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  1. Great pictures @@The_Norwegian! They take me right back to Namibia You're pics of Sossusvlei are amazing. It's difficult indeed to capture the size of it's place, but you have done a good job providing some perspective. Btw, I like the way you have photoshopped the picture of the car. It looks like an ancient post card. The landscape in the picture matches the state of the car in a nice way. Looking forward to read more of your TR (meanwhile feeling quilty I haven't started myself yet, but it will come probably second half of december when I have the time)
  2. @@The_Norwegian Please say you were at the Okaukuejo waterhole last night. For me, even if it was just for last night, it was worth visiting Namibia. I lost count, but I believe they were with 11 at the same time at the waterhole. For the followers of this thread, I'm talking about the black ones.
  3. It looks like we're at the same time in Etosha @@The_Norwegian I'm staying at Okaukuejo from 15-18 November. Where are you staying in Etosha? You've been counting down the days for a long time, so I wish you a great trip!
  4. That's a really comprehensive advice from you, @@ExtraordinaryAlex ! Let me throw in my two thoughts: Apart from Mara, I would suggest Samburu in Kenya. It's a beautiful game reserve / national park. Great landscapes, red sand and I've seen many different kinds of animals there, in April 2010. In Tanzania I rate Tarangire highly, visited in November 2013. You don't have to spend a lot of days there, but if you're driving to Serengeti, do an afternoon gamedrive in Tarangire, stay at a lodge with views of Lake Manyara and continue the next day to Serengeti.
  5. @@Raelond thanks for reading my TR, always nice to hear I understand your concerns regarding to distance to the park. The first drive I was disappointed by that as it stated somewhere it should be closer. I mentioned I will go back there one day, but I think I would combine it with a stay inside the park. If you have to save money, you won't regret your stay there. Although it will take a while before you visit Zim, I'm looking forward to your tr as it's probably my favourite safari destination.
  6. @@Raelond I'm not sure which lodge Doug suggested you, as there is an Ivory Lodge and a Khulu lodge, both properties of Amalinda Group and both located in the same area. I stayed at Khulu lodge in April this year. You can check out my trip report here: The lodge, staff, surroundings and wildlife at the lodge were great! April actually isn't the best time for wildlife in that area, as it's still very green and hard to spot animals. In september the area will be a lot dryer and you should be able to see a lot more animals. I think the area looked promising for wildlife in the dry season. We had gamedrives in the area as well as full days deeper into Hwange. If you like elephants, you're in for a treat, especially in september you can see up to 100 elephants at the waterhole and swimming pool at the lodge. In April, the animals aren't dependent on the waterholes, but even we had elephants around everyday. One night lions walked by the waterhole when we were sitting at the campfire 50mtrs away. Great experience! So far it's my favourite camp and I will definitily go back there one day. If I remember correctly, Khulu has 6 tents for guests and one honeymoon suite. We were the only guests at the time and were upgraded to the honeymoon suite. But I think all tents had outdoor showers (besides indoor bathrooms) and a private balcony. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the food was great, guide Dardley was outstanding. I was sitting at the pool with elephants drinking from it, an experience I'll never forget That said, it's not very close to the entrance gate of Hwange, I believe 30mins drive. So I would talk to Doug about what you would like to see and why he suggested Khulu/Ivory lodge. It might be it would really match your expectations. He probably knows better how that area is september as well. I haven't visited Ivory lodge, but know it has a few more tents, about 2km from Khulu and just a little bit less luxury/exclusive. Some side thought: Thinking back about my trip; I still can't shake off the idea of seeing a rhino near camp. Dardley assured me it wasn't possible. I know there are people who think every tree/rock is an animal. But I have a pretty good eye for rhino's and think I haven't been wrong once before. When guide Dardley said it wasn't possible, he didn't stop straight away, he made me feel like I wasn't meant to know there was rhino around. Sounds strange and may be it was just my imagination. I'm just so convinced it was one...
  7. Selous looks really great! I just wrote at another TR (about Busanga) that it's one of the places I really want to visit and the same goes for Selous. Your TR is making me more enthusiastic about it. Self camping looks like a great adventure, must be a wonderful experience and it looks like you had a great time out there. The baboon eating the impala is really a great sighting! Only something I've read about, don't even recall it having seen that on tv/youtube.
  8. @@KaingU Lodge Thanks for this great trip report! I enjoy your photos as well as your stories. Few years ago I visited Kafue. It was too early for the Busanga plains, the water wasn't entirely gone and camps were still being built. On the way back to Lusaka we got a ride from Tyrone from Jeffery & McKeith Safaris (may be you know them) and after his stories I starting following them on Facebook (they have a great page). Now, Busanga Plains is high on my list of places I want to visit. Funny thing; I stayed at Mukambi Safari Lodge. We had no idea this lodge was run by fellow Dutch people until we were at the reception and I noticed photos of their reality tv show about the lodge which I had been watching I thought quality of guiding was really high and think it's good to hear they still don't use radio on gamedrives. It so much more peaceful when the radio is off. Looking forward to the rest of your trip. Meanwhile, I'll be making plans in my head about a return to Zambia (not that I have no travel plans coming up with city trip to Barcelona this weekend and flying to Namibia a few days later...)
