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  1. We have just returned from 10 nights in Hwange. 4 nights at Davisons camp and 6 nights in Kapula north camp. We bought all our food in Victoria falls. You can get pretty much anything there except for lamb chops. The kitchen in north camp is fully equipped. You can cook anything you wish there. You will also be intersted to know that you can get diesel in Sinamatella and there is a small restaurant there which does basic meals. Have fun
  2. I note no-one has said much about your sabi -sands accommodation. Dulini is good but 4 days is a lot. Unless you are getting one day free as a special I would look to spend 2 nights in a different lodge in the Sabi sand to get a change of scenery. the southern and eastern lodges eg. Lion sands,sabi sabi, kirkmans , mala mala and londolozi, Much better Leopard sightings.
  3. I wondered if any one knows if there is petrol and diesel available at Sinamatella and Robins camp?
  4. I think cheetah lady means sitting high up is an advantage as the roads are sunken. You do not need extra space between the floor of the car and the road (high clearance) which you would need if you are off-roading
  5. If you go to Namibia you have to stay in the park. All 4 camps are very different and worth going to. Dolomite is the the newest camp. No self catering . The food is good. Hut 14 is the only one with a direct view of the waterhole. The premier waterhole chalets at Okakuejo are a must. I would look to spend 3 nights in each camp if you can. Petrol in dolomite can be a problem for three days unless you have a very economical car or long range tanks. 4x4 not necessary in Etosha. More useful in Sossusvlei
  6. I would change Letaba for Shingwedzi. I would also swap Skukuza for Lower Sabie. Skukuza is very big and busy with similar game viewing to the Sabi Sands. Lower Sabie is a great game viewing area. Book a BD2u or BD3u hut. You won't be disappointed
  7. We were there last year in a Volkswagen van You do not even need high clearance for what you are planning
  8. How does Bomani compare with Davisons camp in terms of game viewing?
  9. I stayed ther some time ago. Saw lions but no Leopard. Tons of Ellie's in the camp. My brother spent 2 nights there in August. Saw brilliant leopards and lion. We stayed at baobab ridge lodge in Klaserie basically across the tar road from Umlani. I would highly recommend that . The game viewing is identical. The rate is unbelievable. We were ten people. We had the camp to ourselves. 2-3 nights would be enough though. They traverse over 7000 hectares
  10. We did a similar trip last year. If you want travel in western Etosha you have to stay at Dolomite camp. The camp is pretty but weirdly set up. Only one but has a view of the waterhole. The only thing that you are pretty much guaranteed to see which you won't in the rest of Etosha are Hartmans zebra. The game is less used to vehicle and quite shy. The other issue is petrol. There was no petrol station close to dolomite camp. I was really worried I would run out of petrol on my drive to Okakuejo. On balance I would say that if you only have 7 nights stick to the main 3'camps. I actually would advise 3 nights in each. If you can afford it the premier waterhole chalets are a must. We have also been to Damaraland. Stayed at Grootberg. Was not my favourite place. Have also camped on a guided trip in Damaraland which was good but not cheap. We spent 5 nights driving up the skeleton coast to the Cunene river which was amazing. The campsite at Purros was quite nice . We saw elephants in the river their. I can also recommend Sossusvlei lodge for staying in Sessriem

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