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  1. we are returning to the mara this june with our teens and staying at all kicheche camps. we start at k mara, where we have stayed before, then to valley and then bush. any idea when the tents are being replaced? will it be during the rainy season? i am sure the wildlife will be amazing but i also like my creature comforts. am glad it is being updated.
  2. Hello. We stayed at Kicheche Mara last June. Mara North was a very active conservancy-we saw a cheetah kill, an ostrich mating ceremony, many active lion prides, alot of cheetah, so so many elephants but alas no leopards. we are returning this june and staying at all kicheche camps in the mara-k mara, k valley and k bush. k bush is for the leopards. we saw very few vehicles-a few times we saw serian vehicles as we knew the folks there from our time at kicheche laikipia. if you stay at kicheche mara, ask for david as a guide. he is an amateur photographer who set us up superbly for photos. their vehicles are top notch-we stood with our heads out the top on many occasions. i cannot compare to offbeat but can tell you we were thrilled with the kicheche quality of guiding, vehicles, service and food.
  3. wow wow wow! I loved the gifaffe silouttes but then the warthog/lion sequence was thrilling! we are going to kicheche bush for the same reason-we want to see fig and all those kills by the cats. and all this with 1 night at lion? you are so lucky.
  4. when at kicheche laikpia, we did the private visit with sudan. we all got to touch him and it was a scary, humbling and sad moment, knowing he is most likely the last male of his kind. my teens got to feed Baraka sugar cane and they really enjoyed it but that was also sad because he kept banging into the wood slats.
  5. I love your phrase "heaving with animals." we were there late june/early july and we were in awe of all the varied animals and the openness of the mara.
  6. loved seeing the leopard shots-fig is lovely. we did not see a leopard this summer so we are returning next june/july to try again.
  7. Allianz. I have also used squaremouth.
  8. and you may need pre-existing condition coverage. the first time we ever got trip insurance was for our safari this year. we also had an expensive 3 week trip to india and nepal and we were not bringing our kids so I wanted to make sure we could get home if they got sick. we spent about $1000 on the policy but was it worth it when i broke a bone in my foot a week before and had to cancel. got the full amount back. also, if you purchase within 14 days of your trip payment, you can get the "cancel for any reason" which was really important to us for our first african safari.
  9. I have never been to Amboseli but it seems there are less eles than I imagined and way more variety at Ol Pej, where I have been. Am I correct? Love the pic with the oxpeckers in the giraffe's ear!
  10. @anocn, since we were only in mara north last trip, I can tell you we never visited the same spot and we were there for 4 nights. we always had a different spot for a bush breakfast (by a creek near elephants or high above a river full of hippos) and our sun downers were at all together different spots that were great for photos. one time we consumed our beverage in the jeep bc we were near a large lion pride with many cubs. also, our vehicles were very comfy despite the bumps and crevices in the land. very well padded...
  11. @anocn, just read your other review on etim camp. glad guiding was better but sad to hear about the food. good food is important to me and actually was a qualifier when we chose our first safari. the food at kicheche was amazing-crab souffle, amazing desserts with decorated hardened sugar, etc. we had never had scotch eggs and now we can't wait to have them again. my daughter is very picky and won't eat tomatoes-they obliged her with every meal and even made a separate curry sans tomatoes.
  12. @acnocn4-so sorry for your experience. we too stayed at kicheche laikipia and kicheche mara last year and were out by 6 and back 12ish, and then out by 4 and back by 7 ish. we could have stayed out all day and had a bush lunch too as there are no schedules at kicheche camps. my daughter wanted to get a photo of a lilac breasted roller in flight and we sat for 30 minutes until it actually flew away. at kicheche laikipia, we found a newly killed tommy and waited patiently (when the guide thought the jackal would not come back) to reclaim it. we loved our bush breakfasts-was always so excited to see what was inside the silver tins and it was amazing how so much-tables, chairs, linens and tons of hot food-can fit in the back of a land cruiser. it was also a great time to get to know your guide, enjoy the quiet and ask questions. you also missed the amazing sunrises in the mara. we were so happy with the lack of schedule, the standard of guiding and the mara that we are all returning for 11 nights, all at kicheche camps in the mara, and then to the beach for 5 more. please do return. i have heard the saying that the best day of safari is the first day of your second safari-for you this will be true!
  13. I thought Mugie was closed bc it was invaded by the pastoralists last year...
  14. when we were at ol lentille this summer, we were told that our butler's father came upon a lone bull and he was killed. so sad.
  15. meant malindi.

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