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  1. Torres del Paine NP (Chile) and Defensores del Chaco NP (Paraguay). Torres del Paine is the most famous place to see pumas, and you can often get superb, prolonged views by day.
  2. @@michael-ibk Great trip report! Do you know how the chances are of seeing Mountain Bongo if I dedicated a week to searching for them in the moorland? That would be an incredible animal to see... Also, I have read that people have organized night drives with the rangers near Fishing Lodge to look for melanistic Serval, Panther, Zorilla, and other rare species--do you know if that is still possible? Regarding your squirrels, all the Aberdare animals are Ochre Bush Squirrel. The hares are African Savanna Hare. I love the Suni, Black-fronted Duiker, Mountain Reedbuck, and Giant Forest Hogs!
  3. @@africawild Really great report! The river scenes in particular are so beautiful... Do you know how often Bongo and Red River Hog are seen in Odzala?
  4. Added some more stuff to here... (my edits are underlined)
  5. Absolutely fantastic! Love the traveling scenes...
  6. @@Antee Wow! This is excellent--I'm really happy that you saw the uakaris! Now I just have to get there soon... Also, do you know how often the Amazonian Manatees are seen? They would be another key species for me there.
  7. Looking forward to this report! Tapiche is on my list because it is apparently the best place to see the Uakaris. They are amazing animals and I hope you were able to see them there.
  8. Near home, I'd like to go to Baja in March or April to see whales in the Sea of Cortez, Guadalupe Fur Seal, and some of the endemic land mammals. I want to see some places I've dreamed of visiting for years, like the Sierra San Pedro Martir and the weird cardon/boojum forests of Catavina. Further afield, I'd like to revisit Central Africa again this summer, but there are so many options that are starting to open up now--it's great, but also makes choosing where to go really difficult! There's the amazing biodiversity of Campo Ma'an (regularly visited by birders, not so much by tourists interested in mammals) (Cameroon), Red River Hogs in Loango and Mandrills in Lope (Gabon), Odzala NP (Congo), and of course DRC, with its Bonobos, Mountain Gorillas, Eastern Lowland Gorillas, and Eastern Chimpanzees in Lomako, Kahuzi-Biega, and Virunga... Not sure how to go about that one.
  9. @@kittykat23uk Awesome trip report. The Snow Leopards are amazing, but seeing the Lynx (!!) and Tibetan Wolves too... Exceptional! Did you see the Ladakh Urial near Ulley?
  10. @@Tom Kellie That's amazing to hear - thanks so much for this excellent information. The fact that Egyptian Plovers are abundant there makes me want to go even more, as I would really love to see that bird in the wild!
  11. @@inyathi I agree with your point on the travel warnings. I only tend to disobey them if I have reliable information from someone on the ground saying it's ok to visit. Benoue seems very cool though - some hunting concessions bordering the park have Korrigum and there is also a chance of seeing Adamawa Mountain Reedbuck somewhere near the park too. Regarding the birding tours, I also found the lack of eland sightings a total mystery (given that they see stuff like Roan, Buffon's Kob, Reedbuck, Waterbuck, and Hartebeest often and even Lion and Giraffe occasionally); perhaps as you say they're in the wrong parts of the park. @@Tom Kellie Interestingly, I have actually been to Cameroon. I traveled through Yaounde on the way to Dzanga Sangha in the CAR last summer. Yaounde is probably the nicest African city I have been to - I actually liked the place a lot and thought it was very green and pretty. There is also a very nice primate center just outside the city at a place called Mfou; they have lots of interesting captive primates and also a few wild mammals on the grounds (mostly squirrels and fruit bats). I'll certainly return to Cameroon someday, likely visiting Yaounde again as well as some of the wildlife reserves such as Campo-Ma'an, Mt. Kupe, Benoue, and maybe also Korup NP or the Ebo Forest. Also, your comment on the eland is very interesting; if it's true that you only need 2 days to have a good chance, Benoue would likely be the best place in the world currently to see the species. From what I've heard, you need to put in a fair bit of effort tracking on foot to see them in Eastern CAR.
  12. I was just looking around at some info on Central Africa today and managed to find this blog focused on Benoue NP in Cameroon: Interesting stuff... I wasn't aware that there was a chance of seeing Lord Derby Eland in such numbers here! On a related note, I was in New York last week and saw the Eastern Lord Derby Eland taxidermy at the natural history museum. Seeing these beautiful animals there has only made my longing to see the real deal in Central Africa stronger. Someday...
  13. @@ice Try this: There will be a download link for the trip report pdf on this page.
  14. @@inyathi I posted an aerial survey of the MGSFNP area and some surrounding hunting concessions from 2010 some time ago. That might have some useful info on species presence in the park. Sadly, the current species counts are almost certainly much lower than those reported back then...
  15. This is Birdquest's trip report from their tour last year: A truly gripping read!! The best trip report I've seen in years... Just fascinating stuff. A trip I'd love to make someday. Mammals seen include Bonobo, African Palm Civet, Wolf's Monkey, Black Mangabey, Tree Pangolin, Red River Hog, Ansorge's Cusimanse, and Weyns' Duiker. WOW!

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