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  1. Airitalia will start direct flights to Nairobi and Johannesburg Spring 2018. 4 times a week. A possible alternative for those flying to/from Europe
  2. As I had an early start the next morning plus I hadn't slept that well on the flight - lies with me not Emirates, still havent mastered that art - it was an early night after a quick dinner. Pioneer also did all the transfers to/from Lusaka airport and the next morning we managed to speed our way there and were so early that domestic check in wasn't yet open. Yes despite my excellent oversleeping skills! Domestic departures is very simple. For those who haven't travelled trough it, no facilities - so if you want a drink or to use the bathroom best to go before going through to the depature lounge. I yet again marvelled at the ''VIP area'' in domestic departures, I think more airports should follow their example After an uneventful flight, touch down at Mfuwe, met my guide and a couple of other guests who were going to Tafika and I was off into South Luangwa. Yaaay! I was so happy to be back. I didn't forget that you lose mobile signal about 20 minutes after leaving the airport, so had time to send a quick ''I'm here, arrived safely'' text message. A good idea that I did this at Mfuwe as there is no mobile signal in camp. If you needed one you had to walk to a big termite mound some distance from camp and climb to the top of it. Offline, almost. There was a bit of wifi in camp but only in the corner nearest the office and it was really slow. And on the way to camp, about a 2 hour trip if you don't spot and stop for things, my first Cookson's Wildebeest. Not spotted during my first SLNP trip. A good start! This isn't a great photo. it was taken just in case I didn't see them again. And I will leave you for now with a few photos of my banda/chalet. More on Tafika camp tomorrow.... The front door A few views of the chalet. The first is looking towards the open bathroom at the rear, the second towards the front door. And the shower built into/onto the tree which basically formed part of the chalet.
  3. I thoght it was high time to add some more to this TR. Sorry it has taken so long, the world and life outside safaris has had to be a priority recently. So let's start of at the beginning, it's a very good place to start International flight to Lusaka was naturally on time. I need not have booked the extra night in Lusaka but I was happier with a bit of extra time just in case. I flew Emirates via Dubai who were again excellent. At Lusaka, Emirates called everyone out of the immigration/visa queue who were on the afternoon Mfuwe flight so that they coud be speeded through. Despite wanting a joint Zambia/Zimbabwe Univisa I still think I could have got the Mfuwe flight! On arrival at the visa desks I asked for the queue which could process the combined Univisa but I still ended up at a desk which entailed them having to go to another area to process and print the Univisa. The Univisa was for me cheaper and meant a lot less hassle entering Zimbabwe and re entering Zambia. Also a good idea if you want to visit the Victoria Falls/towns on either side of the Falls, multiple entries allowed. Overnight in Pioneer Camp was a good idea, It is on the right side of town i.e. no need to go through it. 14kms, about 30 minutes from the airport. I found it a peaceful location, good idea to start the trip with some greenery and bird song! Food is simple but good, small braziers by each table to keep you warm on those cooler evenings. People are really friendly and helpful. Especially when they give you an extra wake up call when you oversleep.Who me? Yes, I can't deny it . The last bit of the journey is still on the bumpy no tarmac road. They are still being promised that it will be fixed. Soon. Anyway it is good practice for all your game drives, start a bit earlier with all the bumping along
  4. @cjt3 I'm really liking the idea of booking another trip before going on the first. Excellent behaviour! The frst trip sounds incredible and the migration safari with more Kenyan parks sounds great as well. Looking forward to a few tales and photos from both.
  5. Hi Amy (and Harry), Have a fantastic time!! I loved Tarangire would go back in a heartbeat. Beautiful park. Was at Namiri Plains this time last year. Really enjoyed it as well.....cheetahs were definitely in abundance. Very curious to hear what it is like re environment, weather and rain. It was incredibly dry last year as they had no rain at all. You have definitely caught the safari bug
  6. Haha if I had seen the cheetah in Lower Zambezi I would have immediately logged in to ST on return to camp, created a new topic for it and shraed the news. May have even done a Facebook Live during the sighting So no @janzin and @deano I didnt see the cheetah. Think I said as much in the original topic about it. That will be one off the list of potential things for 2 major sightings I mentioned in my TR. Talking of which I really do need to find some time to complete some more of it. Otherwise @janzin will already be home and started hers!! But may have to read @deano's first
  7. @pault What a trip! What a trip report! Will try and find some words but they will be insuficient! Incident packed, filled to gills with great photography and your usual great writing style. Fantastic stuff! Have we finished yet or are there still more days to come? There surely can't be more..... You should definitely hire yourselves out as 'animal magnets' Always something happening when you are in town
  8. @amybatt What a fantastic trip report! Has everything - background info, great photos (the Sony really worked out well), info about flora (often ognored), humour and Jack Hanna. Is the first time George Michael has made it into a TR? I was wondering how he would fit into the story So pleased all the treks went well, the golden monkeys look great. Think they need to introduce boot cleaning in Uganda......still have nightmares about getting mine clean atter 2 sets of chimps and then gorillas! Really useful TR not only for the info (porters!!) but also the sheer sense of achievement and wonderment you get after seeing the gorillas. Should be a must read for those considering such a trip. Am now off to find the Kenya bit, I honestly cannot remember if I have read it yet.
