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  1. Roho ya Selous - Asilia Africa opening in the Selous Game Reserve, August 2017 We are excited to announce that a new camp will be joining the pack this year in a new area for Asilia. Roho ya Selous will open in the heart of the Selous Game Reserve in August. Set on a hill overlooking the water, Roho ya Selous sits close to a key waterway which links Lake Manze to Lake Nzerakera, right in the heart of the core game viewing area. This comfortable and stylish camp will offer game drives, walking safaris, boating and catch and release fishing and is ideally situated for exploring this diverse and beautiful reserve. Fast facts on the camp: 8 stretch canvas tents including 1 family tent. Each tent will have an over-bed ‘’Evening Breeze’’ cooling system for the hotter months. Wifi in camp. Game drives, walking safaris, boating safaris and catch and release fishing with easy access to both Lake Nzerakera and the Rufiji River system. Why go to Selous? Ease of access – less then an hour away from Dar es Salaam. Combines easily with Ruaha National Park for a longer and contrasting safari itinerary. Low density of safari camps, ensuring an exclusive, authentic and great value safari. Wildlife is varied and plentiful; wild dog, lion and leopard as well as over 400 bird species. Variety of safari activities – in addition to game drives guest can enjoy boat safaris, walking safaris and fishing. Natural beauty of a wilderness area larger than Switzerland
  2. @@snuglbear13 - we cannot wait to welcome you!
  3. Please join us in celebrating this fantastic news with us! Our very own Onesmus Ole Irungu has earned his Gold Level Guide status with Kpsga- Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and this means that he is now rated as one of the best guides in the country. Congratulations Onesmus, you truly deserve this acknowledgment - we couldn't be more proud!
  4. The Best of Tanzania In a nutshell, Tanzania is a dream safari destination. The ‘Best of Tanzania’ itinerary is designed to make the most of some of the best game-viewing areas the country has to offer. Start your adventure in Tarangire and learn about the inner workings of the bush on a walking safari before moving to the Serengeti to marvel at the endless golden plains and the herds of wildebeest thundering across the landscape in the Great Migration. Stay at three of Asilia’s most exclusive camps and enjoy personalised service and friendly Tanzanian hospitality wherever you go. Itinerary Snapshot: A mix of game drives and walking safaris for varied and spectacular game viewing Expert guides with an infinite knowledge of each area Exclusive accommodation that blends comfort and style with the ultimate wilderness experience Perfect for: Adventure seekers Wildlife enthusiasts Romantic travel Have a look at the itinerary here >
  5. @Atravelynn Hello all, Thank you @@Atravelynn for your wonderful write up of your stay with us - what amazing pictures and memories! With regards to road closures, there has never been off-roading allowed by TANAPA so this has been something that has been happening for many years. These are the following roads we make use of: At Namiri Plains we have a road circuit going to the Barafu Kopjes from the camp via the Fever Tree Forest. We also use another one from the camp going to Zebra Kopjes, around Zebra kopjes and then back to Soit le Lemotonyi. There is also the normal one from the Semetu Kopjes and back to camp. I hope this helps everyone reading this post. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Safari regards, Asilia Africa
  6. MARA NABOISHO CONSERVANCY - AFRICAN RESPONSIBLE TOURISM AWARD WINNER 2016 The African Responsible Tourism Awards, part of the prestigious World Responsible Tourism Awards, recognizes the best in responsible tourism in Africa. We are delighted to announce that the Mara Naboisho Conservancy in southern Kenya won the overall award for 2016 announced at the World Travel Market Africa on 7th April 2016. Mara Naboisho Conservancy is a partnership between more than five hundred Maasai households and five ecotourism operators, including Asilia Africa. Together, the partners formed a community wildlife conservancy in 2010 which protects over 20,000 hectares of critical wildlife habitat, and is home to our award winning Naboisho and Encounter Mara camps. Gerard Beaton, General Manager at Asilia Africa, was at the forefront of the conservancy’s formation and is a sitting board member. “Mara Naboisho Conservancy’s unique model of partnership and joint decision making is innovative and effective. This recognition by African Responsible Tourism Awards comes as we complete our first five year development phase and all partners