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  1. Lovely trip report!
  2. @COSMIC RHINOThe great white shark in South Africa is highly endangered with less than 500 sharks around - of which 89.4% shares the same DNA sequence. This is not sustainable. We also recently have the orcas around - and they have taken out a couple of great whites too. I was involved (as photographer) with the shark research program by Dr Sara Andriotti in the last couple of years. She darted and sampled 326 sharks. No babies. No one even knows where they breed. Info is really scare.
  3. Geez people - these brilliant images just keep coming and coming !
  4. Ye I like the grebe too. Thats an excellent shot! I find them difficult (the adults) lots of white that I tend to blow out far too often - especially since it's usually wet. Or I am just dumb Here is a grebe baby. I understand they can't swim after hatching - and catch a ride with the parents for a while. There are 3 babies in the one shot. These photos are 6 years old - excuse the quality
  5. I don't think it's important to say that a trip to ABC-city cost x$ for 10 days - I would be more interested in what one should plan for - eg - entry fees - like in Istanbul - buy one of those passes that allows you 5 entries how expensive is transport - eg - do you use private transport - is it expensive - rent a vehicle - or is the infrastructure suitable to hop on a tram or something like that. Tour operators usually list their package prices on their websites - but those are for fixed tours, that information is readily available. how expensive is food, accommodation - that kind of thing would be of interest to me. We dont always tally every single cent we spend on any trip - so ai general idea of what to expect can be useful. For Cape Town I will say this - the infrastructure isn't user-friendly for traveling. Trains are cheap but should be a no-no for tourist. Taxi's are expensive. Uber is cheaper. Car Rental is viable. Hop-on red tour bus is good - but limited.
  6. I think sometimes people are embarrassed to admit how much they spend on trips But I agree with you - it is something we are probably all interested in - maybe not at the time of reading the thread - but whenever you plan a trip somewhere - you search the topic - and find the info you need - the cost might therefor become important to others.
  7. @Peter Connan I have some - but I am not going to compete with the last one! But I now know where to find them - just about every single time I want to see them (besides in my garden that is)
  8. Thanks @Dave Williams - but seriously... The colony I stayed at - was 60 ooo birds big. Yes. They were all over one another. Unfortunately I didnt get them fishing - just breeding. But bottom heavy they are ...
  9. I must admit - my shots dont come close to the others posted in this thread - goodness gracious me - you people are GOOD! An absolute stunning thread. (and pics !!)
  10. Sorry for the late response @Peter Connan I have family visiting. And it IS as they say - family are like fish - after 3 days they go off. I had the privilege to spend 5 days in the middle of a Cape Gannet breeding colony. And I mean in the middle. I simply cant post all my favourites - it would fill up several pages.
  11. Tulips - I fully "get" what you are saying about feeling like a voyeur - one can never understand how the people of the townships really feel about visitors. But you are correct in saying that they benefit a LOT from visits - for some it means absolute survival. I keep thinking your photos are some of the best travel photos of Cape Town I have seen in a long long time. What gear did you bring along if I may ask?
  12. I really enjoyed looking at your photos! Very nice series
  13. oh you hit the nail on the head with that comment...
  14. Tulips - communication is key - exactly as you said.
  15. Xelas yes - obviously depending on what you like to photograph. And how much time you want to spend doing it, and remember I am talking from a photographic point of view - as I specialize in photographic tours. Other interests will be different. When we go out to shoot - we can get stuck in one location for hours - photographing birds (if the conditions are good) we go to one specific venue and can spend 5 hours just in ONE venue. Tourists generally move on quicker - because they have less time than us locals - and they want to see as much as possible. SO it does depend on your level of enthusiasm for shooting. Also keep in mind - not everybody is interested in everything - some might not like birds - that cuts out some venues. Some might only want landscapes - or wildlife. I dont do fixed tours in the sense of a specific route - my venues/destinations are dependent on what the client likes to shoot. So every tour can be different - and times vary - if you include sunrises and sunsets. And then there is traveling time..

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