat23uk and Jane for all the effort to plan this trip. We, my husband and me, are very excited to join this two lovely ladies in Brazil.
  5. @optig Please don't expect something very special with Semliki. The National Park is famous for the hot springs after an easy walk and a place for bird enthusiasts. No roade inside, only walking trails deeper in the forest. The Semliki Game Reserve is a place with a bit wildlife, but not easy to spot. Here the main attraction is a boot cruise in search for Shoebill.
  6. Why you don't ask both companies for email addresses especially from formal guests from Canada as a reference.
  7. Don't forget your VISA @janzin during your busy preparing.
  8. @Game Warden Thank you so much. I had to ask Firew our Guide about for how long the Afar extracting salt in this way. His answer is that the Afar have been doing this work unchanged for more than 1,000 years, as salt from the Danakil was already mentioned as a trade or medium of exchange during the Axumite Empire.
  9. @michael-ibk Many thanks. Ok, you had a home match without struggling with goggle English. Yes staying at the edge of the lava lake was like being on the entrance to hell. Very unrealistic but fascinating and absolutely worth to feel the camel all the way. You can't go closer to the edge. The lava is very much cracking under you. We were trying to go a bit around for a better view inside but after the wind changed direction we had to run away. Dallol is another completely unrealistic place. I'm very happy that it was possible for us to go on a private way to the Danakil.
  10. It's done. The last part is online. We are going to one of the hottest place on earth. Please be prepared for a lot of pics from incredible places looking like from another planet. Danakil Depression On the way from Mekelle to Abala A new road leads to Lake Afdera Lava field Lake Afdera - salty like the Dead Sea On the Way to Erte Ale Lava Lake on Erta Ale on 28/09/2017 On the Way to Dallol Dallol Helicopter from Tropic Air Kenya - grounded for 4.5 hours in the heat Mountains from limestone and salt Hot sulfuric lake Salt Miners Camel Caravans transporting salt Salt and water This is the end. The next morning we drove back to Mekelle. The other day we flue via Addis home. Thanks all for coming with us to Ethiopia with the big struggle in Google English. I'm sorry for that.
  11. My personal feeling is that the FZ1000 is much better in lower light than my old FZ200 I used before. I think it is the sensor and for the missing zoom a crop does it for me.
  12. @Zarek Cockar Nice to see you back in Naboisho. A fantastic place to do camping there.
  13. Thanks @Sharad Kumar Vats for the advise about the tempridgers. We'll be in Corbett in mid March. We'll have 1 game drive in Bijrani Zone and 5 in Dhikala Zone with overnight stays in the Forest Rest House.
  14. @ZaminOz The battery life is fine. Normally one is fine for two days but never counted the amount of pics. I looked into focal length: 25mm 2.8 30mm 3.0 55mm 3.4 75mm 3.7 200 to 400mm 4.0 I hope this helps.
  15. @ZaminOz I've used a Panasonic FZ1000 since our trip 2014 to Uganda. I'm happy with this as long as the photographer behind (that's me) is patient enough to do the job. I'm not a Photographer.

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