involved should be applauded! A lot has been achieved: over 300 new jobs, incomes to over 500 Maasai families and further indirect benefits to approximately 10,000 people,” he said. Out of 25 finalists in a number of categories Mara Naboisho Conservancy was a joint winner with Ol Pejeta Conservancy in the Best for Wildlife Conservation category. “The competition was stiff and we applaud all the organizations that made it to the shortlist,” said Beaton. “For wildlife conservation and human development this is important recognition that will stimulate interest in this model and help move the agenda in Africa forward.” Naboisho Conservancy is indicative of Asilia’s belief that by collaborating with partners and local communities we can conserve Africa’s great wilderness areas for generations to come. For more information please visit: or contact About Asilia Africa: Founded in 2004, Asilia Africa has a leading presence in the main safari destinations in Tanzania and Kenya as well as a driving role in a number of pioneering projects. Asilia operates Naboisho Camp in the Naboisho Conservancy and is a partner with Ol Pejeta Bush Camp in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Asilia is the first Sustainable Safari / Lodge Company in Africa to receive a 5 Star rating for Sustainability from GIIRS, was recognized as one of the “Best Companies for the World” in 2013 and was awarded the 2014 Tourism for Tomorrow Business Award. Asilia’s portfolio of camps includes: In Tanzania: Sayari Camp, Dunia Camp, Olakira Camp, Kimondo Camp, Kwihala Camp, Namiri Plains, Oliver’s Camp, Little Oliver’s, Ubuntu Camp, The Highlands and Rubondo Island Camp. On Zanzibar: Matemwe Lodge, Matemwe Retreat and Matemwe Beach House. In Kenya: Mara Bush Houses, Rekero Camp, Nomadic Camp, Encounter Mara, Naboisho Camp and Ol Pejeta Bush Camp. Read more here > And here> Have a look at our Blog Articles that feature the Mara Naboisho Conservancy & Ol Pejeta Conservancy: Conservation’s Future – The Naboisho Story 10 Reasons to visit the Naboisho Conservancy A walking safari with Naboisho Camp manager Roelof Schutte 10 Reasons to Visit Kenya Right Now Celebrating 5 Years of Developing the Mara Naboisho Conservancy 10 Reasons to visit the Naboisho Conservancy #KenyaLive: Lions on the Hunt at Encounter Mara The lions of Naboisho Come and join us at Ol Pejeta What’s the difference between northern and southern white rhino? Reversing extinction – The northern white rhino test case Ol Pejeta: Champions of Conservation
  7. Share your most memorable safari story in our#MySafariStory Photography and Video Competition and you could win a 6 day Photographic Safari for two. Find out more
  8. The lions of Naboisho We recently had a guest at Naboisho Camp share with us his footage of a young Lion Pride spotted near the camp. Thank you to Victor for sharing this with us! Please enjoy the short clip below and read on to find out more about the Lions that roam the Mara Naboisho Conservancy. The Lions of Naboisho One of the major issues outside the Maasai Mara National Reserve is the increasing pressure from the Maasai on wildlife and natural resources. One way of enhancing wildlife conservation outside protected areas is the creation of conservancies where important areas with known lion populations are transformed into a kind of semi-protected areas where the numbers of Maasai settlements and livestock herds are managed in a way to maintain a sustainable balance. In order to know where these conservancies should be placed and what benefits they will have, it is essential to understand the exact movements of the lions in time and space” – Mara Naboisho Conservancy By achieving this, it will be possible to advise the Maasai people about when and where not to graze their livestock during certain times depending on where the lions are situated and thereby avoid direct confrontations between Maasai and lions. It is about achieving the goal where the Masai people and the wildlife again can live in harmony as they have done before. The Mara Naboisho Lion Project is supported by Kenya Wildlife Trust and Danish Zoological Society. Read more about what is being done to help conserve the numbers and habitat of the Lions of Naboisho on the Mara Naboisho Website. If you would like to visit the Mara Naboisho Conservancy then please get in touch with your local travel agent to help plan a stay at our Naboisho Camp. Or you can also make an enquiry directly with us. Watch the video here>
  9. Breaking news! After an absence of some six years in the area, wild dogs have been sighted just a short drive from Sayari Camp | Asilia Africa. The small pack of three males, two of which are collared, brought shrieks of delight to those lucky enough to see them!
