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  1. Nothing firm planned yet but I'm pretty certain there will be a return to the Mara, either in February or maybe October. Other than that I may look north and would consider one of the specialist wildlife cruises around Norway or Greenland in the summer. At some point I would like to get to Antarctica but that will need to wait until retirement so I may need to delay to early 2020 as it wil need some long range planning...
  2. @RobK Lovely ending - must have been difficult to drive out of the gate! @Vikram the Sanparks site also has a useful forum with quite and active Kruger section - good for up to date opinions and tips.
  3. Tawny eagle in flight. OMC, Masai Mara, Kenya in February 2017.
  4. @janzin have a safe and comfortable trip
  5. Hunting leopard at Kambaku River Sands, Timbavati, South Africa. Nikon D7200, 80-400mm lens@290mm, f/5.6, 1/160sec, ISO400 Looking forward to my return next week!
  6. @mtanenbaum I've not ben there but looking at the website it looks as though the camp is outside of the Mara reserve and drives are in the reserve and not in any of the conservancies. I wonder if this is the reason for the relative cheapness. I note that they say that off-road license can be arranged and would presumably be at additional expense.
  7. Cheetah hunting (unsuccessfully) for Topi. OMC, Masai Mara.
  8. According to news reports a suspected poacher was killed an eaten by lions on a private game reserve near Hoedspruit: https://www.yahoo.com/news/suspected-poacher-eaten-lions-south-africa-093756412.html A number of comments have mentioned karma.......
  9. @SuperD I'm a Nikon shooter and not an expert on Canon. I would suggest that in the Kruger you will need a minimum of 300mm at the long end and more would be better. Canon have a variety of 70-300mmlenses at various price points and I am aware that the 100-400 is well liked (but not cheap). Alternatively Sigma and Tamron do some telephoto zooms that are well reviewed and somewhat less expensive. This site has some good lens reviews and would be worth a look: http://www.imaging-resource.com/lenses/reviews/
  10. Madikwe manicure. Claw sharpening in the morning. Nikon D7200, 80-400mm @290mm, 1/640sec, f/5.6, ISO800
  11. @RobK What a productive trip to the Kruger. Good to see your kids enjoyed it as well - we went with ours in 2006 and they had a good time. Only issue - what was with the idiots out of their cars at the lion sighting? It's not that long since there was an unfortunate incident in similar circumstances. Anyway back to topic - thanks for the report and the pictures - neither at all ordinary.
  12. @janzin Thank-you for a lovely report and excellent photos. Also many thanks for the tip on highlight metering that I hope I can use in South Africa in a couple of weeks. I really felt for you over the issues you had with late starts and leaving sightings - I could never have been as polite as you (and we English are supposed to excel at that).
  13. 10 days to go and once more this trip (built on the wreckage of last year's trip cancelled at the last minute due to NZ visa issues) has had a curve ball thrown. The domestic airline we were due to use in South Africa remains suspended and some worrying reports have emerged relating to prevous incidents with companies owned by the same CEO. So I have spent this evening booking alternatives with SAA and requesting a refund from Cemair. More enjoyably I spent the afternoon in front of the TV watching rugby whilst setting up my D500 for its first safari trip!
  14. If you end up in the water because a hippo has flipped your boat your camera may not be the first thing on your mind I would get a sealable bag from a hiking store (the ones where the top rolls over and seals with a clip). They come in all sizes and are pretty cheap. You can't easily use the camera when its in the bag but will protect it from a short dip. I use an assortment of sizes to protect cameras, valuables, phones etc when hiking in the UK as it has a habit of getting a little damp... I also put my spare camera and lenses in them when on dusty game drives.
  15. The airline have issued a press release strongly refuting the allegations made by the SACAA: Their aircraft remain grounded at the moment - a big loss of income and major inconvenience to many passengers. I imagine the meeting between the two this morning may be a little strained.
  16. On Friday the SACAA grounded 12 aircraft making up the fleet of Cemair because of issues with safety inspections. News reports suggest this is temporary but daily Facebook updates from the company give no date for a decision on resumption of flights. I have flights with them later in February - if anyone else does it will be worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page.
  17. @SuperD Just responding to your suggestion of driving up to the Kruger. If you are looking for a private safari lodge in one of the private reserves bordering the Kruger park then I think that your budget is much too low. the cheaper lodges in the Timbavati or Sabi Sands start around 350 euro per person per night (and many are much more expensive). You may find some lodges in other private reserves for less but I doubt that you will get as slow as 200 Euro per room. I think that on your budget the more realistic option is to book accommodation within the park itself as other have suggested - it is much more reasonably priced and you will have options on self-catering or eating in the camp restaurant (for most). You will need to self drive for most of the time (which is a different experience but no less rewarding as trip reports on ST will demonstrate) but you can arrange some drives from some camps - reviews are mixed on these I think. You could also stay outside of the park in a hotel and drive in every day but you will miss a lot of potential sightings early and late. I would also comment that availability may already be limited for May/June/July this year both for SANParks accommodation and private lodges.
  18. @KCAZ I really like the reflection on the most rewarding part of your time at Porini Lion. On my stay it was also a morning that involved Malaika and her boys. However we were spending time waiting for a crossing of the Mara and Jackson & Christopher correctly felt it would be a while before it occurred. They took of us to see the cheetahs, Mum was resting and the boys chasing and tree climbing. After 30 minutes or so we went back to the river and waited watching things build until the crossing happened. As you comment the moments of stillness were as memorable as the moments of action.
  19. Safe journey and have a great time!
  20. @kittykat23uk It was late April.
  21. The bonus is that Kambaku reminded me that I had 2 days private vehicle use that I paid for last year and which days did I want to use it?
  22. @Towlersonsafari I would certainly not claim to be sure at all. I think that the size is more in keeping with a peregrine and there were adults around. However I am very happy to be guided otherwise.
  23. A juvenile peregrine falcon was very tolerant of us on the Cornish coast.
  24. I prefer the look of the second kit as there is less overlap. I'm not sure what your main interest is but it might even be that a kit based on the 100-400, 70-200 and 24-70 would work well. I'm not a birder and as such on my trip to Porini Lion rarely found myself wanting any more reach than my 80-400 provided. Still it's a nice problem to have!

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