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  1. P.202: i love the the Long-Crested Eagle's regal posture in contrast with its funny hair-do. p.219: the figure and the colours of the Jacana's plumage are so nice, but the legs are simply disgusting. Great photo, of course. Another one of your bird portraits
  2. The Cinnamon Bracken Warbler's song (p148) to the world is enchanting, pure joy of life!
  3. In p144 the Long Creasted Eagle seems to be in control of a vast field of inferiors. great! the Gaysay grasslands under spring clouds are enchanting like all the wonderful landscapes I didnˋt expect in DRY Ethiopia. Above all I loved the two self-assured beautiful kids. Simply adorable.
  4. @atravellyn, I admire the way you provide the community with all kinds of data, I love your photo collages and I love your dry humour. How elegantly you put M's vomiting in post 79 as roadside deposit. "The post-disgorgement wave of relief" made me LOL. (Am I a heartless mother?) Michael, you were not born a birder, but you are one now. You catch the beauty of birds in your photographic portraits. The Abyssinian Roller in post89 is simply glamourous.
  5. Dear @atravellyn, i am happy that you have befriended michael and andreas. You are the perfect team and so your joint TRs are highly enjoyable, you complement each other. I have a very adventurous, well-travelled friend who finds YOUR reports very helpful. At the moment she is in Kamtchatka and i am happy in my big garden. I loved you sitting happily among the geladas.
  6. Dear Game Warden, administrator, admirable master connector of animals and people and get-togetherer of people from all over the world! Your DREAM is Working. Since my son @michael-ibk was on his first safari, I have enjoyed reading his TRs and felt like a member of your wonderful community. Last year he invited me to share a safari in the Aberdares. It was the experience of a life time. Now I am no longer only a @screentraveller. This would not have happened without your HP. THiis year we had the 2nd Central European ST Gettogether with Michaels Slovenian friends at my home in Carinthia. I love reading TRs of at least ten members
  7. I love the goldfinches in our cherry tree and old apple tree in our Mühldorfer garden.
  8. I loved the Common Reed Bunting, seemingly oblivious of its mirror image in the water. The elegance of the Black Swan can only be admired. Never before have I noticed the diversity of birds in the place where I grew up and where I live now in my retirement, enjoying work in the garden and in forestry. Today we planted 50 oaks, and 5 cherry trees to enhance the beauty of our landscape. Grown up, these very trees will be home to one of your birds.
  9. Even without seeing the king of animals at 5.30 just before leaving Solio, the week in Kenia would have been the experience of a life time for me. The photos of the lions in the grass seem more natural to me than the impressive portraits of males roaring. I found their nonchalant way irrestible. I am happy to have been good company for seasoned safari travellers and happy you would take me again.
  10. The arboreal lions, as you put it, were pure bliss. Their different ways of climbing, finding their most suitable positions to relax were simply fascinating. This is what I prefer to the monumental posturing of giraffes, I didn't call them silly, by the way. INstead of watching a giraffe standing motionless in the landscape I prefer admiring one of these ancient trees. They do not stand motionless, but are moving in the wind, and you see how they became what they are in the course of time.Awesome.
  11. Having enjoyed ALL Michael's TRs, I happily accepted his invitation, now that I no longer needed to care for my sister. I started to worry only when I checked Ethiopian Airlines hand luggage rules. What people said about this overcrowded airport frightened me. An elderly woman with a slight handicap travelling on her own would be a target for criminals, I thought. To dispel my fears, Petra Allmedinger met me in Addis Abeba, which was wonderful and more than you can expect from good friends. THANK YOU, Petra. Sandai, the place she runs seemingly without effort is great. How she organizes things is great too, she employs the best drivers and guides. I got the best of this safari: no problems with shooting fotos in perfect light, no problems with carrying heavy camera equipment, I just looked around, watched and enjoyed everything we saw. My aim was not to see anything in particular like this BONGO, I was happy with everything we happened to see. Giraffes: I cannot remember calling them silly because of standing in the landscape like monuments for 20 minutes. But I did not enjoy their "monumentales Gehabe", I admit. It is definitely fascinating when a giraffe's head appears in a tree. When I saw the next giraffe, I noticed something was wrong with her and Paul agreed, she was suffering from a tumor and that was why she was walking strangely. It IS fascinating that in spite of its legendary long neck it has only 7 cervical vertebrae like all other mammals. TO me trees are true monuments of awe inspiring beauty. Rhinos grazing sound like mowing machines. IT is moving to see how they shield their babies from intruders like us. Crowned cranes deserve their regal name, creation's luxury design of creatures. We were lucky to see their artfully choreographed mating dance. We also saw the Monty Python like "silly walk" of the secretary bird. It was fun.
  12. I loughed out loud (sitting all by myself at my kitchen table) about your description of the Dutch group doing non-stop praying in the garden instead of chatting with you about BIRDS
  13. The Malachtite sitting on the twig he has bent earthwards looks as if he was meditating on eternity with his upwards glance. All the other colourful birds against the wonderful brightness of green leaves seem to be in paradise.
  14. This is what I love: zebras fighting, having taken their gloves off, as you put it. And the young elefants playing! The close-ups of the giraffes are fascinating.
  15. My dear Slovenian neighbours, I would love to host another Central European gettogether in my Carinthian home to celebrate all your birding achievements.

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