  10. As Asilia Africa we believe this to be true of "Responsible Tourism": Asilia Africa’s approach is to look at each area in which we operate and identify what interventions/support is most needed for that specific area. We generally come up with two broad categories: communities and conservation. So, for example, we’ll choose a reputable conservation research project in that particular area (which generally speaking looks at keystone species in the area) and we’ll either provide funds directly or act as conduit for donations. Other examples are community-driven anti-poaching initiatives or human/wildlife easement projects. We’ll also support local primary schools with desks and books and provide scholarships for bright young people who don’t have the means to go for tertiary training. The education examples are supported in the belief that you have to provide an alternative livelihood for people if you want to prevent poaching and unsustainable farming practices from taking over. For us, businesses that operate in Africa’s wild areas can be a force for good. That’s what we call responsible tourism. At Asilia, we are fortunate to be able to welcome our guests to some of the most special places on earth. Places of stunning natural beauty, teeming with wildlife and full of cultural significance. These areas are of exceptional value. Not just to our company or to the - often poor - communities living in and around them, but to all of us living on this planet, now and in the future. Asilia has implemented a US$5 per person per night conservation charge as we want to continue to expand on our conservation and development efforts in the areas that we are committed to. Especially in these times of lower demand for (East-)Africa, conservation efforts and crucial wildlife areas run the risk of collapsing under low occupancies and heavy discounts. Whilst we will continue to discount where necessary, we wish to safeguard our necessary investments in conservation and the management / development of the areas. We believe that our presence and your visit can make a lasting positive impact on nature and local livelihoods alike. By generating revenues, increasing opportunities for people to prosper and supporting efforts that preserve and ultimately expand pristine habitats. Our goal is to make a true difference everywhere we work. We believe in better. We pride ourselves in taking a pioneering approach: setting up camps and lodges in areas where tourism has little foothold and making long-term commitments to allow these places to thrive. Ultimately, bringing sustainable tourism to new areas can transform them into viable and lasting conservation-based economies, with perpetual revenue for both its people and protection of wildlife. Whether we already have a presence or are exploring possibilities to venture into new lands, the key to making an impact is knowing where the greatest challenges lie. It starts with assessing the governance and management set-up, identifying voids, and establishing what the best course of action is to tackle the problems faced. As a company we can do a lot, but not every challenge can be addressed by us. That is why we take a collaborative approach, working together with local communities, authorities, NGOs, and other companies to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for the areas where we committed ourselves to. These partnerships allow us to identify where we can make the largest contribution and impact.
  11. Hello Everyone, Thank you all for the interest in our newest camp, The Highlands! Please see the latest newsletter that was sent about The Highlands here > We have also posted some awesome pictures that will give you an even better idea of what to expect when this camps opens in the new year. Enjoy!
  12. Hello Everyone, Thank you all for the interest in Encounter Mara! Please see the latest newsletter that was sent from Encounter Mara here > This is an update from the camp and the happenings in the area. You can also catch up with us on our Facebook page > Please give us a "like" if you would like to see what is happening at the camp year round. We have also posted some awesome pictures taken in the last few months around camp to whet your appetite even more! Enjoy!
  13. Hi there! We have some giggling hyenas to share with you this Friday, we hope you enjoy! - Asilia Africa
  14. Hello all, Just to clarify - There will be no change to the pricing structure for the remainder of 2015. The structure and policies of the rates for Encounter Mara will be aligned with the rest of Asilia’s offering from 2016 onwards, and there may also be changes made to the rates effective from 1 January. That said, any confirmed bookings will be honored at the rates and conditions applicable at the time of booking. All the best, The Asilia Africa Family
  15. To mark their 10th birthday, Asilia Africa will open their new Serengeti Camp, Namiri Plains, on the 1st July. Namiri means ''big cat'' in Swahili and the name could not be more apt for this beautiful region of the Serengeti. Closed to the world for over 20 years to create a safe haven for cheetah breeding and research, today the area has an exceptional population of big cats as one of East Africa's best cheetah areas. Namiri Plains is set in a small fever tree forest with uninterrupted views of the sweeping plains ahead. These plains are home to the Great Migration from November to June as millions of wildebeest continue their endless journey for food and water. The 6 traditional safari tents have all the creature comforts you need; crisp linen, spacious verandas and home cooked food enjoyed under the African stars but leave only the lightest footprint on the environment. Over dinner learn more about the academic research happening in this region from the resident cheetah researcher and the various conservation projects Asilia Africa supports throughout the region. Guests will explore the area on daily game drives; enjoy sunrise breakfast picnics on top of Soit le Motonyi rock or sundowners atop a kopje. Whilst exploring, guests will feel like they have the Serengeti to themselves, which they do, in fact Namiri Plains' closest neighbour is over 45 minutes away making other vehicles an unusual sighting. Asilia Africa is honoured to have been invited to open the first camp in such an ecologically significant part of the Serengeti. Asilia was chosen largely due to their successes in establishing tourism in pioneering areas such as the Northern Serengeti in 2005 and Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria in 2012. Asilia's mission is to create lasting conservation based economies and to preserve these wilderness areas for generations to come. Namiri Plains starts at US$ 660 per person per night including all meals, drinks and activities but excluding park fees. Find out more at the Namiri Plains website >`

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