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  1. and a few repeats, Female Splendid Wren, Dunsborough 14/5/17 and Male, "non-breeding" plumage (fancy me using such clever new terms ) and one from the end of my street, Alfred Cove, Eastern Osprey
  2. 91. Brahminy Kite 92. White Bellied Sea Eagle (juv) and Adult 93. Nankeen Kestrel, on a well used perch over-looking the race-course, good for mice I guess 94. Black Kite,always there riding the thermals, sometimes in their dozens, haven't seen so many since India Thats it for my Northern Birds for this year. 95. Elegant Parrot, Ambergate Reserve, Busselton 13/5/17 96. Brown Falcon, A/A 97. Spent a lovely few hours on Mothers Day in wild weather on Dunsboroughs coast watching, and trying to photograph, Australasian Gannets (juv). The wind was ferocious, intermittent showers, they were so fast, twisting and diving. Exhausting, needed Coffee and Chocolate Cake for afternoon-tea to recover. and Adult
  3. 81. White Breasted Woodswallow 82. Grey Crowned Babbler 83. Yellow Tinted Honeyeater 84. Masked Lapwing 85. Black Faced Woodswallow 86. Gull Billed Tern 87. Paperbark Flycatcher 88. Black Fronted Dotterill and chick 89. Brolga, these were on my wish list, our only sighting as it turned out 90. Red Headed Honeyeater, a favourite constantly chasing each other through the Mangroves
  4. April saw us flying North to Broome and Derby, both towns have huge tides, 10+meters whilst we were there. They also both have Mangrove, mudflat coastlines but Broome also has beautiful flat, blue beaches, but because of the Irukandji Jellyfish, swimming is prohibited this time of the year. It was stiflingly hot whilst we were there, temperatures into the high 30's with intense humidity that saw you being able to stand in the sun for about 5 minutes before requiring a change of clothes. The heat, Tide times combined with "doing the clutch" on the 4WD conspired against us a bit, but nevertheless I saw a lot of new Birds (easy when you've only been looking for a couple of years). All the following photos are from the Broome-Derby area 20 - 28th April 2017 68. Great Bowerbird 69. Red Winged Parrot 70. Little Friarbird 71. Yellow White Eye 72. Peaceful Dove 73. Bar Shouldered Dove 74. Diamond Dove 75. Eastern Reef Heron 76. Blue Winged Kookaburra 77. White Gaped HoneyEater 78. Greater Sand Plover 79. Pied Butcherbird, he was our wake-up call each morning at dawn 80. Yellow Throated Miner
  5. @@Tdgraves, I like your Green Woodpecker. When our English visitors came in Summer, they bought this as a gift No-one knew what the Bird was, but a quick bit of research identified it and I told them we would track one down when I come to the UK. A good drop by the way.
  6. @@lmSA84, what a little cutie #265 is
  7. @@michael-ibk, the Red Kite in flight is a spectacular sight indeed, and a great shot helps. Seems the Birds the world over are all feeling the same pressures.
  8. @@TonyQ, We didn't get to that group of islands last year on our Spanish trip, so I am enjoying your Birds, the Wildflowers reminded me instantly of the Spanish countryside. Your "heat haze" comment made me smile, luckily you can walk out the door and be there in a couple of hours.
  9. @@Dave Williams, really enjoying your Spanish collection and seeing some that we spotted last year on our Spanish trip. Im sure you're well aware of birding locations all over, but, we had great sightings of a number of Egyptian Vulture in the Spanish Pyrenees driving to Revilla, along with Bearded Vulture. Its just a hop away for you and a another chance. The photo of the Griffon is just amazing.
  10. @@PeterHG, really enjoying your collection, love the Kori Bustard struttin' his stuff.
  11. @@Wild Dogger, what a fantastic first day you scored. The guides heated, and I'm sure animated debates, engines revving, you've summed up the excitement of an Indian safari. The Tiger photos are beautiful of course, but I also like the Langur sitting above the Chittal.
  12. @@hannahcat, thanks for bumping this "report", which really is a far too clinical word for it. Seems I'd missed it before. @@twaffle, nothing pretentious there, your experiences, your way.....for me, a lovely way to pass a couple of hours whilst I contemplate my next Hot Cross Bun.
  13. @@PeterHG, I really like the Tawny lifting up from the puddle, a beautiful photo. Most photos Ive seen, have them just sitting on a branch,they put on a good show for you.
  14. @@pomkiwi, wow, stunning landscapes
  15. @@Kitsafari, goodness me, I don't think Ive ever read such a complicated introduction regarding visas, passports, airport procedure, good on you for navigating it all successfully. Im sure a real adventure lies ahead.

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