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  1. Zvezda, you are perfectly right in your approach to taking photos, you tell stories. I can see the BEFORE and AFTER of the situation you snapped with your camera. Love Alex‘s photos as well.
  2. Anser anser is simply a beauty of irrestible grace riding the waves
  3. I am awed by nature‘s infinite variety of sizes, shapes, colours, designs and movements. Love how you captured all this, ranging from deadly dangerous raptors to enchantingly harmless tits.
  4. The vultures in p409f are the embodiment of danger. Great shots!
  5. P54: love the concentration on small things. @AndMic and @Kitsafari are clearly specialists in cloudscapes and trees. The very first sky looks like a tempestuous Rubens. (at the moment exhibited in Vienna)
  6. Lynn has all the extra points I can give.
  7. Dear Lynn, apart from Michael, you are my Safaritalkwriter favourite. The extra points Michael thinks you will get from me by telling him not to get out of the car to fotograph the lions, you already have. You can‘t get more points. I appreciate your fact based writing very much and I am happy you are such a good team.
  8. The kudu in p1 is majestic, the leopard‘s elegance impressive and the landscape heavenly. I loved your description of the dogs doing the lion thing: nothing. Loved the the psychological analysis of ASPO who is so unlike the headstander Boswell. The beauty of the two lion brothers in p17 is simply adorable. Dear Lynn, I have stopped worrying. Michael must have his safaris. When I read his TRs I cannot but smile with joy and I forget all the risks. Looking at the fotos I feel I am there, too, without any risk and troublesome journey and 50 C.
  9. P.202: i love the the Long-Crested Eagle's regal posture in contrast with its funny hair-do. p.219: the figure and the colours of the Jacana's plumage are so nice, but the legs are simply disgusting. Great photo, of course. Another one of your bird portraits
  10. In p144 the Long Creasted Eagle seems to be in control of a vast field of inferiors. great! the Gaysay grasslands under spring clouds are enchanting like all the wonderful landscapes I didnˋt expect in DRY Ethiopia. Above all I loved the two self-assured beautiful kids. Simply adorable.
  11. @atravellyn, I admire the way you provide the community with all kinds of data, I love your photo collages and I love your dry humour. How elegantly you put M's vomiting in post 79 as roadside deposit. "The post-disgorgement wave of relief" made me LOL. (Am I a heartless mother?) Michael, you were not born a birder, but you are one now. You catch the beauty of birds in your photographic portraits. The Abyssinian Roller in post89 is simply glamourous.
  12. Dear @atravellyn, i am happy that you have befriended michael and andreas. You are the perfect team and so your joint TRs are highly enjoyable, you complement each other. I have a very adventurous, well-travelled friend who finds YOUR reports very helpful. At the moment she is in Kamtchatka and i am happy in my big garden. I loved you sitting happily among the geladas.
  13. Dear Game Warden, administrator, admirable master connector of animals and people and get-togetherer of people from all over the world! Your DREAM is Working. Since my son @michael-ibk was on his first safari, I have enjoyed reading his TRs and felt like a member of your wonderful community. Last year he invited me to share a safari in the Aberdares. It was the experience of a life time. Now I am no longer only a @screentraveller. This would not have happened without your HP. THiis year we had the 2nd Central European ST Gettogether with Michaels Slovenian friends at my home in Carinthia. I love reading TRs of at least ten members
  14. I love the goldfinches in our cherry tree and old apple tree in our Mühldorfer garden.

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