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About Me

Beijing was my home for seventeen years, where I served as a university instructor, specializing in academic publication and research communication about the life sciences and ecology.


An initial camera was purchased in August, 2009. At present nature photography in the field remains both challenging and gratifying. Wildflowers, flying insects, rock formations, trees, sunsets, moss & ferns, birds, and animals all delight the eye. Of special value is returning to the same location in different seasons in order to better appreciate the effects of seasonal change.

The first safari was in Masai Mara in 2011 as a guest of a former student. A subsequent safari in 2013, 4 safaris in 2014, a safari in January, 2015 a safari in May, 2015 and a safari in July, 2015 were all private with the same gifted guide, in each case soul-enriching. An October, 2015 Sabi Sands, South Africa safari was so satisfying that I returned for a longer stay in January, 2016. In January & February, 2016 I returned to both Nairobi National Park and Masai Mara, Kenya. A completely unplanned safari in Sabi Sands and Kruger National Park occurred in February, 2017.


There were 7 visits to Masai Mara, 5 visits to Lake Nakuru, 3 visits to Amboseli, 4 visits to Samburu, 3 visits to Meru, 2 visits to Lake Navaisha, 1 visit each to Tsavo West, Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria, 3 visits to Nairobi National Park, three visits to Sabi Sands and 1 visit to Kruger National Park. The final nine consecutive safaris were all ‘Big Five’ safaris, although that was incidental, rather than intentional.


At the outset of each safari, the guide emphasized that whatever happens was in God's hands, not presuming to implore anything from nature. Deeply grateful for what has been observed, smelt, felt, heard and tasted on safari, I'll be forever appreciative of all that I observed and experienced. No further safaris are planned or anticipated, with the thirteen safaris being a golden memory of a special time in my life.

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