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  1. Oh and one more thing: Since I am only going to Kenya and coming from the USA, a yellow fever shot is not necessary.
  2. Thanks all. After talking with a friend whose degree is in Pharmacy (not a practicing pharmacist, she works in medical research now), she agreed that I should take the typhoid vaccine, so I did start it. She also confirmed that it is important to stay away from anyone with a compromised immune system - 3rd person to tell me this - 2 pharmacists and and my step-daughter's cancer nutritionist. When I complained about having to 'quarantine myself, she said to me, "What if you contracted typhoid - how long do you think it would be that you couldn't see family members then?" good point - so I took it. I also asked about being in the same room but without physical contact, and she said, "do not risk it, just stay away from them for 2 weeks". I am surprised that there is no mention of this risk to others on the typhoid information sheet, or by my doctor. I happened to ask another doctor (who has been to Africa on 2 safaris) and she was not sure about the immune system issue but did advise me to take the typhoid vaccine as well. She was one the one that sent me back to the pharmacy for the live vaccine exposure information question.
  3. My doctor recommended the typhoid vaccine for my upcoming trip to Kenya. He prefers the oral, live vaccine, given in 4 pills, every other day. I filled the prescription but have not taken it yet. I already had the TDaP and Hep A. I got the Hep B started and will have 2 out the 3 shots before I leave. He did not mention the Polio booster though which I have noticed that many people get. I have my Malarone prescription and will take that of course. My question is, do most people get the typhoid vaccine? I plan to drink bottled water, not eat street food, am staying at high end camps and hotels. I wonder how necessary it really is. Probably a better question for my doctor, but he prescribed it, so I know that he thinks it is important. And what about this Polio booster? I had the oral vaccine as a child. The CDC has a lighter recommendation on that than the typhoid vaccine. I will not be able to see my grandbaby or step-daughter for 2 weeks once I start this the typhoid vaccine due to the live vaccine aspect. My step-daughter is immune compromised due to chemo treatment and the grandbaby is an infant and is immune compromised just because of her age. As a side comment I am very surprised that this is not discussed more with people who will take this or any live vaccine. I brought it up with the pharmacist who gave me the 2 week window for avoiding contact. What if I hadn't asked? I don't think most people do!
  4. Hi all - I am new to this forum and have my first safari planned in Kenya for September 2015. This new Visa requirement has thrown me for a bit of a loop. Has anyone applied for it as yet? The part that has me stumped is the passport photo. The requirement is to send a recent passport photo (the 2" by 2" size) electronically. I have checked with several places that process passport photos and they provide you with hard copies, not electronic copies. I am thinking that I could simply take a photo of the photo with my phone, but not sure if the quality will be acceptable - also, if the size will be right. I know how to crop a photo with edit, but not sure how to get it to exactly 2" by 2". Any ideas on this? Thanks! I've enjoyed reading trip reports on this website!

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