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  1. Thanks @TonyQ, @Galana, @Dave Williamsand yes the Bronzewing is a pigeon, @michael-ibk, @lmSA84 Me too, little snippets from the world over. The next in this group continue to be from our "South West, about a 3 hour drive South of Perth 76. Rock Parrot, Hamelin Bay, 9/2/2018. This Bird gave us the runaround all day, finally at days end a couple flew in, a first for me I should add, and on a Rock too! 77. Little Eagle, 10/2/18, Meelup Nat Pk, another first for me, its great being a beginner 78. Chestnut Teal 12/2/18, Vasse River Busselton. We were on a Birdlife Au group walk, learning how to use the new Birddata app and there was about 30 of us squished into the Hide, funny really 79. White-Faced Heron, 12/2/18, Common the world over, but hey a tick is a tick. 80. Western Spinebill 14/2/18, Dunsborough. This is a stunning little Bird but my photo lets it down badly. Hopefully @Geoff will post his Eastern variety at some point and showcase its beauty. and a couple of repeats, Silvereye with a snack in the sand dune heath and these two just because they are cute...
  2. Those little Batis always look so bright-eyed. Beautiful Bee-eaters and Cuckoo. Im wondering if Timbavati has seen any rain, it was very dry when we were there a couple of years back?
  3. @TonyQ, the Long-crested Eagle is a beautiful, fearless looking creature, awesome IF photo.
  4. @xelas, that's a very smart looking feeder in the Garden. Nice little Goldfinch, that was my first ever European Bird, so pretty.
  5. @michael-ibk, easing in gently with some some pretty little local Birds and a very handsome Red Kite IF.
  6. Thanks all, still waiting for you to join the fun @Kitsafari, you're Kenya safari report is full of Birds, you'd catchup in no time at all. Meanwhile, plodding along.... 69. Common Bronzewing, garden Dunsborough 9/2/18 70. Red-winged Fairy Wren (female), Boronup Cafe (French Fruit Toast), Boronup Forest, A/A, whilst these tiny little Birds are in abundance here, I could not get the beautiful little Male to oblige so had to settle for his duller mate, still cute though. Next time. 71. White Breasted Robin A/A I could have done much better with this little Bird too, squat down edging closer, til some bloke walked past and warned us that theres a resident Tiger Snake nearby. That did it for me, I left the Robin to it. Some of you will have seen this posted a few days back, Tiger Snakes have a whole list of tricks up their sleeve, climbing, swimming... 72. White-browed Scrubwren A/A 73. Laughing Kookaburra, A/A, probably laughing at me beating a hasty retreat through the Bush We were looking for Rock Parrots along the Coast and one of the Lighthouse volunteers told us they were seen here in flocks of 30 at times... but none seen for 3 weeks now, sigh. Don't you hate that? Anyways, all was not lost.. 74. Australian Pipit, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, 9/2/18 75. Nankeen Kestrel A/A
  7. @lmSA84, I reckon you get extra "good Dad" points for that.
  8. @TonyQ, I agree, the Hooded Vulture is fascinating and great photos of them. I'm really enjoying this from both you and @Dave Williams, so much variety
  9. @Dave Williams Phew, that's a lot of money for sure, one lucky Osprey pair. Hopefully the money they charge to use the Facility is directed to another "worthy" cause elsewhere... A huge collection of Gambian Birds of all shapes, sizes and colours. Not to mention riding Pigs, stealing Eggs, the Birds I mean
  10. @Dave Williams, what a weird looking Bird the Bearded Barbet is. The female Beautiful Sunbird is very nice with her be-jewelled throat. I will add Gambia and Senegal, along with Oman, to a growing list of places that I had no idea people were holidaying in.
  11. @xelas, #100, worth the wait....
  12. @RobK, I love this photo. Sounds like a terrific trip and Kruger certainly delivered, you've seen a little bit of everything, your 2 boys would have been really excited by it all.
  13. @Botswanadreams, terrific to see the Bearded Vulture, and I have particularly enjoyed your images of the Ethiopian people.
  14. 62. Great Crested Grebe, Bibra Lake, 28/1/18 She was really working harder her two Chicks, I watched for 15 mins solid and reckon she dived every 5-10 seconds, coming up with food each time. 63. Brown Honeyeater, my garden, 28/1/18 64. Grey Butcherbird, 31/1/18, Alfred Cove Last night also being the night of the "Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse" 00 65.White Cheeked Honeyeater, 1/2/18, Pt Walter Reserve, Bicton 66. Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike, A/A 67. Australian Ringneck, A/A 68. Nankeen Night Heron, A/A, Bird poo all over the footpath can only mean one thing, Birds up there, 3 of them resting way up in the treetop. Funny when you stop and stare up, how many passers-by also stop and stare up, trying to figure out just what you're looking at.
  15. @Lyss, off to a flying start there. Some of your Birds are familiar, some are completely new and some have the same name as ours but are completely different. I was intrigued by the "Space Coast", but a quick search cleared that up, Im probably the only one who wasn't aware of that . You learn so much here...

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