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  1. this has been an amazing report and your photos are breathtaking. i think we are going to focus solely on the mara for next summer. same conservancies but different camps. 12 days. thanks for sharing...
  2. Pomwiki, thanks for your response. I, too, am a bit concerned about the pure safari time as we did start out last safari with cultural and other activities. Am thinking of starting at Mundui House for 2 nights so we can see the lake area and have a soft start to our safari and then lessen the actual safari time to 11 nights. I did read your report, as well as others, and that has really focused me on the OM conservancy.
  3. we were going to mix some mara with our first mobile tent in meru. however, after reading some of the amazing trip reports coming from porini lion, I am considering just 2 weeks in the mara. we loved kicheche camps last time so will try kicheche valley for 5 nights, offbeat mara for 4 nights and perhaps porini lion for 4 nights. would be late june. our teens loved our last safari so much and we loved the private vehicles that we had, along with wonderful guiding, fab food and lovely tents. I am just a bit worried about the standard of the tents and food and porini lion, but it seems the guiding and viewings well make up for that. thoughts? thanks as always.
  4. we tried to use one at ol lentille but it required keeping the lights on all night so my husband did without!
  5. thanks again all. knowing that we are coming off a fabulous first family safari puts even more pressure on! i will consider lewa...
  6. @ anita-thanks but a bit confused-so are you telling me to shy away from mara reserve? we already saw ol pej last year-liked it alot and had great game viewing but prefer the open and wild feel of the mara conservancy (north is all we experienced.) i am not trying to avoid non wild activities. we did see the wild dogs in the mara. i just understand that there is (was) much more interaction with them at lwc. will consider lewa too. thanks.
  7. @michail ibik-we saw liakipia north when at ol lentille and also saw ol pej while at kicheche laikipia. meru will be new to us, as is the concept of a mobile camp, which we will do at meru.
  8. @lmonmm, (i got your name right this time!) I was that thread and that is why i am inquiring...
  9. have sadly heard that the wild dogs are no more at lwc due to distemper. this was to be the second stop on our 2nd family safari next summer, late june. first stop meru to the carey's new mobile tented camp, then lwc and finally offbeat mara. trying to figure out if we should still include lwc or add more time in the mara...i'd love to return to kicheche and try kicheche bush for a definite leopard sighting but their prices have risen and kids don't qualify for same discount and there is no family tent. any suggestions as to camps in mara i might not know of. would i want to include the reserve? trip would be at end of june. i am concerned about no off roading and too many visitors, jeeps. i have never visited the reserved so would appreciate comments/feedback. also is lwc worth it if no wild dogs? we also enjoyed a certain level of luxury with high level guides, priviate vehicles and great food with ol lentille, kicheche laikipia and kicheche mara so don't want this second safari to be less than the first... for our first trip, we were afraid 13 days on safari would be too much for my teens, 13 and 15, but they loved it so think pure safari (with a walking safari) would work without all the activities offered at lwc. thanks all.
  10. @tulips-isn't it amazing how quickly 6:15 to 1 pm goes?? I wish my work day went that quickly! we are close but not 100 percent certain if it will be this or next year...
  11. so happy that you got to see a leopard and so close and clear! we never found one-but it gives us a good reason to perhaps return!
  12. we considered porini for our first safari but the fact that they did not do laundry was a no starter for me. we ultimately went with kicheche camps (laikipia and mara) and have nothing but raves for the guides, vehicles, level of service, accommodations and food, which was exceptional!
  13. the election has already occurred in kenya and all seems fine. we were actually planned to go to sosian for our first stop, and our plans had to changed but we always felt very safe there in kenya. we loved the cultural interactions and school visits, as well as the safari portion. we stayed in 3 private conservancies and only one time, at a kill, did we see 2 other vehicles. if considering kenya, look at the end of june-discounted rates and wonderful weather. also, if you are willing to stay in a family tent, the discounts are larger for the kids. yes, every $ matters when traveling with 4. i am not willing to give up on much though!
  14. price botswana. it is way more expensive than any other place for safari. we just returned from our first family safari with our teens and chose kenya. we loved the idea of the conservancies and many camps will dedicate a private jeep for parties of 4 or more. we were on safari for 13 days in june/early july. we loved it so much we are definitively considering returning next summer. we saw tons of animals, many very very very close up!, a kill, matings, many predators... good luck. also, not sure where you are from but flights from us to kenya are way cheaper...we got ours for $900 pp.

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