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  1. Yes, Best time to go are December to March and June to September Day hike, wildlife tours and cultural tourism From One day trip to 3 days safari are great If you want to do travel package including climbing Kilimanjaro to summit, then 8 -9 days is great
  2. West Kilimanjaro savanna is nomadic destination for wildlife safaris and Nature trekking West Kilimanjaro and Savanna nearby Amboseli This is exclusive Nomadic destination which includes Volcano Mountain, Forest, wildlife and savanna. Enduimet is Wildlife Management Area (WMA) which is part of Mount Kilimanjaro Conservation and local people Masai plus chagga. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and safari bookings Tanzania information portal. Nomad adventure destination Enduimet is near Engarusai Open Area to the west and the Kenyan border to the north, Amboseli. Tourists who do not want to make full climbing package to summit, can do partly trekking Kilimanjaro exploring beauty of Shira route and watching wildlife animals at place. Enduimet is a wildlife corridor at Kilimanjaro foothill via Kitanden and Irikaswa. These are ancient natural corridor occupied by elephant that climb its hidden valleys, gorges and high grasslands into the dense, secret forests of Kilimanjaro VS Amboseli browsing for food and salt lick. West Kilimanjaro and wildlife Wildlife safaris options are 4 x 4 game drives and walking safaris escorted by Maasai warriors to see many elephants with biggest tusks as well as popular With shy leopard, miniature dikdik antelope, and the tall, beautiful Lesser Kudu with its twisted horns etc. 2 days One Night at West Kilimanjaro Day 01: Drive to West Kilimanjaro to the Luxury tented Camp en suite near Shira. Tented camp a private concession of about 600 square km, bordering Kenya at Amboseli National Park, offers spectacular landscapes with Magnificent views of Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Ol Doinyo Longido and Ol Doinyo Orok. Maasai “bomas” are sparsely scattered in Sinya, with a total population of no more than 2.000 people living in a huge area. These Maasai are still living the traditional way and are not used to the commercial relationship with tourists that is common in more visited areas. They are spectacularly dressed and follow all the traditional ceremonies. They are very friendly and we have been able o developed a privileged relationship with them. This is a Community Conservation Project benefiting the maasai of Sinya. Second Day, Go to trek Shira Plateau Kilimanjaro road Kilimanjaro View and drive back to Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport. More reading and booking Vacation Trips
  3. Apart from climbing Kilimanjaro as an adventure, leisure Kilimanjaro tours is wildlife safaris. Shira route west Kilimanjaro is wildlife safari and trekking which is easier and not tough. A day trip is enough to see Elephants, Giraffes, Zebra, wildebeest, antelopes, Impala etc Magnificent Kilimanjaro views and Overnight at one of Luxury tented camps are amazing chance. If you choose one night at wilderness Kilimanjaro camps with en suite, you will see sunset Kilimanjaro and a lot of birds, resident wildlife animals and even leopard and lions. Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Co.Ltd is Tour Operator and one of main functions is to provide update information about destinations, wonderful things to do and much more. Migration Serengeti trend need advise on which Lodges and tented wilderness camps to overnight. Tanzania safaris travel deals are available. Travel tips about Kilimanjaro routes and safari itineraries are here.
  4. Hello New properties in Northern circuit safaris Tanzania Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Co.Ltd are Safari Professional Tour Operators, and Kilimanjaro climbing Outfitter in Moshi Tanzania. Below is best quality and low cost prices safari accommodation Name: Ngorongoro Oldean Mountain Lodge Type: Lodge Location - Tanzania, at Karatu Operator/owners: Wellworth properties Website and contact details: Photos/video if available. (If they are your not your photos, please obtain copyright holder's express written permission to post on ST and include a credit line.) Pricing details if known: Deluxe room price in High Season (275 US $ per person) and In peak Season, Price is 365 US $ per person Full board (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) are included.
  5. Congratulations Dianne, We appreciate your interest to consider Africa destinations especially East Africa. Your photos are Wonderful Tanzania is among East African countries and luckily Tanzania has 3 Natural Wonders among New 7 natural Wonders Africa. Competition to pick up New 7 natural Wonder Africa was run by USA based Natural Wonders Organization. Your clients who book Tanzania tours will be happy with your plans especially safari to Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro climbing trips, More about New 7 natural Wonders Africa... Serengeti Migration. Ngorongoro Crater. Mount Kilimanjaro. The Nile River. The Red Sea Reef. Sahara Desert. ... Okavango Delta.
