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  1. @kitefarrago Thank-you for your additional comments and the lovely photos. I am very much aware that my short visit is just scratching the surface and if it goes well I think I am likely to plan a return!
  2. Plans now firm (and I was surprised how limited choices already are in some places). I'm flying direct from London to Seattle with British Aiways on an air miles ticket. I will then need to book flights to Anchorage once Alaska open up reservations for July. One night in Anchorage and then drive to Seward the following day for 3 nights. I have a day's cruise booked and one day free in Seward (probably a day hiking up to a glacier). The next day an early drive up to Soldotna to meet a small plane flight at 9am going to Silver Salmon Creek Lodge for 4 nights of mainly bears. Then an early flight back to the car and a leisurely drive back to Anchorage. Overnight there and an early pm flight to Seattle to meet my flight home to London. Looking forward to it already!
  3. In the lodges and tented camps there are people in and out of the rooms quite frequently - I wonder if this will discourage snakes and larger visitors? I have read a few accounts of exciting encounters in the Kruger restcamps but the accommodation there is likely to be undisturbed for many hours or a day or two at a time. I've seen a few spiders sharing my accommodation and a mouse of similar character to that described by @dinkdunk
  4. @Atravelynn And I thought I got around a bit! Lovely experiences and images.
  5. I read somewhere that the crocs will often go months between feeding after the mighration is over - I wonder if they were still fairly full after feeding the previous week? Enjoying the rport and the excellent images - thank-you.
  6. @TonyQ I am shamefully late - but what an excellent report and superb photos. Like many others I am inspired to plan a return to Scotland. I enjoyed your photos of the kites and buzzards - we get both around us at home (just south of you on the Warwick/Oxford border) but usually they keep their distance.
  7. Finally for now. Not the great migration but a minor variant with around 500 animals gathering and finally crossing the Mara River in Kenya. It was a tense experience with growing anticipation over the 4 hours or so it took for the animals to gather and finally cross. More images and description in my trip report from Porini Lion earlier this year.
  8. Secondly swimming with Manta Rays in the Maldives. We spent about 40 minutes in 3m of water as these large rays circled around us coming within a few centimetres but never touching us. Apologies for the image quality but I think the essence of the experience is conveyed.
  9. @Dave Williams I'll bite with a few! Firstly (and to contradict @colbol)!! Firstly a sperm whale off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand. An awe inspiring experience to see them so close and to get just a sense of their power as they start to dive.
  10. @plambers As @pault comments there is repetition but perhaps the thing to consider isn't whether we or you would find it too repetetive but what the teenagers feel about doing much the same next year? I know from my own experience that while my kids enjoyed their first safari and found everything novel and exciting they wouldn't consider doing it again for a while.
  11. I tend to find most forms of support quite restrictive and have put some effort into improving my handheld technique with a Nikon D7200 and 80-400mm lens. The combinaton is not too heavy and I found the reach @400mm on a DX body was ample for pretty much everything we saw at Porini.
  12. @Marks Thank-you. @Kitsafari The lioness was efficient and there was a single scream only. What was fascinating was that the male waited but moved inas soon as the piglet stopped breathing.
  13. I was at Porini Lion in March and they had a couple of bean bags in the vehicle. These would be useful if you were using the pop-top (which we did for one sighting of lions behind some low bush) but the open sides are too low unless you are on the floor. A monopod would work best I think.
  14. @plambers Glad your first safari went well and not surprised that the bug has bitten! I think you will find South African lodges a different experience. There are tented options but most have rooms and even if the grounds are unfenced there is not the intimacy with the bush. In my opinion there is more structure generally and morning drives finished by 9.30 - 10 in the three lodges I have stayed at. There were no bush breakfasts but as @Tulips comments we would stay out if at something interesting. It might be worth considering Zimbabwe - Doug Macdonald could put together a family trip including walking, there are plenty of reports on ST to refer to.
  15. Summing Up The main reason for going on this trip was achieved - my friend had an easy and very comfortable safari. We saw lots and the sightings at the waterhole as well as the experiences with lions were memorable. Overall however I was a little disappointed by the unremitting density of the bush in the area we explored and found myself longing for both the open spaces of the Mara and the riverine areas of the Timbavati and Sabi Sands. I have previously discussed my views on the guiding. Overall an enjoyable time but I will probably not return to the Madikwe. As always thanks to those who took the time to read, comment or like.

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