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  1. Haha Or maybe a few words in between the photos :-) First visit in a while: loving the restyle!!
  2. Thanks. I have been lucky enough to visit South Luangwa before and loved it hence the return visit. Lower Zambezi is completely new - always good! I will certainly post on here when I get back.......just not sure how big a TR it will be:-)
  3. Hi Tom. Thank you! The new Safaritalk is looking very good. Looking forward to more time on here. As I now have new a laptop...i.e. a quicker one I may even manage a trip report from the upcoming trip. Really looking forward to being back in the bush. Rather excited about the news of the cheetah in Lower Zambezi! Wonder if it is still there. Carole searches for a cheetah.......this could be a similar tale to your search for a zorila. Or have you found one?
  4. This is remarkable news!! If I spot it I will let you all know
  5. I've missed this place! Vow from now on, visit ST more regularly. Maybe I need to re-introduce myself Popped in to see if anyone is in South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi in the next couple of weeks. In SLNP from Sunday to Thurs morning, then in Lower Zambezi until Monday 3rd before Vic Falls for a couple of days. Would be great to say hi to a fellow STer if in the same neighbourhood! Hope everyone has a great trip if heading out soon!
  6. @@wilddog Great trip report so far! Very productive drives at the Plains Camp. Lovely boat trips at Kaingu; fab bird sightings! So glad you saw the cheetah. Lions were fantastic and Buttercup. But also great to see so much plains game. The monitor lizard story made me laugh a lot...we have all been there and done that at some point :-) I nearly got to Kafue last year and this report has made a visit there even more necessary! Looking forward to hearing about Musekese.
  7. Return trip to Tanzania. Looking at Serengeti and Ruaha. Mid November to beginning of December. To help with the budget I am looking at using two Asilia camps (so I can maximise discounts!) The two camps are Namiri Plains in the Serengeti and Kiwhala Camp in Ruaha. No private vehicle so wll be sharing drives with whoever else is there. Anyone have an opinion on these two camps? Namiri looks fantastic with it being the only camp in the area. BUT is the one road and no off roading a big enough decision not to go? Ruaha - too many camps in the main wildlife area? This period still should be ok weather wise right? With only a possiblity of short rains starting but no huge downpours to make drives impossible. And one last question: Asilia cars, is it always 2 per row or do they pack them tighter? Never used Asilia before - says 2 per row on website but curious what it's like in reality. Many thanks and hope everyone here is ok. Haven't been on ST for ages - simple reason RSI. So I am on very very limited computer use. That will hopefully explain and allow for the lack of a TR after my last trip
  8. This is a great shame. I had a fantastic stay at Offbeat Meru in June and was looking forward to going back there in the future. Meru deserves to get more visitors as did this camp. A positive out of this negative - if there is one - is that the staff are being offered a chance to relocate to the Mara. Wishing everyone at the camp best wishes for the future.
  9. Even my computer added to the suspense. Having just read what was it in the open and in daylight? my computer froze!! Fantastic last day/morning. SA and the Kgalagadi really gave you a tremendouse send off. Having reached 'The End' I really think we should be able to report TRs for just being too good :) But seriously, thank you @@michael-ibk and @@AndMic for another outstanding trip report. Heaven knows what you will telling us about after the gorilla trip (no pressure guys! )
  10. @@michael-ibk Finally caught up with your TR and glad to see that the Kgalagadi maintained the high standard of the Southern part of your trip. Whistling rats, lion, cheetah, leopard, raptor sightings superb - particularly liked the black shouldered kite, Lanner Falcon series and the Martial Eagle shots. Beautifiul sunrises and early morning light. Lots of boks - loved the pronking youngster! Also fantastic non-raptor bird sightings, Then you got to see a honey badger in daylight.......I too would swap lions drinking at a waterhole for one of those. One day I will see one! What did I not mention, definitely lots. Looking forward to the final installment. With the way you introduced your day long drive I wasn't expecting a lot only to see all 3 big cats therefore I am expecting a grand finale And yet again complimemts on the photography!
  11. @@michael-ibk The dunes are majestic, what a colour! Meerkats and getting so close, wow. Spotted Eagle Owl shots are great. The socialable weaver nests are huge...I thought Hamerkop nests were big when compared to the size of the bird but those weaver nests are something else. The cheetah and more cheetah including cubs and a brown hyena. This is just getting sickingly* good. Then add in your (and the secret lurker's) beautiful photography ....nope, not getting jealous at all Appears we have similar non demanding standards on safari * I may have just made up a new word there! P.S. Thanks for the welcome back wishes. Kenya was marvellous: beautiful landscapes and parks (!!!); top notch wildlife; great camps and with some interesting and interested, well informed and funny people.
  12. @@SSF556 Hi! It was great to meet you as well. I can now say I have met some fellow Safaritalkers! Good to see you had good cheetah sightings as well....all mine were also in MNC. On the morning I took the photo of Amani in this topic we were told she had made a kill that morning but it had got taken by hyena so I am too hopeful that she soon found something else.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. This sighting was long but for most of the time from pretty far away so I wasn't able to see her that close up for long. I have to say it was cheetahs all the way in MNC during my visit. They kept popping up all over the place! Had some excellent sightings and really enjoyed spending time on several days with Amani and her small cubs.
  14. And I saw these guys. One sighting. Also in Mara North 17th June. They were just starting to move when I rolled up. No definitive identification, photo of Mum not great, but if anyone wants to hazard a guess I would love to know. Well neither are great photos. Second is croppe.....we didn't want to crowd them out, I was therefore at the limit of my lens!
  15. From my visit 17 - 20 June. Apart from one day saw her daily. All sightings in Mara North. I can confirm two cubs. Saw both at each sighting. These are the smallest cheetah cubs I have ever seen. So so cute and playful!

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