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  1. Some marine wildlife from my trip to Iceland recently. I guess birds who is living their lives by the water is also marine wildlife 1. Puffin -- Ingolfshovdi , Southern part of Iceland. Great colony of Puffins here which is easy to photograph. 2. Puffin -- Ingolfshovdi , bringing back som fish for their young ones. 3. Orcas -- Breidarfjordur outside Olafsvik on the Snaefellnes peninsula. Best place on Iceland to contact with Orcas. Baby Orca travel with his family group. 4. Sperm whale -- Breidarfjordur outside Olafsvik on the Snaefellnes peninsula. Best place on Iceland to contact with the worlds largest tooth whale and one of two places in the world where you can see Orcas and Sperm whale almost together and on the same tour. 5. Minke whale -- Flaxa bay outside Reykjavik. Minke whale who is breaching and jumping out of the water, very rarely seen. Very, very long distance but still a cool sighting. 6. Humpback whale -- Flaxa bay outside Reykjavik. Hitting the water with it´s tail. No one knows for sure why they do this. The behavior is a subject for alot of speculation. 7. Kittiwake -- Reykjanes peninsula. Coming in for landing. 8. Fulmar -- Reykjanes peninsula. 9. White beaked dolphin -- Flaxa bay outside Reykjavik.
  2. Some horrible contribution to this thread as it deserves more species 1. Leopard cat -- Deramakot reserve , Borneo 2. Pallas cat -- Yolyn Am, Gobi gurvansaikhan national park, Mongolia 3. Iberian Lynx -- Andujar Np, Spain
  3. Thinking of going to China för mammalwatching? Well, here is your chance. I have fixed dates for this tour. Starting 5th October from Chengdu and ends 14 october in Chengdu. A 10 day trip. I will arrive the day before in Chengdu for an early departure on the 5th October. I will also have two extra days afterwards for some flexibility. Then I have the freedom to stay at one place if I missed something. I´ll be going with a guy (Janco) from mammalwatching and we searching for a third person to reduce the cost. The total cost for the tour is approximately RMB 28,000. Divided by 3 persons it will be around RMB 9,400 per person The only thing who is fixed is the cost of the guide who is RMB 2,000/day then we pay food, accommodation, fuel, road-tolls, park fee on top of that for BOTH the guide and ourselves. That´s why the cost is not fixed but approximate. They have done this many times before and have a good feeling of the overall cost so it will be fine. We use the same guides as many others had on mammalwatching and they had a great success in finding target species. We also have a great flexibility as we don´t need to pre-book anything. In Labahe and Tangjiahe we are restricted to use nationalpark hotel and in Ruoergai we can choose what we want on the spot. Accommodation and food is cheap in China so the biggest cost is for the guide and the fuel I guess. The areas we will visit is: Labahe for Red Panda. Also other stuff here like, Squirrels, Tibetan macaque, Hog badger , Masked Palm civet, etc. etc. Tangjiahe for Golden Takin, Golden snub-nosed monkey, Asian black bear, Also Yellow throated marten, Chinese serow, Reeve´s muntjac, Ghoral, Rheus macaque, Malayan porcupine, Tufted deer, Tibetan macaque, Hog badger, Masked Palm civet, Leopard cat, Chinese ferret badger, flying squirrels, Weasel, Wild boar etc. etc. Ruoergai for Chinese mountain cat, Pallas cat, Tibetan fox, Wolves, Tibetan gazelle, Also Marmots, Pikas, Red fox etc. etc. Daytime viewing and alot of spotlighting at night. We will spend as much time as possible out there. Both Janco and me are also keen on photographing so we will also try to make som good photos of the animals were seeing. Not only tick off on a paper. For example, if we think we will have a good photo of a pack of Wolves from a hill some walking distance away, we will do it. I am a guy from Sweden, 39 years old and have done alot of travelling and in recent years alot of mammalwatching trips. There is some people who have interest to join this but at the moment, Yes there is still one place open. We don´t need to pay any deposit as they don´t pre-book anything. My tour is booked and scheduled anyway. Get in touch if you are interested. //Andreas
  4. I have the same wishes as some others... I use "NEW CONTENT" when I Log in. This is the only way to see new posts properly on the site I guess. BUT, I got soooooooo many posts listed. Every new post gets a new line... which is annoying and it makes it a bit messy. The old forum only showed one topic (line) no matter how many new posts there is in the thread. Now it shows every posts... I only want to know that the certain topic has been updated with something, I don´t need 10 updates for every post made into it. I have tried to adjust my settings in the flow but I don´t get it to work properly. Am I doing it wrong or is it impossible at the moment?