  9. @Peter Connan That is a truly spectacular view! And not the obvious Namibia view (i.e. no red sanddunes) @KaingU Lodge I'm with @Tom Kellie on your photos. WOW! I'm also wondering why I still haven't visited Kafue. Just back from Zamba and spent time chattng to people about Kafue. There are an awful lot of things recently which is making it top of my 'next to visit in Zambia' list!
  10. Interesting. I too am curious how and where they could find the extra acreage for an extension to the sanctuary. I am assuming that the 400,ooo is initial costs for the rebuilding programme. would be interested to hear how they are going to fund the ongoing costs of running a much bigger sanctuary. My experience of the current sanctuary was that entrance was a bit lax but that was because the guard knew my guide. Still had to sign in and out. And there were sufficent rangers in the sanctuary to check on who was travelling around it. During my visit the rangers were looking for an injured/ill rhino and it was very clear from their faces and reactions they were very concerned it and wanted to do their best for the animal. White rhino easier to spot, we spotted several very close to close to the roads as well as 1 heading back nto the bushes. Couldnt find black rhino Vegetation is very dense! Offbeat/Elsa's etc. Offbeat was also slightly out of the park if my memory is good so I had to enter and leave the park each day. Elsa's is a good location in the park but I couldnt justify spending so much extra per night for nothing more than a slightly better location withn the park. If I had done that the duration of my visit would have been shorter. Someone needs to take the plunge and put another reasanably priced camp in there....I know easier said than done! I have heard that Laikipia Wilderness are now doing a mobile camp into Meru. If sufficient people willing to go, that could be another option.
  11. Anyone else having time=outs? After a very short time on the site (sometimes only 5 minutes) whilst reading a topic or writing a post, I then try and do something (like, comment, even worse add photos into a new TR post) and I get an error message and I see that I have been automatically logged out and have to sign back in again. Then I have to start again in what I was doing. Some posts I have had restored on signing back in. I cant find a setting within ST to change this. I am using Firefox and do not have similar timeouts on other sites where I am logged in for longer periods of time (FB,Twitter, Instagram spring to mind)
  12. @Janzin The lack of walking is I think down to their lack of armed rangers. Having to share 1 between Amanzi and Anabezi. As they stated they were already having discussions about this so they have obviously flagged it as an issue. I also should add I hadn't specified at time of booking that I had a great interest in walking. Maybe if that was done I would have been given more opportunities. Yes they do canoeing. I just didnt do any. I only dd the peaceful boat trip, i.e. float, down the river late in the afternoon. It is a great way to see the park from another 'angle'. End of August/beginning of September things should be drying up therefore more chance of wildlife on the islands. I cannot complain about my trip, it was really peaceful floating down the channels and around the islands. We had the usual suspects of croc and hippo which are always great plus a fab ele sighting in spectacular light! The camp are really keen on offering water/river activities. Maybe my comment in my review came accross a bit negative about the boat trip...probably because I dont really enjoy boats. Will still go in them though if the end result/destination is worth it I didnt have a private guide. I lucked out and had day and half almost 2 days with no one else in the car as other guests left. Therefore I could choose what I wanted to do. The camp actually suggested full day drive and I very quickly agreed. Always worth asking about a full day drive and see if you can arrange car for yourselves if other guests are doing other things (walking/fishing/boating) on a given day or combine it with oher like minded guests. I think 3 full days in area around the camp/eastern end of park could be a tad repetitive. Personalli I think it is always a better option to try and venture out to other areas and therefore increase chances of other sightings.
  13. Aha another Luangwa fan. Great! And this tme a vote for waiting....
  14. Very jealous that you are going on a similar trip.....Jealous because I know what you have to look forawrd to Fingers crossed, holding thumbs, your trip is just as successful, if not more so, than mine. How long do you think I can keep you all waiting before you all give up and stop reading? It is a fine line between a good feeling of expectation and giving up in fustration as you are having to wait too long
  15. It really was a great trip! Great camps, great people, fantastic sightings. Yes I enjoyed it!!

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