  6. Safari booking tour offers include Serengeti migration to see wildebeest, Thompson gazelle, Zebra, Lions, Leopards and even Black Rhinos in Ngorongoro conservation area. Tanzania safari discount price is possible when safari consultant choose best quality safari lodges or wilderness camps on en suite tent room. Wildebeest migration is unique African safaris apart from big 5 wildlife animals watching. Giraffes and birds are more animals to see while on Tanzania safaris. Tanzania safari itineraries can be 4 days wildlife safaris, 7 days budget camping safaris, wonderful safari experience lodge safari, Kilimanjaro tours and nature trekking. New Safari properties for accommodation have added new taste to Safari goers. Ngorongoro Oldean Mountain Lodge, Kilima Moja safari Lodge Lake Manyara and Ole Serai luxury camp are modern lodges which blend culture and environment conservation. All these comes with discount tour offers for group of 4 people or more booking Tanzania safari. Cheap Tanzania safari is possible with expert research and choice of accommodation like camps and lodges. Ask for safari quotes and get cheap safaris travel deals Tanzania tour offers, safari itineraries, Kilimanjaro climbing, beach Holidays Zanzibar and price quotes
  7. @@Botswanadreams Thanks for comments and recommendation. Lake Chala Tented Lodge is affordable basecamp for preparing Kilimanjaro climbing trip like hiking gears and acclimatization. This is base camp place which is friendly and easily accessible from Kilimanjaro International Airport, IATA code JRO and to Kilimanjaro gate of any Kilimanjaro route. That Conservation fee was put to make sure the ecotourism status is protected and enhance responsible travel standards. How ever, this may be obstacle to many tourists, hence we will send them request to consider review the prices and then reduce the price of Conservation fee. Your question about Our connection to Lake Chala, is business partnership. Usually all Tour Operators do business with accommodation providers at particular destinations, usually not necessary to add webpage to Tour operator.How ever for benefit of tourists, I provide Lake Chala website here. LAKE CHALA WEBPAGE - Lodge and Campsite at base of Kilimanjaro Machame route 6 days Kilimanjaro climbing trip is one of affordable travel packages. Machame route 6 days Kilimanjaro trip climbing to summit, is easily accessible and planning is simple. Usually 6 days Kilimanjaro tour is time taken to ascend up to summit and descend down, so traveler should consider travel schedule with air flight from their country to Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO, usually takes a day to fly from Europe to East Africa and if fly from USA, it takes 2 days or less. So plan 8 days travel time. Booking online 6 days Machame route Kilimanjaro tours begin here.
  8. @@Botswanadreams Thank you for nice pictures and detailed report tourism review which will help more people across the world to know more about Mount Kilimanjaro short tour option. Some tourist think that Mount Kilimanjaro tour is need 6 or more days, but you have shown a real travel experience of day trip Shira hike adventure. I did know about House of West Kili, am one of many people who didn't know. Now, am aware of this nice place to base your Kilimanjaro trek and comfort accommodation at House of West Kili Can you share Price of room rates at House of West Kili?.......
  9. It is clear that if there is no Wildlife, tourism will have nig negative impact, as most tourists make leisure tours like Wildlife safaris and beach holidays. Apart from Leisure tours, adventures also attract tourists to Africa such as Tanzania and Kenya. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips are among famous adventure trips. Elephants and Black Rhinocerous are among famous big game wildlife in Africa which attract tourists to visit game parks and natural wonders.
  10. Kenya destroy by fire ivory stockpile worth 105m $ in a wildlife conservation effort and discourage illegal hunting of elephants. Discourage ivory trade and protects elephants for growth and sustainable tourism. if you kill elephants, you kill tourism and you kill economy.
