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  1. Hi I can't seem to get it to work at all - I have clicked several times on "Mention" and on "Quote" on your entry- but nothing seems to come in to the reply In a former life I was a Luddite....
  2. thank you - I have just tried it - hopefuly it has worked ?
  3. @@SafariChick Thank you so much for obtaining this really useful and fascinating information. Best wishes, Carol
  4. @@ellenhighwater Thank you for your insight about the time of day that the wolves are active, ie " in the middle of the day". That is most helpful to know. Do you happen to know if this is also the case in both Guassa and Bale, please ? Best wishes, Carol
  5. @@gagan Thank you very much for posting the video, which I am able to watch...yaay !! I watched the first 10 minutes, which were fascinating. My husband Rob and I are looking forward to watching all 3 parts Thank you again for your help. Best wishes, Carol and Rob
  6. @kiitykat23uk Thank you Jo, for those clarifications. I am still trying to find my feet with this site and do not know how to tag people(have to keep typing out their "handle" in full, sometimes wrongly, like last night ) and not always correctly or how to quote parts of what they have said in my replies etc... hopefully I will improve... I am sure that whatever decisions you make they will be for the best. Rob and I remain very interested in Ethiopia. Best wishes, Carol
  7. @@IamFisheye I hope that you have a fabulous holiday in Ethiopia, Paul and I look forward to reading about your experiences and seeing your photographs, including Bale and The Simien Mountains, after your return. Best wishes, Carol
  8. @@SafariChick Yes, unfortunately, here in England, we cannot see the video that you posted, sadly When you click on it the following message comes up : " this video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it in your country, on copyright grounds" That's a shame, but thank you for posting it anyway . I guess that not everyone in other countries will get the above message, as I suspect it will depend on which country you are in and their respective copyright laws... Best wishes, Carol
  9. @@kittykat23uk Hi Jo, I read all the Trip Advisor reviews last night, on Guassa, They all seemed to suggest that there are few sightings of wolf there, in terms of frequency and where there are sightings that these are in small numbers. With regard to the very helpful information that you gathered in this thread and with regard to the various points which you raise in your posting about wolves, please can you clarify for me whether the points which you make, in relation to wolves, relate to both Guassa and Bale, or Bale alone, please? I was unclear on this from what you stated. Thank you and best wishes, Carol
  10. @ Ellenhighwater Thank you for your insight about the time of day that the wolves are active , ie "in the middle of the day", that is most helpful to know. Do you happen to know if this is the case in both Guassa and Bale please ? Best wishes, Carol
  11. @@SafariChick Hi - here in England it says that the BBC Worldwide has removed the video on copyright grounds and states that we are unable to see it here Best wishes, Carol
  12. @kittykat Hi Jo, That's very helpful further information that you have been able to gather, thank you. You mention the wolves. When you are talking about them are you referring to both Guassa and Bale or only Bale, please, in each of the things that you state ? Best wishes, Carol
  13. I wanted to say thank you so much, Douglas, for sharing this trip report with us. I first read it several weeks ago and have read it again, for a second time, this morning. On each occasion I found your writing style very engaging and witty. I found the level of detail in your report incredibly helpful and informative and your additional replies to people's various queries also very enlightening and helpful. Through your words and images, you paint a very vivid picture of the trip, through which we can all live vicariously. I was sorry to read that your wife was poorly during the trip. I was also very sorry and saddened to read about the fires, their devastation and the loss of life which they caused. However, your beautiful words and images of the trip have left a very lasting image and impression, for which I can only thank you, again. Best wishes, Carol
  14. Rob and I remain very interested in a trip to Ethiopia , Jo
  15. I wonder if there is anyone on Safari Talk who has had, first hand, practical experience of visiting this area and what their experience was like, in all respects. If there is, it would be most interesting to read and hear about their experiences. Personally, I find this interaction between the wolves and the geladas really fascinating. The fact that the wolves do not take and eat the young geladas, shows that they understand that by the geladas allowing the wolves to hunt around them, there is an implicit understanding that they will not behave in this way and that the wolves realise that by not taking this easy prey, it allows them to catch more types of other prey.

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