  9. Three safaris, that's great for you @@optig! I wish I could afford that. Although I am happy with an average of two safaris a year in the last three years. I'm really jealous of your 2 months safari. That must have been wonderful. Really hoping one day I'll be able to travel through Africa's wilderness for that long. Many of us have great plans for next year. Not sure what next year will bring me, as I'm not a long term planner. But I am thinking about Zambia again. Kafue with Busanga Plains and South Luangwa. Or Zimbabwe's Mana Pools, but I need to convince my wife for that as she seems not so interested in walking in the heat and fears the tsetse fly (she gets an allergic reaction of the bites) Or I'll end up as a dad next year and I have to think of a way how to get my safari shot. (I have been thinking of a long weekend trip to Kenia for just 2 or 3 full days of safari, probably signs of addiction)
  10. @@Kingfisher Safaris You're right about Kulala, it really looks amazing! Especially the bedroom underneath the stars. I've asked them for availability, if so, def going to spend the night there. It's pretty expensive, so we'll use it on arrival and go the next day to the dunes and vlei. Then we're going some place a bit more affordable for the second night. But it really is an accommodation I wouldn't want to miss. Thanks for the advice!
  11. @@Swazicar thanks again for all your information. Always nice if patience pays off, and lions do show up where you've been waiting. I'll make sure I have a copy of the book. A little update from my side, it turns out that availability decided when and where to go. Maybe a bit naïve, but I didn't expect it to sell out already. I've read somewhere (not on ST) that accommodation in Etosha in november never gets fully booked. It turns out it does. Our tickets to Namibia were a bit of an impulse buy. Afterwards we didn't had much time to prepare our trip due to being to busy at work. I know we left it late, but I expected it not to be a big deal. Long story short, our route will be clockwise, saving Etosha as our final destination. We're staying three nights at Okaukuejo (one night in the premier waterhole chalet). The other option was Halali, but based on your advice I believe Okaukuejo is the preferred option. I've said I wanted four nights in total, but that just wasn't possible anymore. All accommodations the night before are sold out. I'll probably stay one night at Ongava Lodge or Andersson's camp. An afternoon gamedrive on arrival and depending on sightings, we go for an early morning drive as well in Ongava or head directly to Etosha so we're basically already a full day in the park. Apart from not being able to extend our stay at Etosha, which probably wouldn't have been possible availability wise, I can see benefits of clockwise. We were skipping Damaraland as we thought we'd like to spend more days around Swakopmund and Sossusvlei. But if we would like to spend less days there, we might try to book last minute 1 or 2 nights at Damaraland. Thanks everyone for providing me with information to help me make decisions. You've been a great help!
  12. Weather wise you might get some rain, but probably short ones. I've been to Serengeti in mid november, Seronera area, we had no rains at all. Only saw some short showers in the distance. If you're there a little later, it might be a bit wetter. Wildlife was amazing when we were there, some very special sightings as well. I haven't been to Ruaha, but from all I've read it's like @@pault said: don't worry about it being too busy. From what I've read it can be pretty quiet in the southern parks. One of the reasons I really wanna go there one day. I hope you'll have a wonderful trip!
  13. Thanks for the nice pictures @@Swazicar I'm really looking forward to have similar sightings I have asked for availability in all three camps. So I'm just waiting now if I can choose or if the choice will be made for me. Another question: would you recommend the game drives organised by the camps? Do they have good guides? Do they use (open?) cars or trucks? I will do some game drives by my self. It would be nice if they offer good game drives and you can just sit, look around and enjoy.
  14. @@Kingfisher Safaris now you're making me doubt again Onkoshi indeed looks great and that cheetah sighting with two cubs, that's amazing! I wish I'll see cheetah cubs one day. But do you have an idea how long it will take from Onkoshi to Okaukuejo? It's about 170km, which means driving maximum speed (60km/h I believe) it will take 3 hrs, without stops for wildlife or loop drives. So my guess is it will take a full day, 6-8hrs if you wanna enjoy the wildlife as well? It feels a bit too much for me personally. Kulala lodge with own entry to the park sounds like a good plan voor Sossusvlei. I'll definitely will contact them, as being at the dunes first surely must be the best experience. @@Swazicar I was suspecting there would be a lot of dead babies. I've read somewhere there are 80,000 babies born every month, with a peak in nov-dec of 250,000 during 30 days. I realise not every seal can survive these circumstances.
  15. Thanks again @@buddy4344 and @@Swazicar I think I'm gonna go with 2 nights Okaukuejo and 2 nights Halali; availability permitting ofcourse. I prefer multinight stays as well and Dolomite doesn't look as interesting as the other camps for 2 nights. It also saves a bit of driving in the park from A to B when leaving out Dolomite and Nakutomi/Onkoshi, which means more time for actual game drives. @@buddy4344 I just found your northern Namibia October topic from a few months ago. I overlooked it browsing the forum, some useful tips already posted there. I see Antee mentioning Halali's waterhole is fantastic at night. I'm wondering how our experiences will compare to each other, as we're around the same time in Etosha. Looking forward for your TR if you're planning to post one. Enjoy your trip! @@Swazicar I can understand why you're not that much into Swakopmund. For me it's not a reason to skip it. It looks like a good place to see the seals and do some sandboarding, at the same time I like to visit a town as well as it offers another experience from the bush. But who know, maybe my next visit will be in 2045 ;-) I know people like to save Etosha for the end of their trip. But I prefer it at the beginning of my trip. First, when going to Africa, I just cannot wait to go and see wildlife. If I put Etosha near the end of my trip, it will feel like a long journey to get there. I just need that shot of seeing wildlife. Second, I can plan my Etosha trip without me having to take into account which other places I want to visit and for how long. Depending on experience and other plans, it gives me the possibility to extend my stay at Etosha if I'd want to. But mostly, I just can not wait to go there :-)

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