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  1. @Antee, glad your tenacity paid off, how exciting to see such a rarely seen animal. The Steppe Eagle is impressive too.
  2. http://www.ifaw.org/australia/news/rescued-leopard-almost-ready-life-wild?ms=AONDH171142180&mailid=18631494&utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&spMailingID=18631494&spUserID=MjA3NjgwNzMwNDI2S0&spJobID=1160694115&spReportId=MTE2MDY5NDExNQS2 Nice YouTube vid in article
  3. @douglaswise, what lucky kids, a trip they won't forget in a hurry, good on you. Love the 'serious stuff" photo, bet that made them listen up.I too would never have considered this arrangement possible and Im sure there many who will find this info very interesting.
  4. @Antee, yet another fascinating report. I'm glad you got the Wolf, how depressing it would have been to have only seen what you photographed in #1. It seems you were really lucky with your sightings, that little Cat is something else. The Tibetan Fox is beautiful if not a bit comical with its boxy head on a squat body. I sure hope China comes to value its extraordinary Wildlife.
  5. "Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." #37 1st Dog photo is stunning, staring you down, that would be on my wall for sure. A great trip indeed.
  6. @Ritsgaai, this is an adventure that a lot of us can only dream of having.
  7. 123. Hardhead, September, Booragoon Lake, Perth 124. White Naped Honeyeater, September, Victoria Dam, Lesmurdie, Perth 125. Straw-necked Ibis, September, Chittering Valley 126. Yellow Rumped Thornbill, November, Pt Walter Reserve Perth, Yes @Galana we take our "necks, knees, rumps and royalty", very seriously 127. Pacific Gull, Dunsborough, October 128. Western Rosella, September, Victoria Dam, Lesmurdie, Perth and juv. in the rain, in case any UK folk think it doesn't rain anywhere else. We had a wet winter this year. And a few repeats of previous "dud" photos, still not great but show some lovely colours nevertheless Red Winged Parrot, Broome Sept Rainbow Bee-eaters A/A Pink-eared Duck, Booragoon Lake, I think he's just the cutest little Duck And still the ugliest, Coot chicks Splendid Fairy Wren, male and in all his full coloured glory Variegated Wren, male
  8. @ImSA84, beautiful Red Tailed Hawk, the Boston Nature Centre looks like a great place to spend a few hours with the camera.
  9. @Dave Williams, as long as theres a nice pool for Claire, thats what really matters
  10. @Soukous, Common Greenshank and Common Sandpiper seem to popup the world over. I was chatting to someone this morning who saw a Wood Sandpiper out on a station in the Kimberley, so they cover some ground too. The Tambourine Dove sounds nothing like a Tambourine, so I won't wonder "why". The African Goshawk is a beautiful bird.
  11. Aaaargghhh, read and weep, nah not really, just a teeny bit jealous at being able to get in the car and within a few hours be in another country altogether... The Kingfisher shots make me wonder how anyone cannot just love Birds, pretty damn good photography too.
  12. @CDL111, great to see NNP Rhinos continue to be doing so well. It's certainly a very unique, special Park. I too was wowed, several years back, to have 9 Rhino, Black and White, in my line of vision. And all within a spit of the City, unbelievable really.
  13. @Jaycees2012, I think your secrets out, "gender - not telling". Second paragraph "and get changed in the ladies room"! I hope your really bad year is behind you and it's nice you've made the effort with the trip report, they are a lot of work. I really like your itinerary and wished we'd added a side trip to KTP on our trip, it makes sense. What a great afternoon drive with the Lion and Wildcat, your photos are lovely.
  14. @Levante, I agree, your photos of the fog hanging over Deadvlei and the Dunes are lovely and unique. The Ostrich family on the Dune is great too, those little babies will need to be tough.
  15. @LarsS, what a fun trip report, really enjoying travelling along with you. Good job with the filming and editing. Makes me wish I was back in Africa. Hmmm, I dunno about that Hammock out there, you're braver than I would be.

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