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  1. I had 2 d800s, traded one in for the d500. I find the d500 pretty handy. I also just use SD and have never pushed so far as to have it slow down, 20-25 maybe more near non stop shots. No, it's full frame image isn't as good as a full frame off my d800, but in general most I shoot in the US is at a distance that would require a 50% crop on the d800, and if that happens, then the d500 is just as good or a hair better.
  2. Might be a worthwhile idea to require folks to post if animals are wild, captive or baited.
  3. Couple grey wolves from Yellowstone National Park
  4. Couple grizzly shots from this Spring
  5. Thanks!
  6. Thanks
  7. Well, I know people have :-) was more looking for somebody that has done it themselves:-)
  8. I've noticed that the official visitation numbers seem to be... interesting... Last April I believe showed being slower than the prior April, yet all the regulars were commenting that it was much busier
  9. Last May seemed slower than this May, October shouldn't be to bad, kids are back in school and some campgrounds and services are closing up by then. I would expect it to be at least as busy as last May, could be a bit more.
  10. Has anybody ever done a trip all the way from the US to say.. Patagonia?
  11. Posting from Cooke City on the Park border. Sadly it seems every year the park gets busier earlier. I already started to avoid going in this year by early May due to the crowds. Feel free to fire off any specific questions towards me. is a great resource. I would have to be paid a metric ton of cash to be in the park from mid June through October... complete zoo Oh, and one of the most important tips... BISON WILL MOVE! If you have bison in the road and they have room to move to the other lane or off the road, they will do so, just keep pulling forward, slowly :-)
  12. Well, after my 2 month trip to Botswana, Zimbabwe and S. Africa last year, I'm looking for a way back. I'm actually looking at doing a year long project that would have me in Botswana and Zimbabwe (mostly, with possible other travel) Major issue is buying a vehicle for that period. What (in Pula or whatever is easier for you) would you expect a reliable, not fancy but no worries 4wd to run me? I would want, or plan to add an RTT and some other needed gear, but I need a solid start! thanks!
  13. Was in mana 2sih weeks ago. Wonderful. Wild dogs, lions, leopards and so on. Highly recommended Mana, its by far one of my favorite stops on my trip.
  14. I shall blame Zimbabwe for the typos ...
  15. Been on the road a bit less than 2 weeks. Third Bridge in Moremi was a blast but set a very high standard for other campgrounds. Had wild dogs and elephants in the campground the 1st afternoon! Saw more dogs and a lion, leopard and assorted other goodness. Savute was a bit of a let down in the camp, but part was due to the season I suspect. Had good birds, loons and elephants... Ihaha was great. Amazing lions along with tons of other big game and of course a ton of birds. Now in Victoria Falls. Thank border crossing took 45 minutes, No hassles, no worries, no check on meat/etc. 10 minutes down the road was a roadblock. They just checked our lights and sent us in the way.

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