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  1. Closer to home. A frustrated red kite trying to spot something to eat despite 15cm of snow cover...
  2. @PeterHG really enjoying the continuation of the report. I agree that it is very rewarding to put the camera down on occasions. I am finding that easier now I've been on a few safaris and hopefully am switching to obtainig fewer images with better quality. I no longer try to get images in poor conditions in the 'hope they will turn out ok' and also take time to enjoy the moment if we are lucky enough to have some time at a sighting.
  3. @douglaswise This looks like a wonderful trip - thanks for sharing the details. Something to think about if and when grandchildren become part of my life
  4. @Geoff I will treaure the moment I could find a fact about birds that was new to you I claim no special credit as i was on the verge of describing it as a sea eagle but a google search put me right as well as giving me a little comfort for my mistake! I hope to get back to Fraser and spend more time in the nortern half - maybe next year.
  5. @Alexander33 Thank-you. I will say that going on safari in general (and Safaritalk particularly) has made me much more aware of the natural world around me and as a result I see opportunities to observe wildlife and habitat in circumstances that I would not have done previously.
  6. @Atravelynn I'm not sure I would describe it as exciting in the same way an African safari is. It is however very interesting with lots to see - with more time and patience I think there would be good opportunities for birding. Avisit in the winter months would provide lots of opportunities for whale watching as well.
  7. @PeterHG A great road-trip. The photos aren't half bad either
  8. Thanks @michael-ibk, @Atravelynn and @Kitsafari for this shared report - interesting to get individual views of the same experience. All of the photography is excellent. Musekese has been added to the (increasing) list of places I'd love to visit.
  9. As promised, a few more dingo images. Just outside where we were stsying there were 2 pups who had not been seen with an adult for several days. The fear was that their mother had suffered some accident and unfortunately mortality due to vehicles is relatively common. The pup was searching on the beach and kept attempting to approach people. As we were heading for the ferry home we came across a young adult male. He was scavenging in the surf but showed no fear of a vehicle or its occupants. Anyway a good end to a very pleasant short-break. If you have access to a good 4 wheel drive car with high clearance it is worth a short diversion.
  10. Interestingly the ATR website hints at restricted game drives and the possibiity of a less than optimal game drive experience in its description of the Kempinski. It is not overly positive about the 4 Seasons in the Serengeti and you do have to specifically search on the 4 Seasons website for an option that includes game drives (and pushes the price up considerably). I think the problem is that for almost all safari properties we assume that the rate quoted includes meals and game drives as a minimum and might not think to check this specifically.
  11. @michael-ibk Enjoying the report and excellent photos. ASBO stands for Anti Social Behaviour Order - a legal order prohibiting unwanted or disruptive behaviour - not sure how easy it would be to serve on an elephant though
  12. A bit more about the island and surrounding waters. It sits just off the Queensland coast. The east side of the island faces the south Pacific Ocean and has a typical ocean beach. The west side of the island is close to the Queensland coast which it nearly joins at the southern end. This side of the island is bordered a calm bay that is estuarine at its lower end (the Mary River opens into it) but spreads into Hervey Bay at the northern end. Hervey Bay attracts a large variety of marine life. Australian Humpback Dolphins live in the estuarine areas around the south of Fraser and Duodongs are present. Both can be difficult to spot at the water is generally quite turbid. Hervey Bay also attracts humpback whales during their migration south following birth of calves further north. A proportion of those heading south divert into the bay at the tip of Fraser Island and spend several days feeding in the bay before returning around the tip and heading south along the ocean coast (the water is too shallow to exit around the southern end). Unfortunately the migration had finished before we reached the island. Other marine life include a variety of large sharks including tiger, bull and great white which make ocean swimming unwise. As do the variety of jellyfish some of which can be dangerous. As mentioned earlier, the beach is officially recognised as a highway and during the day can be quite busy with vehicles. It is increasingly difficult to use more than 3 hours either side of low tide and the fact that ferries off the island don't operate late at night means that the beach is often very quiet. Observant readers will notice the carefully arranged stick. The reason is here: More dingoes to follow.
  13. @anocn4 Welcome to Safaritalk, I hope that you will find the information here useful and maybe add some more impressions from your recent trip. The arrangements you describe do not sound very good at all. The places I have been (mainly in South Africa) will have morning drives starting at around 6am (maybe 6.30 in winter) and finishing somewhere between 9.30 and 10.30 depending on what is found. Evening drives between about 3.30 and 7 so it seems these were very short. I have stayed at Porini Lion and as you comment the drives can essentially be as long as you want. Reviews here will help with this type of info but I will often contact the camp directly if the website does not give the info I need.
  14. We stayed in a lodge about half way up the east coast of the island. It was described as 'glamping' but turned out to be frame tents with their own bathrooms pitched under a large metal roof. It was comfortable and there was a good sized kitchen/eating and socialising area. We were glad of the metal roof when the rain came one night.. We spent most of our time around the beach where there were a few birds that scavenged in the surfline in between the cars coming past. In the monrning and evening a brahminy kite (also known as the red-backed sea eagle) moved to and from its nesting site. A pair interacted briefly as the sun set.
  15. @xelas I'm glad another ST'er has been. I really don't understand why it is not publicized more. At the moment most of the tourism seems be younger people on adventure themed trips. There is nothing at all wrong with that but I'm sure there could be an opening for some eco-tourism.

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