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  1. @penolva Thank-you again for the report and yes I was interested in the Iguazu section!
  2. @Gilgamesh We didn't rent a car as we were in a very lazy family holiday mode! We had transfers included by the hotels we were staying at. There would be no problem driving in Chile from what I saw and @penolva has written a great report which describes doing so.
  3. @Gilgamesh Thank-you for your kind words. The flight options between Calama and Punta Arenas are pretty much exclusively with LAN (Sky definately go to Punta Arenas and I think Calama as well but reviews are very mixed). I'm not sure when you are looking at travelling but LAN are very poor at loading up flights until a few months before the departure dates - options increase and prices decrease typically about 4 months in advance. That being said when I try a dummy booking one way in February it is around US$900 but if I make it a return trip it falls to around $300 per person. The joys of airline economics. I would just book a return and throw away the return leg if not needed. It is also worth comparing prices for Calama to Punta Arenas return with prices for 2 separate trips between Santiago and Calama and Santiago and Punta Arenas. Try pricing it as a multi-city booking as well (Santiago- Calama - Punta Arenas - Santiago) assuming you will start and finish in Santiago.
  4. I would suggest the estimate of $5bn tourism income by 2020 may be a little optimistic!
  5. Another Mara silhouette An evening shot. Nikon D7200, 80-400mmlens @185mm. 1/1000 sec, f/5.3, ISO640
  6. Inspired by @janzin's Mara report and @Game Warden's exhortation to post to this thread..... A sunrise Topi taken whilst at Porini Lion in Jackson's favourite sunrise spot! Nikon D7200, 80-400 mm lens @400mm. 1/6400, f5.6, ISO 2000. I think the ISO could have usefully been lowered but other than the rising sun the light was very poor.
  7. @AmyT Glad all is going well and clearly the camera practice is paying off
  8. @Tulips Lovely photos - I like the hyena in the second set especially. What camera /lens were you using?
  9. Black tipped reef shark and friends Details as above
  10. Giant Moray Eel with a small wrasse on cleaning duties South Male Atoll. Olympus Tough 4 and Lightroom
  11. @Tom Kellie Thank-you for pointing this out. I have seen some of his images in Nat Geographic and exhibitions. I may be tempted to get hold of ihs biography.
  12. I will be in JNB briefly on the 14th July and then again on the 17th but only at the airport and then not for long. You look to have a great trip lined up!
  13. @Elsa Hoffmann I love your signature quote - I have reached the second stage but doubt I will ever produce images worthey of the last!
  14. 2 separate eagle rays, the second is a juvenile I think. South Male Atoll, Maldives. Take with an Olympus Tough waterprooof compact. Raw files edited in Lightroom.
  15. @SafariChick What a wonderful 3 country trip - thanks for sharing it. My safari 'pattern' at the moment is very short trips. I'm lucky to be able to go fairly often (the benefit of living in the UK as travel is quite easy) but hope to manage a 2 or 3 week trip sometime.

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