  5. I will be staying in the community concession campsite for all the nights. I will however move over day to both Moremi, Savuti and regular side depending on where the wildlife is best at the moment.
  6. I am in Khwai concession between 15-20 July. So maybe we are going to share some sightings Fingers crossed for some great time over there! Any information about the status of Wild dogs or other predators in the area? Or wildlife in general?
  7. Well... things are moving after the last weeks miserable news in Namibia. More or less an ongoing war between Lions and Farmers. A new human-wildlife conflict law was signed Friday by president. Let´s see if it´s going to change things...
  8. XPL 59 + 3 cubs has just being reported as possibly dead to relevant parties. No further details. Source: Inki Mandts facebookpage I am following this interesting story and it´s been on television and news here in Europe. Photo companys from Germany (which is the biggest nationality in the Namibian tourism) is already talking about to start avoiding this country and move on. Which is really good. @lmonmm the tour guide has also deleted his post. It was obviously not a good idea to post such a comment as a tour guide in the area... what an idiot.
  9. The tour guide Frank Rock is already kicked out from Wilderness Safari. He hasn´t been working there for 5 years and will not work there again. Which is very good. Wilderness safari have a different view of this situation. It doesn´t matter if it´s a freelance guide or not. You have a responsibility who is working in your name, no matter what. But like I said, he´s already kicked out. There is an new excellent video about the problem and some very insight news about the death of Tullamore and the lack of conservation work in the area People should really ask them self to visit this country anymore. Many other African countrys have started to get things going regarding conservation work and then get income from it. Look at Chad, Mozambique, CAR, Malawi, Rwanda (Not mentioned big destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa Etc. who have done it long time). The ball is rolling. Slow but rolling. But Namibia goes in a completely different way. Which is very weird regarding the quite big tourism industry. Alot of people in Namibia are depending on it. I personally don´t want to support this government before some change is done here. Why can´t safari companys do more in this area? Why can´t they do an agreement with Tomakas village and compensate them with money? Safari in this part of Namibia is expensive and it should be money to this as well. Built a community camp in Tomakas which benefit the whole village? Like in Purros, which has a great community camp. Some conservancies acts quite well while others don´t. More parts need to be involved in this otherwise it´s not going to end. Filip Stander can´t do everything. And with no support from the tourism government it is time for a new sollution in this area. There is tons of organisations in Kenya in an already protected area, many of them totally useless like Cheetah forever and so on... why not move commitment to the Namibian desert instead? Where it would be useful.
  10. The statement is even done on Desert lions Facebook page.
  11. What is even worse is that at least one tour guide from Wilderness safaris (+ two other companys) now celebrate the loss of the last musketeers... What a shame from this company! No one should ever use them again with such ignorant guides unless they kick him out. It´s a shame from such a big company to have tour guides with this ignorant behavior. I have contacted them and asked them if they support this statement and if not... what they going to do about it. No wonder why Africa never develop...
  12. It is confirmed. The line of the musketeers is over They even killed his cubs.
  13. Very very sad news today! The 5 musketeers are now down to 0! The last one standing, Tullamore has been killed and all of his cubs by farmers. The line of the Musketeers is now over. This is a complete shame for Namibia! Their conservation work is none existens and it´s getting worse and worse with all this killing of Lions, Rhinos and Elephants. Namibia is at a crossroad. They now need to choose if the will doing mining, cattle and farming or if they will go for wildlife. People should really think one more time before they go to Namibia and support a government who basically do nothing of conservation work and dont care. I know that this question is now in the hand of some travel agencies which is thinking to stop their services to this country of shame. It´s a fu**ing shame that they don´t even manage to protect the few desert Lions who is left. A very. very sad day! Rest in piece Tullamore and all the musketeers. Namibia could have done alot of money on you but they choose not to.
  14. Another species of Bee-eater. Red bearded Bee-eater from Deramakot, Borneo.

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