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  1. I have found one is inclined to take too much food - it becomes a catch 22 if you cant replenish - but I try pack as little as possible. Even the smallest shop in the country usually carried tinned food. And @Peter Connan is right - dont be squeamish
  2. Rooiputs camps site, Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park in South Africa no drinking water, no electricity, no fences.
  3. Africa is probably more known for Tafelberg that any other mountain found in this country - and Cape Town wont be Cape Town without.
  4. @Dave Williams anytime. Sharks are a favourite of mine - we can talk.
  5. cool report. I was there about 6 months ago - I didnt enjoy the 4x4 route and neither did we see anything but Gemsbok. We saw a lot more in the first 10km after entering the camp
  6. @Davesg - if I look at your images you have nothing to be jealous about! Thank you for the beautiful comment. It was my virgin trip - so lots to still see - I would love to go back. and travel more of course.
  7. @Towlersonsafari - thank you very much. You and I think alike - in the big wild park - it's the little things I love finding. @peter Connan - I can sell you mine? so seriously - I am quite sure you have a stack of better ones on your pc
  8. I hope this is the right place to post this - I have just returned from the Kgalagadi - arguably the best National Park in South Africa. More opportunities for photography than you can dream of. And when the day is done - you shoot the stuff in the tree you are camping under. Or the Puff adder sailing under your chair. Or the Jackal that stole you dinner, or you chase the squirrel that climbs on your lap looking to steal your sandwich. Dont forget the scorpions you chase at night with a UV light. 13 Days felt like 3, temperatures between 38 and 45, wind storms, thunderstorms, but nothing is an issue as you get the shots. Thank you for viewing.
  9. Lots of restaurants - and very good ones. If you hire a bird guide - that day he will sort your out or recommend some nice place. Depends where you are going to be on any given day - Cape Town is big. Good food at wine estates local joints - like the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay very good food at Harbour House - kalk Bay Sushi - plenty good ones around a Braai - my place Distance from one end of Cape Town to the other can be 60km or more. So you eat depending on where you are.
  10. I can recommend Karin Liebenberg Car Hire - Small operator that gives personal services. She has regular clients from abroad. You can tell her I referred if you if you are interested. South Africa - +27 82 785 0005 liebenbergcarhire@gmail.com
  11. @PeterHG Beautiful Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!
  12. @xelas Funny you should mention Klaas. I got ONE shot yesterday morning - and then yesterday afternoon found it again in my tree while being fed. It was here again this morning - and as I told Peter earlier - then there were THREE! Never seen them before - nevermind 3 sitting within 2 feet of one another. I very much doubt they will be around but who knows?? But I have a Pied Kingfisher here every day - thats kind of guaranteed
  13. @Peter Connan No doubt we might even have more opportunities than you do - but they are very different. And thats probably why traveling is so very important. For me anyway.
  14. @Peter Connan I would need more than a day - as I also want to go to Rietvlei and this place and that place and you know how difficult my situation is when I visit up country. But that doesnt mean i wont try next time... I would love to get that Cuckoo. You have so many opportunities. So different from us.
  15. Peter the Diederikie is gorgeous. I wish I could see it myself.

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