  11. Travel tips and tourism review about safari special offers is useful to plan and book African safari holidays Tanzania safari means wildlife tours to watch wildlife animals in the National Parks and Game parks in Tanzania. Some travel tips needed to plan and get suitable safari offer to fulfill your interests and meet your budget include duration of safari holiday and standard of accommodation you choose. Tanzania safari accommodation include safari lodges and canvas tented camps. Safari Lodges vary in standard from moderate budget safari lodges, standard luxury lodges and luxury safari lodges while canvas tented camps are categorized in to Budget camping safaris, mobile luxury tented camps and permanent luxury tented lodge. So a holiday goer, must be well informed about wildlife destination accommodation options. Travel tips about lodges or safari camps helps to plan budget and understand what amount to spend, what is cost price of safari offers and what comfort you expect. Tanzania tours itineraries for wildlife safaris Tanzania, gives idea on what to plan and book. It depends interests of safari, so duration of safari will depend on interests and budget planned for travel. If you plan to visit many wildlife destination, then many days are needed. Example 6 days 5 nights safari and 7 days 6 nights safari Tanzania travel packages are sample itineraries enough to see all big 5 African wildlife species and wildebeest migration. It is travel plan which will enable tourist to visit all northern circuit game parks such as Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara. Safari car costs is constant throughout any accommodation choice, how ever 4 x 4 Wheel safari car will cost more for many days safari.
  12. Dear Game Warden, Matt.... List of Accommodation in Arusha useful for members include Hotels and Lodges. Hotel Accommodation in Arusha is travel tips useful for travelers. Travel tips include sightseeing places and tour booking travel tips. Below are moderate and budget hotels in Arusha, fits every pocket budget Mc Ellys Hotel, Silver Palm Hotel, Arusha crown hotel, Lake Natron Hotel - 60 US $ Double room B/B The Charity Hotel, Outpost Lodge, Nejoburg Hotel,Lushgarden hotels - 80 US $ Double room B/B Palace Hotel, Tellamande Hotel,Karama Lodge - 100 to 120 US $ Double room B/B Below is a Picture featuring scenery of Outpost Lodge Arusha More tourism reviews and travel tips for trip booking and safari planning
  13. Lake Chala Safari Camp is place of nature and tranquility at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, near Moshi town. Moshi is a basecamp tourist town whereby Kilimanjaro climbing trips are prepared. Lake Chala is located about 10 km from Moshi town. Lake Chala is a volcano crater lake in a caldera on the borders of Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro. Underground streams flows from Mount Kilimanjaro and fill up water of Lake Chala. Lake Chala Tented Lodge, location has marvelous view volcanic Kilimanjaro backdrop, hence is the perfect place to prepare for trek and absorb the serenity and tranquility of this romantic piece of African. Tourists can overnight at Lake Chala Camp after successful climb Kilimanjaro to summit or just before trek begin. Adventure travel packages climbing Kilimanjaro can be prepared to include One or more overnight at Lake Chala. It depend on Kilimanjaro route tourist choose, here are some Kilimanjaro adventures for trekking Kilimanjaro booking.
  14. During Tanzania safari, how to see wild dogs and Black Rhinocerous? In order to see all big 5 Africa wildlife animals, tourists have to do several things. First of all is to plan wildlife safari tour with schedule to visit more than 2 game parks. When you visit Serengeti National Park, wildlife animals to be seen include Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Bufallo, wildebeest e.t.c Ngorongoro crater is secure home to Black Rhinocerous and are seen during Tanzania safari. Tanzania safari to be complete need to include Tarangire National Park as it is amazing wildlife paradise for herds of elephants inside baobabs. Sample Tanzania safari itineraries include 7 days Tanzania safaris and 8 days natural wonders safaris, Discover travel deals on African safari holidays at Safari marketplace Tanzania safari booking and travel marketplace available at safari talk helps contribution of wildlife conservation news So wildlife conservation is important aspect to local community and tourists as well. Local community benefit from tourism investment while tourists enjoy seeing world natural wonders. Safari talk is ideal place to get update information on wildlife conservation development and safari booking marketplace.
  15. Safari talks is discussion forum which promotes wildlife conservation and responsible travel. Responsible travel is travel which seeks to conserve environment, avoid mass tourism and care community welfare. News about wildlife conservation efforts in Tanzania are encouraging ecotourism enthusiasts and nature conservation activists. Recently Minister of Natural resources and Tourism sacked Directors of Forest in Tanzania. The action came as report revealed massive illegal forest log harvesting. If people destroy forest, how can wildlife species like mammals and birds survive? A week later, two people were caught in an attempt to export Velvet monkeys to Albania. The Monkeys were caught from Lake Manyara, Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro National Parks. Tourists attractions include wilderness natural landscapes and all wildlife species present. Tanzania safaris is wildlife tours carried out in 4 x 4 wheel landcruiser and travelers expectation is to see all Big 5 Africa wildlife. Black Rhinocerous and Elephants are among big 5 Africa wildlife animals expected to be see in Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater.

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