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  1. @PeterHG Beautiful Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!
  2. @xelas Funny you should mention Klaas. I got ONE shot yesterday morning - and then yesterday afternoon found it again in my tree while being fed. It was here again this morning - and as I told Peter earlier - then there were THREE! Never seen them before - nevermind 3 sitting within 2 feet of one another. I very much doubt they will be around but who knows?? But I have a Pied Kingfisher here every day - thats kind of guaranteed
  3. @Peter Connan No doubt we might even have more opportunities than you do - but they are very different. And thats probably why traveling is so very important. For me anyway.
  4. @Peter Connan I would need more than a day - as I also want to go to Rietvlei and this place and that place and you know how difficult my situation is when I visit up country. But that doesnt mean i wont try next time... I would love to get that Cuckoo. You have so many opportunities. So different from us.
  5. Peter the Diederikie is gorgeous. I wish I could see it myself.
  6. @Rockmann great captures - you must be very pleased.
  7. @Soukous what a stunning bird!
  8. interesting! it is actually quite a beautiful animal.
  9. thanks for posting - really special.
  10. that is really quite something!
  11. There are so many good BIF's available - it's hard to find anything different (for me anyway) I have never seen a cattle egret with another bird in the mouth. Rather a huge crop.
  12. I have been living on 35 liters per day for 2 months now - and it is very do-able. The little extra rain we had, has been stored and used in the toilets. When the water runs out - I will have to switch to wine. Lots of wine. Or go on Safari.
  13. What a wonderful series of images. The last one - hippos - is my favorite - probably because I have been dying to shoot them. Mine in Tanzania was very far away. I have fond memories of my trip - thanks for reminding me again.
  14. Jislike - that flying GuinneaFowl....
  15. Lovely trip report!

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