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  1. @Tom Kellie thank you for your kind comments. The Karoo is certainly not everybody's cup of coffee - But if you want silence and open spaces - look no further
  2. @Towlersonsafari - thank you for your comment. We were there last weekend - and yes - seems they farm with rocks out there. Some say you don't go there for the wildlife - and after this weekend - I would totally agree with your observation.
  3. Just a short report on my experience of the Karoo National Park near Beaufort West, South Africa. My apologies if someone else has covered this before. We drove from Cape Town - took the scenic route - gravel roads and rather remote. The distance from Cape Town to Beaufort West is 462km, driving the back roads about the same - but it took us 13 hours as we stopped a lot - and drove quite slow, by choice. Staying over the first night at Kalkfontein Guest Farm, between Fraserburg and Beaufort West - which is totally recommended. We had a proper farm supper for R50 pp. The Karoo National Park is situated in the Karoo proper- with it's desert like conditions - it is very dry - especially at present. I visited from 15 - 18 June, with a friend, and our main aim was photography. A large part of the park is only suitable to drive in 4x4's (as indicated on the map and on the roads in places). You definitely need high clearance - but mostly we did 2x4, only switching to 4x4 twice - and once to Low range as I manage to get stuck in the sand. Seems that is my achilles heel - maybe I should stick to using my 4x4 to drive over pavements. The vistas are truly beautiful - if this is your kind of thing. The silence is absolute. The night-sky pitch black. We saw very few animals - the drought is partly responsible I believe. My only negative experience was that the roads on the 4x4 trails are NOT properly marked - and the map is seriously incorrect. A GPS with "Tracks for Africa" would have solved this problem, but of course I was not aware of this before hand. I expected properly marked roads! Geez what was I thinking! We encountered very few vehicles on the road, and if you broke down - it might have meant spending a loooooong time waiting for help. It's not like you can walk anywhere - lions are about (not that we saw any) - and of course there is no mobile reception on these tracks. We chose to stay in Afsaal Cottage - which is very remote too - 34 km from base camp - great cottage, outside shower. I had a shower - and at the appropriate moment another vehicle drove past. Of course I was in a state of complete undress. Perfect timing. Lucky them. (if you who saw me is reading this - go away - dont say a word! ) . The cottage has no electricity - and no mobile reception. Bliss. Braai, Gas cooking, and solar for the lights. I used my studio light's battery inverter to change batteries. Just across from the cottage - otherside of the riverbed - has a small waterhole. Saw a couple of antelope drinking. Sadly no lions!
  4. @xelas - if @Peter Connan can come down - he surely will. And Gorenjka chocolates will certainly help Just contact me closer to the time, and we can arrange something. LOTS of birds around here.
  5. @xelas I Live in Cape Town - so yes I am here. @Peter Connan might not be though - as he lives in a small little settlement somewhere outside of Cape Town GTG's are always great fun. @Peter Connan - I did one or two night sky photos - but uhm.... it was cold...
  6. @Peter Connan yes I came back late Sunday evening. I saw a LOT of Karoo!
  7. This trip falls into a special memory bank - a trip to remember for a life-time - and photos to look back on when you are 80 and sitting on the stoep of the old age home.
  8. Thank you for the kind comment. We both know the challenges of shooting underwater. I sometimes wonder how I even did that.
  9. The photos are unbelievably beautiful -!
  10. Nudibranch - False Bay - Cape Town
  11. I just sits
  12. I believe most reading this, including me, are green with envy. What a trip!

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