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  1. Ok, Carnet is going to happen. Now, has anyone shipped a car into Namibia or SA? What percentage of the vehicle value were you required to deposit? Also, was it just the value you claimed, or do they make up a number, use some data base??? Thanks
  2. Yup, went via binga!
  3. Huh, didn't have to drop down there last time, but I could see heading there if I was going to SA from Hwange. Funny thing, lost a petrol cap in Kassane, couldn't find one in Victoria Falls (when I discovered it was gone) and had to go to Bulawayo to find a new one.. or keep getting ticketed every 15k lol. We went down from Hwange Main Camp in my buddies truck. Found the gas cap and even found a new tail light cover for his truck (his Hi-Jack got mad at him), got back to camp and he discovered he had lost all his paperwork, including such things as his TIP.. Thankfully the ladies at the Camp we're awesome, they called the parts store and his paperwork was there, and one of their friends drove down to get it for minor fee.
  4. What part of Zim are you in? I'm thinking I will just stick more to the North if possible, run from Mana to Hwange lol, though I will at some point have to dash to Bietbridge to cross.
  5. Thanks Peter, actually have asked him. He had one because he shipped to S. Africa, however it seems I would still need one to ship to Namibia. As for the truck, yes. No spares will be found for it. It's a Chevrolet Colorado, about the sane size as your Ford Ranger. It will require carrying a selection replacement parts with me
  6. Long time no post after my trip in 2016 to Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa my goal has been to return. at this point Im actually looking at shipping my truck to Southern Africa and then doing the "Visa Shuffle" from Namibia up to Kenya including S. Africa, Bots, Zam, Zim and Tans... Why my truck? Im not exactly sane.... Simply put, I can afford to ship it there because the shipping cost is less than a rental of a decent truck runs. Biggest question is CARNET. Is it needed? South Africa seems to require it, but its listed as "needed to ship a vehicle into the country", If Im driving it into SA form Namibia????? I will also have assorted friends that will meet me at assorted places to enjoy a budget safari, helps keep money in my pocket and friends and family get to visit Africa for a reasonable price. am I daft?
  7. I had 2 d800s, traded one in for the d500. I find the d500 pretty handy. I also just use SD and have never pushed so far as to have it slow down, 20-25 maybe more near non stop shots. No, it's full frame image isn't as good as a full frame off my d800, but in general most I shoot in the US is at a distance that would require a 50% crop on the d800, and if that happens, then the d500 is just as good or a hair better.
  8. Might be a worthwhile idea to require folks to post if animals are wild, captive or baited.
  9. Couple grey wolves from Yellowstone National Park
  10. Couple grizzly shots from this Spring
  11. Thanks!
  12. Thanks
  13. Well, I know people have :-) was more looking for somebody that has done it themselves:-)
  14. I've noticed that the official visitation numbers seem to be... interesting... Last April I believe showed being slower than the prior April, yet all the regulars were commenting that it was much busier
  15. Last May seemed slower than this May, October shouldn't be to bad, kids are back in school and some campgrounds and services are closing up by then. I would expect it to be at least as busy as last May, could be a bit more.

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